Emirates Airline- Private Jet

Emirates Airline- Private Jet

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When it comes to luxury air travel, Dubai-based Emirates Airline has been up there with the best. I’ve been lucky enough to experience Business Class and First Class. Unfortunately, the disadvantage of getting a taste of travelling at the pointy end of the plane is that you get used to it. And when you become accustomed to dining with a real knife and fork and having your bed made for you, it makes it so much more difficult to squeeze yourself into an Economy seat.

With so much competition in Business Class and First Class, Emirates Airline also has a luxury private jet service for those who can afford it and who want to fly like a rock star aboard an A319 aircraft.

The private jet looks like it has everything you’d get in First and Business Class plus more. Actually, it’s probably bigger than some apartments in a large city.

Out of curiosity, if you live in an apartment in a huge city, I’d be interested in your thoughts on the size of the living space in this aircraft compared to your apartment.

The service caters for up to 19 passengers.

Onboard are two main zones.

The zone at the front of the aircraft has a dining and executive lounge, a work area and a rest zone with two large comfy-looking sofas.

There are also four mechanically-activated tables and two HD LCD screens.

The second zone has 10 private suites with lie-flat seats and smaller HD LCD screens. Imagine inviting 10 of your friends to travel with you!

There’s also a shower on board, with heated flooring and the bathroom is accessorised with natural skincare products. It’s just like staying in a hotel room, only when you wake up and get out the other end you’ll be in a different city to the one you left when you boarded!