20 Day Trips From Paris

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The city of love just so happens also to be ideally located in the heart of a great range of magical and beautiful places, all of which easily fit into comfortable day trips from Paris. Whether you want to head out of the country, to the coast of France, or just a short distance outside the city, these places offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences and unforgettable memories.

20 Day Trips From Paris

Top 3 Day Trips

Day Trips From Paris – Under 1 Hour

1- Chantilly

day trips from london to paris by train
Chantilly Castle is one of the fantastic day trips from Parisi to tick off your to-do list.

Chantilly is famous for its stunning 14th-century castle, neighbouring stables and Chantilly Racecourse.

Chantilly and the surrounding cities host the largest racehorse-training community in France to this day, something that is easy to see during the Prix de Diane and the Prix du Jockey Club, both races being held in June each year.

The city is surrounded by a lush and beautiful forest and has a range of amenities, such as the Le Sylvia restaurant, a local movie theatre and a local library.

For an afternoon picnic, head to the Petit Pelouse field in front of the Chantilly Hippodrome.

Also be sure to try some Chantilly cream, named after its creation in this city, at the cafe in the castle.


Chantilly is 25 minutes from Gare du Nord by public transportation (TER train) and 44 minutes driving (47km/29 miles). As Chantilly is close to Paris, it can get quite busy, so it’s best to pre-book your tickets and skip the line here

2- Château de Malmaison

Château Malmaison was formerly the residence of Empress Joséphine and the headquarters of the French government from 1800 to 1802.

Emperor Napoleon also resided at the château during the Hundred Days (also known as the War of the Seventh Coalition) in 1815.

Joséphine filled the château and gardens with exotic plants and animals, such as the black swans you can still see today (though probably not the exact same ones).

Meander through the quiet gardens and marvel at the works of art within the mansion, particularly the two portraits of Joséphine hung side by side, showing almost the same image but in different styles.

Château de Malmaison is 40 minutes from Gare du Nord by public transportation (RER B or D, then RER A, then Freenow) and 45 minutes driving (22km/14 miles).

3- Disneyland Paris

day trips to disneyland paris castle
Disneyland Paris is one of the best day trips from Paris for families.

Release your inner child with a trip to the magical Disneyland Paris, the most visited theme park in Europe.

The pièce de résistance of the park is the Sleeping Beauty Castle, but the park is also home to Golf Disneyland, the entertainment district of Disney Village, and attractions such as It’s a Small World, Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean.

The park also has a range of themed hotels you can book in a package deal alongside the park entry.

Disneyland Paris is 48 minutes from Gare du Nord by public transportation (RER B or D, then RER A) and 50 minutes driving (46km/29 miles). Or if you prefer, book a ticket that includes transfers from Paris here

4- Reims

day trips from paris to champagne vineyards
Reims is one of the most popular day trips from Paris for lovers of fine wine.

Reims is France’s 12th most populated city and was historically a major city in the Roman empire.

This city has also been the location for the coronations of the Kings of France and is known as La Cité des Sacres (the Coronation City).

The royal anointing took place at the breathtaking Cathedral of Reims, which is currently part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site that also includes the Palace of Tau and the Abbey of Saint-Remi.

Reims’ location on the edge of the Champagne region is responsible for its various wineries and vineyards, such as the Maison Ruinart and La Maison Mumm.

Reims is one hour from Gare du Nord by public transportation (TGV train) and 1 hour and 40 minutes driving (147km/91 miles). Here’s a tour you will love: Reims Taittinger Champagne Morning Tour and Tastings.

5- Senlis

best day trips paris church illuminated at night
The St Pierre Church in Senlis can be visited on a day trip from Paris.

Senlis is close to the Chantilly forest, which is why it was home to many of the monarchs of the early French dynasties.

The city is also well-known for its gothic Senlis cathedral and Gallo-Roman walls.

For a truly unique experience, visit Le Cachot, a medieval-themed restaurant, tea room, and cave museum all rolled into one.

Senlis is one hour from Gare du Nord by public transportation (TER, then Freenow) and 50 minutes driving (49km/30 miles).

Day Trips From Paris – Under 2 Hours

6- Château de Versailles

day trips from paris
This is the main golden gate of Versailles Palace, which is one of the easiest day trips from Paris.

A short journey by train from the centre of Paris sits one of the most breathtaking castles in all of France.

Famed for its beautiful hall of mirrors, Versailles is also home to rolling gardens that stretch further than the eye can see.

The estate hosts a light and music shows throughout the year, so check the palace calendar ahead of time as you must pay for entry into the gardens in addition to the regular palace entry on the dates of these special events, which are not to be missed.

Château de Versailles is 1 hour and 5 minutes from Gare du Nord by public transportation (metro line 4, then TER train) and 50 minutes driving (25km/16 miles). Check out this one if you prefer a tour where you can skip the line and includes transfers

7- Abbaye de Royaumont

Several members of the French royal family are buried in this abbey, such as two children and three grandchildren of Louis IX.

The abbey was partially destroyed in 1791 during the French revolution as its stones were used to construct a factory, but the sacristy, cloister, and refectory were not damaged.

One fun fact about this abbey is that Pink Floyd played here in 1971.

Abbaye de Royaumont is 1 hour and 10 minutes from Gare du Nord by public transportation (TER train, then Freenow) and 50 minutes driving (50km/31 miles).

8- Château Fontainebleau

day trips paris Principal staircase Chateau de Fontainebleau, residence of Napoleon I, Paris.
One of the best day trips from Paris for history lovers is Chateau de Fontainebleau.

This castle is one of the largest French royal castles and has been home to some of the most famous and impressive monarchs, such as Louis VII and Napoleon III.

The castle became a national museum in 1927 and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981 due to its architecture and historical importance.

The oval courtyard in the centre of the castle is guaranteed to transport you into the past and leave you stunned.

Château Fontainebleau is 1 hour and 20 minutes from Gare du Nord by public transport (RER D, then RER R, then bus 1) and 1 hour and 20 minutes driving (71 km/44 miles). If you’d rather sit back and let someone else drive, you might like to go on this day tour from Paris to Fontainebleau and Vax-le-Vicomte Chateaux

9- Brussels

day trips from paris by train Typical houses on the streets of Brussels.
One of the day trips from Paris outside of France is Brussels.

One of the fantastic things about Paris (and Europe in general) is that you can travel to an entirely different country and back in just one day.

If you are craving amazing Belgium waffles, hop on one of the many Flix buses out to Belgium, enjoy your tasty treat, and head back home.

The journey takes the same time as a current-day movie (three hours by bus and 1.5 hours by train) and gives you great countryside views along the way.

Be sure to visit the beer museum in the main city square for a taste of some of the world’s best beers.

Brussels is 1 hour and 30 minutes from Gare du Nord by train (Thalys and then IC or S2) and 3 hours and 40 minutes driving (304km/189 miles). 

10- Provins

best paris day trips blue sky
On a day trip from Paris, admire the stone walls and towers of a medieval castle in the town of Provins.

The city of Provins is best known for its medieval architecture and history as an economic trading centre of France because it was located at the crossroads of two major regional routes within Roman-ruled Gaul.

The city’s original fortifications (from the 12th century) remain intact and include sights such as the Caesar Tower and the city walls.

Follow in the Roman Empire’s footsteps as you walk around this historic town.

Provins is 1 hour and 35 minutes from Gare du Nord by public transportation (RER P) and 1 hour and 30 minutes driving (95km/59 miles).

11- Épernay

The champagne houses of Épernay are world-renowned, particularly Moët and Chandon, so don’t miss a cellar tour and a taste of this spectacular champagne during your visit to this city.

If you’re travelling with children, the Mercier champagne cellars include a mini train that takes you on your journey through the tunnels.

The mansion of the late Charles Perrier, director of Perrier-Jouët champagne house and previous mayor of Épernay, once functioned as the headquarters of not only the British but also German and United States armies during the Second World War.

This miraculous building is now a museum that includes many texts about champagne-making.

Épernay is 1 hour and 35 minutes from Gare du Nord by public transportation (TER train) and 1 hour and 40 minutes driving (145km/90 miles). For a full day of champagne tasting, here’s a fantastic day trip to Epernay and Champagne with eight tastings and lunch.

12- Chevreuse

One of Chevreuse’s uncontested most iconic views is the “Promenade des Petits Ponts” or the walk of little bridges.

You can walk along the river in peaceful serenity and see beautiful bridges of many different styles and designs.

The 11th-century medieval castle, the Château de la Madeleine, overlooks the city and entry to its grounds is free for visitors.

Chevreuse is 1 hour and 40 minutes from Gare du Nord by public transportation (metro line 4, then TGV train, then RER B, then bus 39-17) and 1-hour driving (47.3km/29 miles).

13- Chartres

london day trips from paris
Chartres Cathedral also called Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres at sunset in France.

Chartres is best known for its 12th-century medieval cathedral, which houses breathtaking stained glass windows and allows visitors to climb the North bell tower (all 70 meters).

For the art lovers amongst you, the Maison Picassiette is an absolute must-see as this curious little house has an exterior entirely made of mosaiced walls.

The furniture inside is also covered with mosaics.

If the Chartres cathedral hasn’t satisfied your need for beautiful architecture, consider visiting the Église Saint-Pierre, home to a monastery dating back to the 7th century.

Chartres is 1 hour and 45 minutes from Gare du Nord by public transportation (metro line 4, then TER) and 1 hour and 40 minutes driving (93km/58 miles).

14- Strasbourg

best day trips from paris
Strasbourg is a scenic day trip from Paris, especially in autumn.

Although Strasbourg is a wonderful city year-round, you must visit during the Christmas market season at the end of the year.

Strasbourg is world famous for these markets, and the entire city is transformed into a winter wonderland with sparkling lights, massive Christmas trees, and hot wine always within reach.

If Santa had a holiday home, I think you would find that it would be here.

To escape the crowds, consider taking a 20-minute train to the nearby city of Colmar for quieter markets and the beautiful row of riverside rainbow houses.

Strasbourg is two hours from Gare du Nord by public transportation (TGV train) and 4 hours and 30 minutes driving (494km/307 miles).

Day Trips From Paris – Under 3 Hours

15- Giverny

day trips outside of paris flowers and arches
Monet’s garden in Giverny is a lovely day trip from Paris, especially on a spring day.

The famous impressionist painter, Claude Monet, lived and painted in the quaint town of Giverny.

Here you can find the painter’s house and the garden with the living water lilies that his most famous works embody.

If you take the train from the St. Lazare station in Paris to the Vernon-Giverny station (a 45-minute journey), be sure to visit the Musée de Vernon, where you can see a genuine Monet Nymphéas painting.

Giverny is home to The Museum of Impressionism and Monet’s tomb at Sainte-Radegonde Church.

Giverny is two hours and 15 minutes from Gare du Nord by public transportation (RER D, then RER A, and local bus services), and 1 hour and 20 minutes driving (75km/47 miles). Or join this half-day trip to Giverny, which includes your entrance ticket and a guided tour. 

16- Bruges

Just as with Brussels, Bruges is another quick journey across the Belgium border that seemingly transports you into an entirely different world, all in less time than your average superhero movie.

Here you can find a whole range of famous Belgium breweries, such as the De Halve Maan brewery and the Bruges beer museum.

After grabbing a pint, head to the historic centre of Bruges and soak in views of the charming architecture across the river.

No visit to Bruges would be complete without a calm stroll through Burg Square, the heart of the city with undeniably awe-inspiring architecture.

A boat tour is a perfect and relaxing way to truly soak in the beauty of this city.

Bruges is 2 hours and 35 minutes from Gare du Nord by public transportation (Thalys train, then IC train) and 3 hours and 20 minutes driving (290km/180 miles). Here’s an excellent full-day trip to Bruges that includes a canal cruise and transportation in an air-conditioned coach.   

17- Château de Chambord

day trips to paris castle and moat
Castle of Chambord in the Loire Valley, which is one of the most popular day trips from Paris.

The French renaissance architecture of this castle is easily recognizable and truly looks like something out of a fairytale.

The building was constructed by Francis I to be a hunting lodge but was never completed.

Even unfinished, this castle is one of the most beautiful in the whole of France and also played an important role in France’s cultural and artistic history as works from the Louvre and the Château de Compiègne were moved into this castle for safekeeping during the Second World War.

One of the many spectacular elements of this castle is the double-spiral staircase, which is rumoured, Leonardo Da Vinci himself designed.

Château de Chambord is 3 hours from Gare du Nord by public transportation (metro line 5, U P600 train, then TER) and 2 hours driving (180km/112 miles). Skip the line and book your tickets here or you may want to check out this day tour to visit several Loire Valley castles and taste wine along the way. 

Day Trips From Paris – Under 4 Hours

18- Étretat

day trips from paris france
Falaise d’Amont cliff at Etretat, Normandy, which is a fabulous day trip from Paris.

Although France is widely known for its incredible architecture and art, this country is also home to some of the world’s most stunning natural locations.

The cliffs of Étretat are one of these such places, and their natural beauty and power simply cannot be described; they have to be experienced.

The most famous view from these cliffs is the archway that juts out from the mainland and almost seems like a portal into paradise with miles of clear blue water stretching beyond it.

While visiting this city, take the time to stroll around the gardens of Étretat and look out over the ocean beyond.

Étretat is 4 hours from Gare du Nord by public transportation (metro line 4, then bus 341, then FlixBus) and 2 hours and 20 minutes driving (209km/130 miles). You may also like this day tour to Etretat and Le Havre (including skip-the-line tickets to the Museum of Modern Art).

19- Clermont-Ferrand

paris day trips Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral
The Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral in Clermont-Ferrand, which you can visit as Paris day trip.

Looking at Clermont-Ferrand, you can see what makes this city so special.

Rising above the city and reaching into the heavens beyond is the cathedral made of black volcanic rock, unlike any other cathedral in France or even the world.

There is a small square outside of the church where you can sit and drink wine whilst taking in this surreal sight.

The beautiful but less intense Notre-Dame-du-Port basilica is just a short walk across the city from the cathedral and is also made from volcanic rock but includes stones of sandstone for a much warmer, sandy colouring.

During the warmer months, pay a visit to the Jardin Lecoq and enjoy the botanical gardens and pond complete with ducks.

Clermont-Ferrand is 4 hours from Gare du Nord by public transportation (metro lines 4 and 6, then Intercités train) and 4 hours and 30 minutes driving (426km/265 miles).

20- Mont-Saint-Michel

day trips from paris to mont st michel Female hand with smartphone taking a picture of Mont Saint Michel
Mont Saint Michel may be a day trip from Paris that requires a bit of travel time but it’s certainly worth the effort.

Mont-Saint-Michel is a castle straight out of a fairytale and a sight beyond your wildest dreams.

It sits atop a tidal island and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As of 2019, the island had a tiny population of official residents numbering only 29.

The island also boasts the victory of remaining unconquered during the Hundred Years’ War and was used as a prison during the Ancien Régime.

In the 2003 movie, The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Peter Jackson designed the capital city of Gondor, Minas Tirith, after this very castle.

The town and castle in Disney’s hit movie Tangled were also designed based on the Mont-Saint-Michel.

The archways in the abbey surrounding a grassy courtyard also resemble those found in the Hogwarts Castle of the Harry Potter universe.

Mont-Saint-Michel is 5 hours and so minutes from Gare du Nord by public transportation (metro lines 5 and 3, and FlixBus) and 4 hours and 10 minutes driving (361km/224 miles). The easiest way to visit on a day trip is to join this guided tour

BONUS: Lisieux

best day trips from paris by train
The Basilica of Lisieux is a fabulous place to visit on a day trip from Paris.

Tucked away in this tiny town in Normandy, you will find the gargantuan Basilica of Saint Theresa.

This church is France’s second-most visited pilgrimage site, behind Lourdes.

As with many French churches, this basilica also has an important historical link to the Second World War as the locals sheltered here during the Allied bombing in 1944.

The Jardin de l’Évêché was designed by André Le Nôtre, the same man who designed the gardens of Versailles, and you can see his masterful influence in the stunning beauty of these peaceful grounds.

If you find yourself in Lisieux, take the time to take the short drive out to the coast and soak up the sun and seaside air.

Lisieux is 4 hours from Gare du Nord by public transportation (RER D, then RER A, then BlaBlaCar Bus, then TER) and 2 hours and 10 minutes driving (207km/129 miles).

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