Tropical Fruit World

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Before visiting Tropical Fruit World,  I had preconceived ideas of a huge plastic fruit landmark not dissimilar to the Big Pineapple in Nambour and the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour. 

So with some reluctance, we decided to check it out as a tourist destination while holidaying in Cabarita Beach near Murwillumbah.

Tropical Fruit World

Tropical Fruit World-Big Avocado.
Tropical Fruit World-Big Avocado.
Star fruit at Tropical Fruit World.
Star fruit at Tropical Fruit World.

Well in one way we weren’t disappointed as there was a ruddy great big avocado out the front but we were also pleasantly surprised.

Once we got over the avocado, the day turned out to be a highly enjoyable tour full of fascinating information, tastings and side excursions.

Dagon fruit trees.
Dagon fruit trees at Tropical Fruit World.

Tropical Fruit World & Research Park began in 1972 as an avocado research centre.  

Set on a hillside and enjoying the regional annual four metres of rain, it is now run as a family business with many long term employees.


Jason our guide had been there 17 years.

It has become one of the largest working tropical fruit farms in the world and boasts 518 different exotic varieties of fruit.

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Tropical fruit

exotic fruit at Tropical Fruit World
Tropical Fruit World fruit tasting.

What is the difference between a fruit and a vegetable?

Well fruit have seeds, mainly on the inside except if you are a strawberry.

So there are many fruits that you may not know as fruits such as avocados, tomatoes and chillies.

After walking through the Magic Garden Avenue our tour began with a talk about fruit followed by a short Fruit Tasting Session thrown in for good measure.

I had made a pact with myself to taste things I had been too scared to try before.

So I had a go at white dragon fruit, longan, jak fruit, star fruit, pomelo and mamey sapote.

The latter particularly fascinated me as it tasted like a vegetable, not unlike a sweet potato.

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Dragon fruit chocolate

Black sapote iceblocks
Black sapote iceblocks

Not only that, but it came in a black version which apparently tastes like chocolate and can be used as a chocolate substitute in smoothies or ice creams.

As they had black sapote-coconut-yoghurt ice blocks in the Fruit Market which we just HAD to try (in the 34 degree heat and 80% humidity), and boy, I was sold.

It’s a shame they weren’t in season yet or I would have bought up big time.

Jak Fruit

Tropical Fruit World.
Jak fruit at Tropical Fruit World.

Jason took us all on his Tractor Train tour of the Tropical Fruit Plantation, all 175 acres of it.

The Gardens of the World included Indian, Aztec, Mexican, South Pacific and SE Asia gardens.


Blue Banana at Tropical Fruit World.
Blue Banana at Tropical Fruit World.

We saw so many fruit trees, varieties I had never heard of, from all around the world.

I couldn’t believe how anyone could amass such a collection of these rare fruits from around the world.


Tropical Fruit World macadamias
Macadamia nut cracking

We tested our tastebuds on blue bananas and our hands at cracking macadamia nuts straight off the tree.

Old McDonald’s Farm

exotic fruits
Bleating sheep

Part of our tour included Old McDonald’s Farm where we could feed kangaroos, emus, a very vocal (incessantly bleating) sheep and a draught horse (called Sherman, of course!). 

Wildlife boat cruise

Tropical Fruit World.
River cruise at Tropical Fruit World.

There was also a quiet peaceful Wildlife Boat Cruise on Water Lily Lagoon around a man-made island.

The only sounds were geese who once spotting our boat, made a bee-line for us from the banks for their cursory feed of white bread.

Treasure Island

tropical fruit world miniature train
Miniature train at Tropical Fruit World is great for kids.
tropical fruit world Treasure Island
Tropical Fruit World’s Treasure Island.

We spent a short time walking around Treasure Island.

A few amusements for children included a putt putt course, and a scary flying fox slamming riders into a large sand hill to come to a rather abrupt halt at the end.

Not one for any faint hearted, over sized adult wanting to have a go!

However, the inner child came out in me when it came time to sit aboard a miniature railway as we choo choo’ed our way around the island.

Complete with line changers, train yards and signals, I felt like a kid again!

Rainforest shop and cafe

tropical fruit world's fruit soap
Unique fruit soap at Tropical Fruit World’s shop.

Jason turned up with his tractor pulled carriages to take us all back up the hill to the Rainforest Gift Shop and Rainforest Café, to bring our day’s fun to an end.

Their exclusive selection of unusual food, condiments, beauty products and homeware goods was too much to take in.

There was something for everyone.

Unfortunately, the café had almost sold out of its cakes and the coffee machine was already turned off by the time we got there.

So much for being on the last tour of the day – so be warned, and go early!

Look out for tourist vouchers that offer reduced prices as you may feel that $45 per adult is a little expensive compared to other attractions in the area.

tropical fruit world lily pond
Red lilies at Tropical Fruit World.

And allow yourself at least three hours for this action packed adventure and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.  

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Tropical Fruit World

Tropical Fruit World

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