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Seniors travel – Top Places To Explore Around The World

Choosing the right kind of trip is the key to an unforgettable holiday for travelling seniors. Here are some top ideas that appeal to seniors...

Best vacation spots for mature travellers

There’s a whole world of experiences and best vacation spots that are especially perfect for boomers and seniors. Australia’s over 55’s are a well-travelled lot....

Travel ideas for women

Women are taking off in droves to see the world. When it comes to travel, James Brown’s wail “It’s a man’s, man’s, man’s world” is...

Macau Shopping For Creative Spirits

Macau has designer label stores, boutiques and emporiums like other cities have bus stops. The malls are crammed with them, the streets dotted with...

Yaroslavl – stilettos and monasteries

My husband grabs my shoulders and swings me around towards the fountain. "Take a photo of that," he whispers. I peer at the scene...

10 Macau attractions you’ve probably never heard of but should know...

There are plenty of well-known Macau attractions like the Ruins of St Paul’s and other popular areas to visit. But even though Macau is...

Tasmania – places with unusual names

When you’re travelling around Australia you’ll most certainly come across places with weird and wonderful names. And Tasmania, originally called Van Diemen’s Land, has...

5 places to visit in Tasmania where you can’t post to...

Tasmania is a compact Aussie state and home to a menagerie of exotic animals. Some live in really remote locations that require a lot of...

Why Macau isn’t the new Hong Kong

Travellers to Asia are often drawn into comparing Macau with neighbouring Hong Kong. Both are Special Administrative Regions of China - with their own currencies, police...

Travelling alone for love and friendship

Looking for love and friendship? Pack your bags and go on a trip. According to the new "Mate Metre" more than 2.5 million Aussies have...


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8 Things To Do In Port Stephens

Living up to the tag “blue water paradise” comes naturally for NSW’s Port Stephens. Port Stephens may well be a small dot on the...