20 Day Trips From Tokyo

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The capital of Japan is a bustling metropolis, hectic during the day, exciting, and neon-lighted at night. Spending a few days in the city is an absolute must, however, our advice is to take at least one day to enjoy one of the many incredible lesser-known locations around the city.

Integrating new destinations and visiting the capital’s outskirts is an experience that will transform your itinerary from basic to memorable. So, if you’re looking for inspiration for day trips from Tokyo, keep on reading.

20 Day Trips From Tokyo

5 Day Trips From Tokyo For Nature Lovers

1- Mount Fuji

mt fuji day trips from tokyo picture of autumn season in yamanachi
One of the most popular day trips from Tokyo is to Mount Fuji, pictured here with Kawaguchiko Lake at sunset.

Mount Fuji is the unrivalled symbol of Japan and a stunning natural landmark.

When visiting Japan, climbing Fuji is a must-do for hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers.

The climbing season for Mount Fuji starts in July and ends in September due to the weather conditions being too rough in the wintertime.

You can reach the peak through four different paths: Yoshida, Fujinomiya, Subashiri, and Gotenba.

You will need between five to 10 hours to reach the peak and one hour to walk around the crater.

Make sure you have dressed accordingly and are adequately equipped.

Mount Fuji is a couple of hours outside Tokyo and easily reachable by train or bus.

2- Kinchakuda Manjushage Park

best day trips from tokyo red spider lilies
Seeing the Red Spider Lilies in Kinchakuda Manjyusyage Park, Saitama, is one of the day trips from Tokyo for garden lovers.

This striking park is perfect for an out-of-town day near Tokyo, especially if you’re visiting when the spider lilies bloom between September and October.

The park turns crimson and scarlet when the red flowers bloom, offering a stunning and unique view.

This is an excellent choice for outdoor fans and budget travellers conveniently located near Tokyo, easily accessible and affordably priced.

Kinchakuda Manjushage Park is in the western Saitama Prefecture and is well-connected with the capital via train (around 1 hour and 17 minutes from central Tokyo).

3- Mount Oyama

day trips from tokyo in winter people entering the shrine
It doesn’t matter what season, a good day trip from Tokyo is to see the Oyama shrine in Kanazawa, pictured here in winter.

After visiting Japan’s bustling and modern capital, you may be looking for a more spiritual nature experience.

Mount Oyama, conveniently located just 60 km from the capital, offers a choice of hiking trails and several ancient shrines that are worth a visit.

The scenery opens up to spectacular views that make the steep hike worthwhile.

The Oyama Afuri Shrine is devoted to Tsumi no Okami, the god of (among other things) sake, and the area is dotted with smaller ancient shrines in the forest. 

4- Mount Tsukuba

Consider hiking on Mount Tsukuba if you’re looking for a nature immersed day just outside Tokyo.

The hike is not steep but it does take around six hours and if you’re not in the mood to climb, take the ropeway up and enjoy the view.

While Mount Tsukuba may be a more relaxing choice than Mount Fuji, this double-peaked mountain has stunning views.

Unlike many peaks in Japan, it is possible to hike Mount Tsukuba almost all year round due to its excellent weather conditions.

5- Mitakesan

Mitakesan, or Mount Mitake, is within Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park two hours from Tokyo.

The mountain offers several trails surrounded by pristine nature, ancient shrines and waterfalls.

A cable car is also available, leading you directly to the peak to enjoy the scenery, have a relaxing meal in one of the restaurants or spend the night in a traditional ryokan.

Mount Mitake is an excellent choice for connecting with traditional Japanese customs and spirituality.

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5 Tranquil Day Trips From Tokyo

6- Atami Resort Town

good day trips from tokyo atami promenade wtih green hill in background
Another day trip from Tokyo is to pay a visit to Atami on the Izu Peninsula.

The seaside town of Atami is around one hour by train from Tokyo, in the Izu Peninsula, and is mainly known for its charming and relaxing atmosphere.

Atami has been a locals’ favourite holiday spot since the Tokugawa era and is well set up for tourism.

After experiencing hectic Tokyo, take a day away from the hustle and bustle of the capital and enjoy Atami’s hot springs, beaches, stunning bay, and the mountains.

Atami is a place to leave your cares behind and unwind in one of the many spas and resorts by the sea.

7- Kinugawa Onsen Town

top day trips from tokyo landscape of the town of Kinugawa Onsen.
A relaxing place to take a day trip from Tokyo is Kinugawa Onsen.

Kinugawa is a quiet destination, perfect for those seeking a day of soaking in the natural hot springs.

In Kinugawa, you won’t have trouble finding Onsen spas and tranquil resorts.

Soaking in a hot spring and contemplating the lush nature of the Kinugawa River will make you feel reinvigorated.

The traditional onsen and ryokan experiences are definitely worth the day trip from Tokyo.

This popular hot spring destination is just outside Tokyo, towards Nikko, and is easily reachable by train from the Tobu Asakusa Station.

8- Shima Onsen

Founded in 989, Shima Onsen was the first hot spring in Japan to be declared a National Hot Spring Health Resort.

This wonderful region counts more than 40 natural wellsprings, whose pristine water has been renewed for centuries for its curative properties.

Shima Onsen area has also been referred to as ‘the cure for 40,0000 illnesses’.

Here, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the springs and try traditional Japanese experiences.

Go canoeing in the local lake and waterfalls, learn the secrets of Japanese woodworking or try your hand at traditional pottery.

For the perfect Shima Onsen experience, book a night in one of the many traditional ryokans. But if you’re only planning on visiting as a day trip from Tokyo, it is advisable to reach the destination by car to make the most out of the day.

9- Kamakura

day trips from tokyo to kyoto Great Buddha of Kamakura with blue sky
Another popular day trip from Tokyo is to visit the Great Buddha of Kamakura.

Spend a day by the seaside in the coastal town of Kamakura, less than one hour south of Tokyo.

Kamakura’s beaches are known for their lush vegetation and stunning view of Mount Fuji.

From Shichirigahama, on a clear day, the famous Mount Fuji, the symbol of Japan, looks like it’s almost emerging from the ocean.

Be sure to be there at sunset for the most stunning scenery and the perfect photo opportunity.

10- Kusatsu Onsen

Kusatsu Onsen steam coming off the hot water
Kusatsu Onsen may be one of the longer day trips from Tokyo but a trip to this famous hot springs is well worth the travel time.

Three hours north of Tokyo, Kusatsu Onsen is one of Japan’s most famous natural hot springs.

The town is known for its clean, high-quality water, which is said to have healing properties to cure illnesses and pain.

If you’re looking for a day trip from Tokyo to kick back and unwind, Kusatsu is worth visiting.

Even in the wintertime, this location is a top choice as its streets, covered in snow, look hauntingly beautiful and the scenery is magical.

5 Day Trips From Tokyo For Foodies

11- Eat Fresh Shirasu in Kamakura

short day trips from tokyo Yuigahama Beach
If you’re looking for a short day trip from Tokyo to go to the beach, head to Yuigahama Beach near Kamakura.

While it’s worth visiting Kamakura for its beaches, Kamakura is an excellent day trip from Tokyo for foodies dying to experiment with new flavours.

This city is the best place to try Shirasu, the traditional Japanese dish prepared from small fish, usually sardines, herrings or eel.

Shirasu can be eaten both boiled or raw, and while you can find it all over the country, the freshest ingredients are in Kamakura.

The fish is usually served on white rice and is a nutritional and healthy one-course meal.

12- Eat Hitsumabushi (Unagi) in Nagoya

Nagoya is the fourth-largest city in Japan, and if you want to visit another city while being based in Tokyo, Nagoya is a great pick.

The city is mainly known for the historical Nagoya Castle, the stunning Korankei valley and the Toyota factory tour.

Food enthusiasts will love this travel destination especially, as it’s the best place to try Unagi, grilled eel on rice.

This specialty of Nagoya has a truly ancient and fascinating history that traces back to the Edo Period.

While Unagi can be found all over the country, Nagoya’s special recipe has a unique preparation method, where the eel is grilled whole over charcoal and not steamed.

13- Eat Kuro Tamago In Hakone

day trips from tokyo hiking Fuji mountain in Hakone
The view of Mount Fuji and Hakone Lake is worth the day trip from Tokyo at any time of the year.

Hakone is famous mainly for its many natural attractions and hiking trails.

However, every year, the city attracts foodies looking to try a traditional local dish called Kuro Tamago, or black egg.

These boiled eggs are unique to the region and their famous black colour is obtained by boiling the eggs in the local hot spring water.

Kuro Tamago has a distinct umami flavour, which separates them from regular boiled eggs, and they’re also known for their longevity properties.

14- Eat Sanzoku-yaki In Matsumoto

japan day trips from tokyo Matsumoto Castle with a purple sky and swans in the water
One of the best day trips from Tokyo is to visit Matsumoto in Nagano Prefecture. Pictured here is Matsumoto Castle.

Matsumoto is in the Nagano Prefecture and is known for its historical attractions and natural beauty.

If you’re planning to visit Matsumoto, don’t miss the original Matsumoto castle, Matsumotojo, or try one of the many hikes available from the city to the Japanese Alps.

Matsumoto is also a culinary heaven, with the Sanzoku-yaki being one of the most famous special recipes.

This special fried chicken can be found in every izakaya in Matsumoto and is a must-try when visiting the region.

The recipe has gained such popularity and has become an icon of Matsumoto with an official mascot and a national day (March 9!).

15- Eat Shinshu Soba In Nagano

90 minutes away from Tokyo, you’ll find the lovely city of Nagano.

Nagano’s main attraction is the historical Zenko-Ji Buddhist temple, attracting thousands of tourists every year.

However, the city is also famous for its unique take on soba, commonly known as Shinshu soba, where the buckwheat is harvested at high altitudes, creating a unique and high-quality product.

This special soba has a different dough that combines buckwheat and regular flour and has grown in popularity so much that several soba festivals are held in the city every year.

5 Day Trips From Tokyo For Japanese Pop Culture

anime girls in kimono
If you’re a fan of Japan’s anime, there are several day trips from Tokyo worth doing.

16- The Ghibli Museum

The Ghibli Museum is a must-see for anime lovers and Miyazaki fans visiting Tokyo.

The museum has all kinds of replicas, set recreations, and ghibli-themed attractions and hosts art exhibits and movie projections.

It’s well-organised and entirely in tune with the Ghibli movies.

The museum also has a rooftop garden, ghibli-themed restaurants and lovely cafes.

17- Gundam Factory Yokohama

kyoto day trips from tokyo view of marina bay at night in Yokohama City
An easy day trip from Tokyo is to visit Yokohama City, where’s there’s lots to do day and night.

The Gundam Factory is a small theme park located in Yokohama and is easily reachable from Tokyo by bus or train.

It’s a perfect one-day destination for vintage robot enthusiasts, especially for the hugely popular Gundam franchise fans.

The Gundam factory includes attractions such as a VR experience, a laboratory exhibit and a cockpit simulator but is mainly known for the huge Gundam replica.

This truly impressive replica is an actual robot that can move, and every hour it is possible to witness the 60 ft tall robot walk, kneel and point to the sky.

It is an impressive sight for many, but for fans of the franchise, it’s a nostalgic experience.

18- Legoland

day trips from tokyo japan Nagoya downtown skyline
One of the popular day trips from Tokyo for families is the city of Nagoya, where you will find various attractions including Legoland.

Legoland Park in Nagoya caters to people of all ages and is a fun and exciting day trip from Tokyo.

This Lego-themed park has roller coasters, themed rides, a 3D movie theatre showing Lego movies, and a Lego submarine adventure.

For families, this day trip from Tokyo is a fantastic experience, with Lego creative workshops for kids available for booking.

19- One Piece Tower

Tokyo’s One Piece Tower is the first theme park dedicated to the popular anime “One Piece”.

This indoor theme park consists of a replica island, the Tongari Island, populated by pirates and other interesting characters.

The park is perfect in every detail, with even the food being One Piece themed.

The One Piece tower also includes themed attractions, games, treasure hunts and live shows with characters from the Manga and Anime.

20- Disneyland

Disneyland Tokyo is ‘The happiest place on Earth’, a destination for Disney fans conveniently located to the east of Tokyo, an hour’s drive from the capital.

This massive theme park is perfect for a one-day, fun-packed, out-of-town excursion.

Be sure to book your ticket in advance and prepare for long queues, but know that every effort will be eventually worth it.

Tons of attractions will keep you excited and entertained.

Several parades are held during the day and each night, a fireworks display lights up the sky over Disneyland, making for a truly memorable experience.