Elephant Safari Park Bali

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Bali is a popular escape for travellers seeking sun, sand and a luxury stay that doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Although there are lots of things to do in Bali and Bali is home to many of Indonesia’s top landmarks, most people head to Indonesia’s top beach destination to relax and do absolutely nothing.

Being the booming holiday destination it is, there are so many wonderful hotels to choose from in Bali. Would you choose a luxury resort on the beach? A vibrant hotel in the centre of the action? Or a villa in the hills?

Making a decision on where to stay in Bali is not as easy as you think. If you need some help, here’s a fantastic Bali itinerary with lots of options on where to stay. 

Then there are those unique resorts that capture the imagination. Here’s my experience at:

Elephant Safari Park and Lodge

It’s dawn, and from the cosy warmth of my soft bed, I’m woken by the unmistakable sound of an elephant trumpeting just outside my door.

At first, I think I’m still dreaming, but then I remember where I am.

The Elephant Safari Park and Lodge in the mountain village of Taro, just north of Ubud in Bali’s central highlands, where many Bali yoga retreats are, is home to the largest herd of rescued Sumatran elephants in the world.

At this delightful sanctuary, you can pat elephants, hand feed and bathe them and even swim with them.

There is even an ‘elephant chauffeur’ service that will gently carry you from the purpose-built landing at your lodge door to dinner at the restaurant.

Elephant Safari Park

Elephant conservation in Indonesia

The park was founded by an Australian, Nigel Mason, who took nine neglected elephants from a village.

He also travelled to Sumatra and rescued another 18 elephants.

The park runs a natural breeding and conservation program that aims to preserve the dwindling numbers of elephants in the wild (there are less than 1,100 in Indonesia).

Bali Elephant Park is a member of the World Zoo Association and meets international standards for animal care.

The park is spread across three and a half hectares of landscaped gardens surrounded by national forest.

Elephant Safari Park

An important aspect of the park is its discovery areas where you can learn all about elephants including their prehistoric ancestors.

The museum and information gallery houses more than 1000 exhibits including fossil artefacts dating back five million years.

There are prehistoric horns, mammoth tusks, elephant skulls, tiger claws, bone carvings and a 15,000-year-old giant mammoth skeleton – the only one in South East Asia.

Stay with the elephants

Elephant Safari Park

The centre charts the origins of elephants, various species, fun facts and the interesting abilities of these beautiful and enigmatic creatures.

A gift shop offers an extensive range of pachyderm-themed products, including elephant paintings, carvings, clothing, souvenirs and jewellery, with part of the proceeds going directly back into rescuing more elephants, feeding them, and covering the costs of maintaining their health and well-being.

Elephant Safari Park

Everywhere you look there are elephant inspired touches. The beds are carved in the shape of elephant feet; you can sip on ‘Elephantini’ martinis in the Mammoths Head Bar, and enjoy a mammoth-sized breakfast from the terrace overlooking the elephants at play.

The award-winning Safari Wellness Spa offers an exotic range of traditional Balinese massage therapies handed down through generations.

A highlight is definitely helping to bathe the elephants, a hands-on experience each morning in the elephant bathing pool and then afterwards climbing on their backs for an early morning swim.

Elephant Safari Park

Close to the park you can also go white-water rafting in Bali, kayaking, cycling and trekking through emerald rice paddy fields.

The village of Taro is one of the oldest Hindu villages in Central Bali, dating back some 3000-4000 years.

The isolated village has the oldest temple in Bali and is also home to the famed sacred white cows found on the island.

A stay at the Elephant Safari Park is an unforgettable experience for elephant lovers and those who want to enjoy a unique getaway in one of Bali’s most beautiful and tranquil settings.

Book your stay with the elephants at Elephant Safari Park & Lodge here

Address: Jalan Elephant Park Taro, Taro Village, Tegallalang, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

Elephant Safari Park Bali

Elephant Safari Park Bali


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