20 Best Tours In Bali

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Bali is chock full of excitement for all age groups and there really is something for everyone. You can spend your trip there enjoying the pristine beaches and plethora of water activities, or go on adventures of exploration and discovery. Maybe you prefer to have a more relaxed and cultural experience, where you can experience the Island of the Gods in a more in depth and spiritual way. Of course, the best way to enjoy your Bali experience is through a mixture of different Bali tours. We’ve complied and categorized the 20 best Bali Tours for you below.

Bali Tours

Top Tours

From Bali: Swim with Manta Rays in Nusa Penida
Snorkelling with manta rays is one of the most popular day tours in Bali.

Best Bali Snorkeling Tours

For those looking to explore the waters of Bali, we’ve handpicked some of the best options for snorkeling and exploring the surrounding islands and reefs around Bali as well.

1- Check Out The Manta Rays By Nusa Penida

The Kelingking Beach, Nusa Penida Island Near Bali
Nusa Penida is one of the places to explore on most island tours from Bali.

Just off the coast of Bali is the barely touched Nusa Penida island, where this tour will take you underwater to enjoy the crystal clear waters and reefs.

You’ll be able to explore Crystal Bay, Manta Bay and Mangrove Point on this journey.

After spending all that energy you’re going to be able to enjoy a massive local buffet in Nusa Lembongan on white sand beaches, before navigating through the mangrove trees.

Recommended tour: From Bali: Swim with Manta Rays in Nusa Penida

2- East Bali Snorkeling And Hiking

Those that are brave enough to find themselves out towards East Bali and the Candi Dasa area can enjoy this excellent Bali tour that mixes canyoning (a type of hiking) with snorkeling and swimming.

You’ll be able to snorkel through the Blue Lagoon and Tanjung Jepun, able to enjoy the vibrancy of the underwater world.

You’ll also be able to refresh yourself during the hike multiple times, especially when visiting Tegenungan Waterfall and bathing in its refreshing waters.

Recommended tour: East Bali: Snorkeling, Canyoning, and Waterfall Day Trip

3- Day Tour of Gili Islands

From Bali: 3 Day Gili Islands Tour with Private Snorkeling
Explore the Gili islands on a tour from Bali.

An excellent option for those visiting Bali for the first time and staying in the Denpasar / Kuta area.

You can hop on the tour that will take you on a multi-day journey to the Gili Islands.

You’ll spend the nights at a luxurious resort and the days exploring what these two islands have to offer.

The Islands you explore will be Gili Trawangan, and then it’s more remote partner island Gili Air.

Explore the underwater via snorkeling to see massive sea turtles, and the colorful reefs and other sea creatures below.

This tour is a picturesque moment where the final day you should definitely wake up before sunrise to capture a moment that can’t be seen anywhere else on earth.

Recommended tour: From Bali: 3-Day Gili Islands Tour with Private Snorkeling

4- Underwater Sea Walking At Nusa Dua

Bali Snorkeling wouldn’t be complete without a unique experience in the Nusa Dua area.

This is a perfect option for those that don’t feel confident swimming, snorkeling or diving, but still don’t want to miss out on the underwater fun.

This is known as a soft dive and they’ll provide a specialized helmet that’s transparent in the front.

That means you can head straight to the bottom and walk underwater! You’ll be able to get up close and personal and have an experience that wont even have your hair wet in the end.

Recommended tour: Nusa Dua: Underwater Sea Walking Experience

Best Bali Adventure Tours

These are for the explorers at heart, that want to feel that they not only get to experience what Bali has to offer, but that they are beyond the normal offering of what to do in Bali.

5- Mount Batur Hike

Bali: Mount Batur Sunrise Hike and Natural Hot Spring
Hiking Mount Batur is another must-do Bali tour for active visitors.

This tour in Bali will feel as if every aspect of it comes with a well-deserved reward.

You’ll start as soon as the sun rises and be guided all the way up Mount Batur, where you’ll be rewarded with a delicious breakfast with breathtaking views.

You’ll be able to explore this volcano and hike the circumference of the place.

Then you’ll head back down and be able to soak away the workout and aches with a natural hot spring.

Keep in mind your departure time is based on your hotel’s location to Mount Batur.

Recommended tour: Bali: Mount Batur Sunrise Hike and Natural Hot Spring

6- Diving In Search Of The USAT Liberty

Calling all divers for this next Bali tour.

Go diving off of Tulamben beach which is on the northeastern part of the island.

From here you’ll be able to see how nature takes over manmade objects and the wreckage has become a natural reef for the ocean life that call it its home.

You’ll also be able to head over to Kubu which is a village that is an excellent starting point for night diving, allowing you to see as deep as 65 feet (20 meters) down.

Recommended tour: Bali: Tulamben Bay and the USAT Liberty Wreck Dive

7- ATV Guided Tour In Ubud

If you feel that you’ve received enough spirituality in Ubud, you can trek through the jungle on quad bikes with your qualified guide.

You’ll be exploring the jungles and the ancient temples and ruins along the way.

Pro tip – let your guides know you want a bit more adventure, and they can take you on a more advanced route filled with ever changing terrain, enhancing the experiences of your exploration.

End the tour with an all you can eat buffet.

Recommended tour: Ubud: ATV Quad Biking Adventure Guided Tour

8- Rafting Down The Ayung River

Ayung River: All Inclusive Rafting Adventure
Going river rafting is one of the adventurous Bali group tours to tick off your list.

An excellent option to do with both a group of friends and family, or by yourself where you’ll make new friends navigating these level two rapids.

These rapids can get even more chaotic during the rainy season if you’re looking for a more strenuous yet exciting tour.

This rafting expedition will take you through the Ayung River which runs through Bali.

After all of this excitement, you’ll be able to enjoy a hearty all you can eat buffet option for lunchtime as well, or simply head back to your accommodations to rest.

Recommended tour: Ayung River: All-Inclusive Rafting Adventure

9- Exploration Of Ijen Crater

From Bali: 24 Hour Trip to Ijen Crater & Javanese Breakfast
Hiking the Ijen volcano is one of the memorable adventure tours in Bali.

This tour will actually take you out of Bali and into a different regency for the day, but it’s well worth it.

Your tour will start in the evening.

You’ll be exploring the beautiful and mystical active volcano and climb all the way up 7776 feet (~2370 meters).

From here you’ll see the legendary blue flames for a view to remember.

You’ll also see sulfur being harvested by experts (masks and gloves will be provided).

You will see the new day in a whole different light over this magical place that ends with a delicious local breakfast.

Recommended tour: From Bali: 24-Hour Trip to Ijen Crater & Javanese Breakfast

10- Hot Air Balloon Over Ubud

Those looking for the best photo for their trip should consider this tour.

You’ll be taken to an elevation of over 160 feet (50 meters) to give yourself the best view of beautiful Ubud.

You’ll see everything from ancient temples and mountains to rice paddies and thick jungles over the horizon.

You can opt in for morning or sunset tours, depending on the type of lighting and images you’re looking for.

Either option comes with a delicious meal to keep your energy going.

Recommended tour: Ubud: Hot Air Balloon Experience

11- Surfing Lessons In Seminyak

Whether you’re a beginner or already have had some lessons, expand your skill and confidence with surf lessons.

These lessons are at Legian Beach, one of the most popular beaches ever, in Seminyak.

Expect a personalized experience based on your skill set, and make new friends or grow stronger bonds with existing friends.

Everything needed will be provided for lessons here with a team that is very experienced when it comes to surfing.

Recommended tour: Legian Beach, Bali: Beginner or Intermediate Surf Lessons

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Best Bali Food Tours

12- Ubud Cooking Class

Ubud: Balinese Cooking Class and Market Tour with Transfers
Tasting local food like nasi lemak and nasi campur is one of the delicious things you’ll experience on a Balinese tour.

There’s only one on our list – but it’s going to be well worth it.

This tour will take place in Ubud with a hotel pick up and take you to the local markets to get your ingredients as fresh as possible.

You’ll then head out to learn how rice is made from a local farm in a beautiful area to also enjoy the views.

After that you’ll head to Laplapan where the cooking begins! You’ll get catered guidance into how to prepare a complete menu with multiple starts and main courses.

There are multiple options, and it’s an excellent way to get a view into the daily life of the local village and how they live.

The best part is that you’ll be able to record and keep the local recipes to be able to make these delicious hearty and healthy meals back at home!

Recommended tours:

Best Bali Cultural Tours

13- Uluwatu Sunset Temple Tour

Bali Sunset: Uluwatu Temple, Kecak Dance and Jimbaran Bay
Enjoying the view of Uluwatu Temple is one of the things you’ll love on a Bali tours package.

One of the iconic moments in Bali is enjoying the sunset at Uluwatu Temple.

As the evening begins you’ll be presented with one of the most traditional dances and rituals the island has to offer which is the Kecak fire dance.

This is an intense ritualistic performance filled with fire tricks and traditional costumes.

All of this is meant to help ward off evil spirits and embrace purity.

After the show you’ll be able to have your choice of a delicious dinner at a local restaurant serving some of the best seafood out there.

You’ll be able to enjoy the evening beach while having your dinner as well.

Recommended tour: Bali Sunset: Uluwatu Temple, Kecak Dance and Jimbaran Bay

14- Unesco Site Tour

Bali: UNESCO World Heritage Sites Small Group Tour
The temple at Tanah Lot is one of the most popular stops on most Bali day tours.

Your journey on this cultural tour begins with the Royal Water Temple of Pura.

From there you’ll head to another water temple that sits next to Lake Bratan which is the birthplace of many waterways throughout Bali.

Then after a quick lunch you’re off to see some exemplary terraced rice farming that’s also sustainable farming at the same time.

You end up the tour with a beautiful sunset at the Tanah Lot Temple, which was made in the 16th century.

Recommended tour: Bali: UNESCO World Heritage Sites Small Group Tour

15- Ubud Jewellery Class

Instead of buying your souvenir, why not make it by yourself? Enjoy this fantastic experience of crafting your own piece of jewelry with your hands and ancient techniques passed down from generation to generation.

The jeweler will share these secrets with you and have you make either a ring, pair of earrings or other types of jewelry, up to five grams of silver.

You’ll handle everything from cutting to shaping, to forging and polishing the jewelry to make it look as if you bought it at a designer high-end jeweller!

Recommended tour: Ubud: 3-Hour Silver Jewelry Making Class

16- Get Connected With Your Spiritual Self With This Healing Tour

Bali: Full Day Spiritual Cleansing and Shamanic Healing Tour
Visiting wellness retreats are one of the best private tours in Bali to relax and rejuvenate.

Be prepared to work on your mental and spiritual wellbeing.

This tour will take you to one of the most revered shamans in the region who specializes in ancient spiritual healing techniques.

You’ll be introduced to various techniques you can take back with you, and blend together the healing aspects of Mantra, Yatra and Yagna.

You’ll feel your inner vibrations and chakras align through this guided journey of meditation, deep breathing and other healing strategies.

The healer will specialize in what you’re looking to combat, from protection to removing blockages that are hindering your success in life.

It’s best to consider a Balinese massage afterwards to combine this spiritual cleansing with a physical healing.

Recommended tour: Bali: Full-Day Spiritual Cleansing and Shamanic Healing Tour

Other Tours In Bali To Consider

17- The Best Bali Instagram Tour

Bali: Full Day Instagram Highlights Tour
Taman Tirtagangga is a lovely backdrop for an instagram tour in Bali.

Whether you’re an influencer, or simply want your friends and family see some fantastic photos, this tour is an excellent way of seeing the top picturesque spots on the island.

Your tour starts with the iconic Gates of Heaven, and then proceeds to the old royal palace at Tirta Gangga.

Pro tip – you can buy fish feed here locally to attract the beautiful fish that are in the multiple pools around here.

It will help with the photos you’re trying to create.

From there you’re heading to the Tukad Cepung Cave that is home to a beautiful waterfall.

Once you’re done with your photos, you can take a breather here and relax in the refreshing pool at the bottom of the waterfall.

The tour then takes you to the greenery of Ubud where it finishes up with the jungle swings Bali is known for.

There are multiple add-ons to consider from professional polaroids being taken for you, to fantastic lunch options, to expanding your photography with drone support.

After all this traveling to the key sites of Bali, you should again consider adding on to your tour package the option to get a Balinese massage.

Recommended tour:

18- Breakfast With Orangutangs

There’s breakfast and then there’s breakfast at the Bali Zoo.

Here you can eat like royalty and be satiated, while at the same time having some additional company from the orangutans.

It’s a great option not only to get a sumptuous breakfast, but also to get photos that will help to capture this unique moment.

You can then sample some delicious local Balinese coffee while enjoying the exotic birds that are at the Pro tip here is to add on the elephant mud bath, where you can learn about these local elephants and help them stay cool from the scorching heat.

Don’t worry, this tour with add-ons is completely kid friendly as well.

Recommended tour: Bali Zoo: Breakfast with the Orangutans

19- Explore The Waterfalls Of Bali

Ubud: Spectacular Waterfalls Tour
Yoga beside a waterfall, anyone? Check out our Bali private tours.

Another excellent option to capture some lifetime memories and photos.

This tour is all about embracing mother nature and to really spend time at two of Bali’s most wonderous waterfalls.

This is an all day trip that will take you first to Tukad Cepung Tegenungan.

This is discovered through a cave walk and it will naturally be lit by the sun shining through the waterfall space.

You will also be able to hike to the top of waterfalls to look down and take some amazing photos as well.

Then it’s off to Tibumana Falls.

Here you’ll trek through the jungles to get to this beautiful isolated waterfall.

You will also be able to soak in the fresh waters and relax from the exploration and heat.

From here you can grab some local authentic Balinese food to recharge and rest a bit.

If you want to add more memorable pictures to your experience there’s also the possibility to add on a jungle swing to give you a unique view of the area while professionals take your photos.

Recommended tour: Ubud: Spectacular Waterfalls Tour

20- Visit Local Village and Skull Island

Head back into time and explore Trunyan Vllage which is home to the original Balinese people.

You’ll be able to see how locals would live in Bali back in the day and still do today, without the influence of modern areas.

In this remote village, you will also be able to examine the burial rituals they have been practicing for quite some time.

You’ll be able to head towards their burial grounds, where the burial rites have the locals leave the bodies without actually burying them.

The smells of the bodies are masked through a local and ancient species of tree known as the banyan tree.

After a look at the darker side of Bali, you’ll enjoy a delicious local lunch with excellent views of Mount Batur.

Recommended tour: Bali: Trunyan Village Private Day Trip with Lunch & Transfer

Don’t Forget To Plan You Bali Tour

It’s always a good idea, especially with how far Bali is for many, to take the time to properly plan out what type of adventure and tours you’re looking to have.

These tours are here o help to experience the most Bali has to offer and are varied enough for travelers of varying tastes.

They are also quite popular, so you want to book them as they tend to fill up quite quickly.

These are also an excellent option to consider for those that aren’t yet familiar with the magical island of Bali.

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