Scoot Airline – Flight Review Singapore to Sydney

Scoot Airline – Flight Review Singapore to Sydney


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Looking for a budget airline that flies between Australia and Asia? Here’s what it’s like to fly Scoot. Scoot Airlines is a budget airline that flies out of Singapore Changi Airport.

Budget Airline

Scoot, Boeing Dreamliner 787-800 (788), loyalty scheme: KrisFlyer Miles

Route and time

Singapore to Sydney, 7 hours 30 mins, daily.

On the ground

Check in was fast and efficient at the Singapore Airlines counter. Scoot-in-Style, an optional add-on, gives me lounge access and priority boarding for only $39 for flights departing from Changi.


A low-cost carrier, Scoot only has a 7kg plus laptop baggage allowance for Economy class. 20kg of checked baggage is $42 online or $100 at the airport.


Economy, Seat 5C.

My seat, a Standard Super Seat, was at the front of the economy section in the Scootin Silence zone. Legroom is very good – better than economy on most ageing aircraft. Super seats are as little as $17 extra and have 30% more legroom than Standard seats and up to 35″ seat pitch.

Super Seats are an ‘upgrade/pay more’ option with slightly more leg room for $17; Add in ScootinSilence – a quiet premium zone just behind the ScootBiz cabin – for another $12.

Scoot Cabin service

Service is a lot faster if you pre-book meals and drinks; otherwise, it can be a little slow. Snooze kits – blanket, inflatable pillow and eye mask cost $23 onboard or $18 pre-booked. You’ll also have to pay $8 to use an in-seat charge device.

Scoot Entertainment

There is no built-in entertainment system at all on this aircraft. On the upside, that removes the need for under seat boxes that often take up legroom on airlines with elaborate in-flight entertainment systems.

Scoot hires out Ipads with pre-loaded movies and games at $15 per sector. Or, take your own. I declined as I had my laptop and a newspaper. More than enough brain food to keep me entertained on the short run-up to Singapore.

Scoot food

As food and drinks are not included in the price of the ticket, I added a meal package. If you forget to pre-book, the choice on board is limited.

Recommended is the Signature Asian Chicken and Rice ($21.90) or one of the other premium meals that come with water and two sides – a salad and dessert.

The range is not huge and varies from flight to flight. The quality is fair, like most economy meals.

Bottom line

Why Scoot?  An off-shoot of one of the world’s best airline (SQ), Scoot uses fabulous new Dreamliner planes with fancy mood lighting that changes colours through the flight, quieter engines and plenty of space.

The good news is that more comfort doesn’t have to come with a bigger price tag. Fares start from $200 each way.

Even with add-ons, you can fly Sydney to Singapore Changi Airport return for $450. That’s half the cost of a regular full-service airline.

Scoot fares are so far below those of other carriers to and from Asia, making it an excellent option for flyers who just want to get from A to B in one piece and relative comfort, without paying for all the frills and hoopla! Frankly, the frills aren’t worth paying for anyway!

Reviewed by Karen Halabi who flew courtesy of Scoot airline. 


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