Franklin River rafting adventure in Tasmania

Franklin River rafting adventure in Tasmania

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Together you can achieve so much more. Hitching boats together to make the final upstream paddle to the end. Photos: Cameron Blake

The picnic area on the banks of the upper Franklin River offers little indication of the wild waters below. If you were to fly over the Franklin-Gordon Wild River National Park, you would be amazed at the sight.

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franklin river rafting

I have been on the river twice. The first time I was with some mates. We had no idea what to expect and I’m sure we came out of the experience alive by sheer luck.

The second time, I was sensible enough to go with a professional rafting company. Franklin River Rafting Company took care of everything. The trip was amazing.

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Inflating the rafts prior to our departure
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The river is a great place to reflect and take in life

I was a bundle of nerves and excitement. I still recall with amazement the feeling of isolation on the river.

There are some very exciting parts of the river and some very calm gentle parts of the river, which are perfect for collecting your thoughts.

You need to have a reasonable fitness level but I think most people of average fitness could do this trip without too many issues.

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Each night, it’s all hands on deck to set up “tarpology”, our shelter for the night

Franklin River rafting

Each day you will be required to paddle but working as a team in your raft allows you to manage the days quite easily. The water level on the river also plays a big part in whether you have to paddle a lot or a little.

franklin river rafting
It doesn’t take long for us to hit the wild rapids
franklin river rafting
The guides are extremely professional, focused and on their game

It’s a real Tasmanian adventure. You have to pull your weight on these trips. Teamwork is the key and it’s important to have team members who are able to follow instructions in stressful situations.

franklin river rafting
The guides are professional and focused.
franklin river rafting
The river is a mighty and awesome sight

If you go with a tour company they will provide pretty much everything you need including food and tents. Rafting the Franklin allows you one thing though, the knowledge that you are among a few who can say they have braved the river in Tasmania.

franklin river rafting
Team work is key
franklin river rafting
It’s a great trip. I made new friends and formed lasting bonds

So sit back and enjoy these photos of my Franklin River rafting adventure.

franklin river rafting
Just because you are in the wilderness doesn’t mean you have to miss out on delicious gourmet fresh food