Discovering Matcha in Japan

Matcha rocks! Matcha rules!

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Japan has had a revolution in the last 30 years. Technological, you may think? Banking and finance, others may suggest? No. In fact, neither. Creative ways of consuming matcha in has become a national obsession. 

Matcha in Japan

Where to buy Matcha online

If you can’t make it to Japan, here’s where to buy Japanese matcha online.

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Green Japan

matcha green tea

We also discovered green rolling hillsides, green forests, green bamboo, green trees, beautifully manicured in a way that only Japanese can do. 

The environmental influence with ‘green’ electric bicycles everywhere seemed to transport more than half of the nation, as well as electric and hybrid cars for those who prefer four wheels, not two.

Green tea from Japan

matcha gree tea

Only recently have I come aware of Japanese Matcha tea and its anti-oxidant value for anti-aging and weight loss fanatics such as myself.


It is one of few choice ingredients in the Sirtfood diet, one of the new ‘kids’ on the block of fad diets and healthy eating plans.

But the Japanese have embraced Matcha tea in such a way that it has permeated the Japanese culture over the last five to 10 years.

What Is Matcha?

best matcha powder

Japanese Matcha tea is a type of green tea but where the whole leaf is drunk to make the tea, not just the brewed water of the leaf.

The green leaves are finely ground to produce an almost luminescent bright-green fine powder that is added to hot or cold water and then whisked until slightly frothy.

It’s a green tea from Japan with a difference and a perfect brew to warm up with, especially while visiting Japan in winter.  

The Power of Matcha green tea

Matcha in Japan has a unique strong flavour, sweeter and deeper than normal green teas.

Matcha has three times more caffeine than a normal brewed cup of tea and said to also contain l-theanine which aids relaxation.

This makes it ideal to be drunk before a meditation session, such as practised in Zen Buddhism, or at night before bedtime to aid restless sleepers.

Matcha in Japan is said to have many times the amount of antioxidant that normal green tea has.

It is alleged to be anti-aging and has anti-inflammatory properties, as well as cholesterol and weight reducing.  

Is there nothing Japanese Matcha can’t do?

It is also professed to have thermogenic and detoxifying powers as well as giving you extra focus and energy boost too.

More than just green tea

where to buy natcha

Everywhere you look in Japan, there is a Matcha influence, some may even call it ‘Matcha madness’!

Matcha madness has swept through the world and you can even buy the best matcha tea online.  

Not only is it served as a hot or cold green tea drink but it is added to numerous sweet and savoury goodies, tainting all with that amazing green colour and flavour. 

If you’re inspired to buy matcha powder, check out these:

The Japanese do Matcha ice cream and parfait desserts very well and it strongly features especially in soft-serve ice creams, occasionally with added mint for those of us with a more Westernised palate.

matcha cake
Matcha green tea cake

But you don’t even need to be a tea drinker.

There are also Matcha-flavoured sweets, which are perfect for souvenirs.

You think of it and they have created a Matcha variant as we spotted a neverending number of ‘green’ biscuits and cakes.

It’s amazing what you can make of green tea from Japan. 

From rice flour or gelatine made delights to baked green goodies.

Try some Hibi Café green sponge cake slice or better still, some Uchi Café Premium Isecha Roll cake.

Or if you prefer, ‘Hello Kitty’ Pop Candy, as well as numerous types of matcha chocolate and they even have Matcha milk.

Matcha is EVERYWHERE from Tokyo to the countryside. 

Matcha not only rocks, it rules!

The Japanese in Okinawa are some of the longest living people in the world.

With their healthy diet and lifestyle, obesity is nowhere to be seen.

Is it the fresh air, lack of stress or the green tea from Japan? 

Perhaps Matcha is their secret!

For more about Japan, read:

Japan Matcha Discovery

Japan Matcha Discovery

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