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If you’re a traveller who loves nature then the term ecotourism will most likely appeal to you. The importance of ecotourism to the survival of the earth’s pristine landscapes should not be underestimated.

What is ecotourism?

Ecotourism is tourism that focuses on responsible tourism and environmental sustainability. It usually involves visiting pristine and undisturbed natural regions of the world. This type of tourism is usually low-impact and boutique.

Why is ecotourism important?

Ecotourism is so important to the earth because it minimises the impact on the environment. The benefits of ecotourism are manyfold as ecotourism is responsible travel with the aim of conserving the environment, treating the land with respect and improving the lives of local people.

What is the goal of ecotourism?

Ecotourism is a type of sustainable development that aims to reduce the impact on the world’s pristine places. The main ecotourism benefits are to ensure that the impact of tourism is minimal on the earth’s natural environment and communities.

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail. Day 1 Rosenberg goanna on the trail
Kangaroo Island is a fantastic destination for a trekking holiday, with a range of walks to suit all levels of fitness. The Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail (KIWT) is a relatively new Kangaroo Island bushwalking experience created in late 2016. It has already become a popular Kangaroo Island attraction and makes...
Kelly Hill Caves illuminated cavern

Kelly Hill Caves

Ever had the urge to become a cave explorer or underground adventurer? Then you need to check in at Kelly Hill Caves in Kelly Hill Conservation Park on Kangaroo Island. The caves are on the South Coast Road at Karatta, heading towards Seal Bay, 90km from Kingscote and about 1 1/2...
rottnest island quokka

Rottnest Island Quokka Moments

I had never been to Rottnest Island before and for some weird reason, all I wanted to do while in Perth for a few days on business was to visit the island. I had heard vaguely about the Rottnest Island quokka and was keen to see one.  Where is Rottnest Island?  Rottnest...
Green Island jetty, Great Barrier Reef, North Queensland.

Green Island vs Fitzroy Island

Green Island and Fitzroy Island are two islands on the Great Barrier Reef close to Cairns. Just 25 to 30 km offshore, a catamaran or ferry takes just under an hour from the Reef Fleet Terminal in Cairns. Of all the places to visit in Queensland, if you want to...
canadian national parks
Canada is justifiably renowned for its national parks which introduce visitors to special ecosystems and, if Mother Nature obliges, glimpses of wildlife which call these habitats home. Canadian National Parks are managed by Parks Canada, the body responsible for protecting this network of parks and marine conservation sites.  As a keen,...
Turtle swimming around Lady Elliot Island

Lady Elliot Island

There's no doubt Lady Elliot Island, at the southernmost end of the Great Barrier Reef, is turtle paradise. It's such an amazing place to see turtles that wherever I go to peek under the water, I can’t help but compare that place to Lady Elliot Island. Why? Lady Elliot consistently...

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