Ocean Club Resort on Amazing Grace Bay Beach

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Since 1990, over 290-million TripAdvisor reviews have been written by travellers from around the globe. This year, TripAdvisor readers voted Grace Bay Beach to be the best beach in the world. The same year TripAdvisor burst on to the Internet, Ocean Club Resort opened in Turks and Caicos. Their opening occurred at a time when vacationers had barely heard of the Turks and Caicos Islands, let alone Grace Bay Beach.

A Turquoise Photo Journey in Turks and Caicos

Ocean Club Resort

When Ocean Club Resort opened its doors, only three hotels were situated on Grace Bay Beach.

With the entire 12-mile stretch of Grace Bay to choose from, the Ocean Club developers gave painstaking consideration on where to place their resort.

The developers chose a site on the northeast end of Grace Bay as the home for their new resort.

Their reasoning was simple. Sunsets would occur smack dab in the middle of their property, much to the delight of guests luxuriating on their suite balconies, or on the deck of Ocean Club’s outdoor restaurant.

Ocean Club Resort

The ocean color, the beach, and the views experienced by an Ocean Club Resort guest are a visual wonder.

If your favorite colour happens to be turquoise, you’ll understand why Ocean Club Resort is a setting that makes beach lovers go ga-ga.

Ocean Club Resort – Garden of Eden

Ocean Club Resort
Bougan Gardens

When the Ocean Club was built, an inordinate amount of effort went into positioning the resort suites to maximize balcony views of the ocean.

An equal amount of diligence and sweat went into the landscape presentation flanking the walkways leading to the beach.

Bougainvillea, flowers, palm trees, pools, fountains, and ocean waves perform together like an all-natural orchestra.

A leisurely stroll to the beach, or to the Cabana Bar Restaurant, is a sensual bounty of sights, fragrance, feelings, and sounds.

This splendid Caribbean symphony puts a guest at ease, and is a reminder that you’re operating on a blissful kind of island time.

Drink and Dine with a Smile  

Ocean Club Resort

When staying at the Ocean Club, it doesn’t take long to realize you’re in Turks and Caicos where the living is easy. Bambarra rum punch, Turks Head Beer, and an endless cornucopia of seafood, especially conch, are all yours for the asking.

What, may you ask, is conch? This delicious meat is what’s hiding in the pink seashell found in the Caribbean Sea. Conch is also the Turks and Caicos island of Providenciales’ main export.

The menus at Ocean Club East and Ocean Club West feature conch ceviche, conch salad, conch fritters, and even conch burgers.

If your curiosity about conch soars beyond the Ocean Club menu choices, tour the Caicos Conch Farm to discover more about this island delicacy.

Grace Bay Beach – the Best in the World?

Ocean Club Resort

Think about how many beaches there are in the world. Now consider that Grace Bay Beach is believed by many to be number one. What is it about this beach that causes its reputation to go global?

For the beach lover, the term “favourite” is often due to the feeling or memory it creates. What’s amazing about Grace Bay Beach is that you can experience, walk, or swim some tranquil stretches all by yourself.

Ocean Club Resort

With most famous landmarks, you have to pay homage in the company of dozens, or even hundreds.

To enjoy something so beautiful as Grace Bay Beach and not contend with the masses is a powerful thing.

That’s probably what the Ocean Club developers had in mind when they had the foresight to align themselves with Grace Bay Beach long before we’d heard of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

With awe-inspiring sunsets, a shade of turquoise seen nowhere else, and a cold Turks Head Beer within arm’s reach, today it’s easy to see what the Ocean Club Resort founders saw back in 1990.

Ocean Club Resort

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Ocean Club Resort on Amazing Grace Bay Beach