Eyre Peninsula – a photo journey

Eyre Peninsula – a photo journey


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Eyre Peninsula
Eyre Peninsula is one of the best places to visit in South Australia for photography. Photos: Heather Udy

My partner and I both recently had a week off work, and with no real plans in the pipeline, we made a last minute decision to head down to the Eyre Peninsula for the week.

I have family living in Adelaide and have explored many of the amazing things to do in Adelaide itself.

On the road to Eyre Peninsula

However, I had never made it as far as the Eyre Peninsula and we had no idea what to expect.  

We jumped on the net and did a bit of research (about 10 minutes worth, we both like an adventure!).

We liked the sound of Coffin Bay so we booked five nights’ accommodation, packed up the car and off we went!

It’s a fairly decent drive from where we live, about 1400 km. It took us two days.

On the first night, we stopped in Port Augusta.

It was just on dusk as we arrived and the view of the Flinders Ranges was quite amazing.

On the second day we stopped at Kimba (home of the “Halfway across Australia” sign) and Arno Bay, which is a gorgeous fishing and tourist town.  

I have a bit of a thing for jetties so we stopped off for some lunch and for me to spend a bit of time playing around in the water.

Eyre Peninsula
Eyre Peninsula is a wonderful place to photograph jetties.

Coffin Bay

As the passenger, I had a fair bit of time on my hands to research our next destination.

I discovered that emus and kangaroos have a very strong presence in Coffin Bay and once we’d reached our destination I was not disappointed.

While we were unpacking the car, a big emu strolled straight past our cabin. What a delightful start to our holiday.

After unpacking and settling in, and being rather happy about not being in a car, we took a stroll around the bay.  

I was delighted to discover a walking track that called the Oyster Walk, which is about 12km and an easy walk on a trail around the bay.

If you’re lucky you may also get to see dolphins or seals playing in the water.

Dolphin at Eyre Peninsula
Eyre Peninsula is a wonderful place to see dolphins

One of the best things about Coffin Bay National Park is most of the park’s roads are sealed.

It gives you access to the beautiful and rugged coastline without needing a 4WD.

Eyre Peninsula has many amazing beaches
Eyre Peninsula has many amazing beaches
stunning beaches in south australia
The beaches on Eyre Peninsula are stunning

The beaches are stunning, with crystal clear aqua blue water and stunning white sand.

beach on Eyre
Another pristine beach on the Eyre Peninsula

I was not disappointed with the wildlife.

We saw lots of emus (including baby ones) and kangaroos.

wild emu
A wild Emu on the Eyre Peninsula

One of the things I remember best was the amazing sunsets.  

We would walk down to the bay just before the sun was about to set and gape at the colours over the water as the sun went down.

For someone who has a sunset obsession, it was pretty much photography heaven.

Eyre Peninsula sunset
Eyre Peninsula sunset
Eyre Peninsula sunset
Eyre Peninsula sunset
Eyre Peninsula sunset
Eyre Peninsula sunset

We explored the area thoroughly, including taking a drive further up the coast to Ceduna.

I got to photograph many more jetties along the way! The Eyre Peninsula is one of the best places in South Australia for photography

A long jetty
A long jetty
Crystal clear water
Crystal clear water is one of the hallmarks of the Eyre Peninsula
Eyre Peninsula jetty
A typical scene on the Eyre Peninsula

Things to do on the Eyre Peninsula

Here are 10 things to do when you visit the Eyre Peninsula.

1- Eat fresh seafood by the beach at Port Lincoln

2- Go shark cage diving with great white sharks in Port Lincoln

3- Swim with sea lions at Baird Bay

4- Go beach hopping to discover sandy beaches

5- Photograph the granite peaks of the Gawler Ranges

6- Go shopping at the local markets – every country town has one or more!

7- Spend the day at Coffin Bay National Park boating, fishing or scuba diving

8- Swim with giant cuttlefish in the Spencer Gulf in Whyalla

9- See the sea lions at Point Labatt Conservation Park, which has the only permanent colony of Australian sea-lions on mainland Australia

10- See the ancient pillars called Murphy’s Haystacks, which are pink granite boulders that are 1,500 million years old.

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Eyre Peninsula – a photo journey

Eyre Peninsula – a photo journey

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