Places to visit in Argentina

Lauren Bath falls in love with amazing Argentina

Places to visit in Argentina

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places to visit in argentina
Although the end game was always Patagonia I was surprised by how much I loved Buenos Aires as well. Photos: Perito Moreno Glacier, El Calafate. Photos: Lauren Bath.

One of the more surprising travel adventures I have had was my trip to Argentina. With the help of Helloworld, I discovered some amazing places to visit in Argentina and plenty of things to do in Argentina.


I had been working with Helloworld on my bucket list destinations (see @Laurenepbath) and had already ticked off Oman, Vietnam and the USA. It came time to choose the fourth and final place.

I had previously expressed interest in visiting Patagonia but airline support would have me in Brazil or the Galapagos instead.

However, at the last minute, Air New Zealand saved the day with their new direct flight from Auckland to Buenos Aires.

The trip was on!

Places to visit in Argentina

Exploring Buenos Aires 

best places to visit in argentina
Bespoke sunrise tour in Buenos Aires with Urban Adventures and my guide took me to the Fisherman’s Club.

Upon arriving in Buenos Aires, flying Premium Economy, I soon realised that jet lag was going to be a thing in South America. 

Buenos Aires is 13 hours behind Brisbane, which basically puts you on the opposite side of the world.

I wearily dragged myself out to my first activity, a bespoke Urban Adventure sunset tour. I was soon refreshed by my incredible guide Candelaria.

A new friend in Argentina

Candi, as I was instructed to call her, loved Australians because we are fun. She’s probably going to marry one in the future!

Within five minutes we were firm friends and within 10 she was already taking sneaky “selfies” with me. By day three I was basically a part of the family.

places to visit in argentina
My new best friend Candelaria showing me around the colourful neighbourhood of La Boca.

During my three days in Buenos Aires, I experienced a variety of Urban Adventures and Intrepid Travel tours, including the Gourmet Buenos Aires Food Adventure (Urban Adventures), the Malbec Trail of Palermo (Urban Adventures), the Buenos Aires City Tour (Intrepid Travel) and a couple of bespoke Urban Adventures photography tours.

As I was with a variety of other travellers, I was able to gauge how much everyone enjoyed the guides and activities while we discovered great places to visit in Argentina.  

best places to visit in argentina
A visit to La Recoleta Cemetery complete with spooky stories and falling down mausoleums.

Exploring La Boca and Recoleta

Some highlights for me in Buenos Aires included the Recoleta Cemetery, a visit to La Boca and “Dulce de Leche” gelato on every corner.

Of all the places to visit in Argentina, the Recoleta Cemetery was the biggest surprise. I honestly didn’t think I was going to be interested or even able to photograph a cemetery. I was wrong!

There are many fascinating stories deep in the mausoleums!

La Boca was the complete opposite. Instead of dark and moody, this cheerful neighbourhood was bright, loud and colourful.

We managed to get off the beaten track by visiting the “Conventillo Marjan Grum”, a preserved immigrant house-turned-museum cum art gallery.

As for Dulce de Leche, well, that’s something you’re just going to have to try when you visit Argentina yourself.

More places to visit in Argentina  

best places to visit in argentina
Top left, DzDulce de Lechedz gelato. Words. Can’t. Describe.

With my jet lag finally abating and my new best friend Candi bidding me farewell it was time to board my plane to El Calafate, a town on the Argentinian side of Patagonia.

The highlight of El Calafate was, without a doubt, the Perito Moreno Glacier. There are a variety of day trips and experiences in and around the glacier.

I was on a full-day trip, which included a boat trip almost to the ice itself.

We also had a leisurely stroll through the incredible network of boardwalks. 

The boardwalks offer a vantage point of every conceivable angle of the glacier. Fortunately for me, there was plenty of time allocated to explore at my own pace.

places to visit in argentina
Conventillo Marjan Grum, once immigrant accommodation and now an art studio and museum in La Boca.

On my last day in Argentina, I woke up and took a lovely stroll around Argentino Lake. This is the largest lake in Argentina. Then, I set off for one final adventure. 

Although  I had just shy of a week in Argentina, I covered a lot of ground. I beat the jet lag and made a new best friend.

With direct flights from Auckland, Buenos Aires is more accessible than ever to Australians. I think it’s a great city for much more than a stopover.

places to visit in argentina
The Perito Moreno glacier is an incredible natural structure. Along with many wide angle shots I captured some abstract details as well.

Thanks as always to my client Helloworld, the Experts in Everywhere, as well as Intrepid Travel and Urban Adventures for ground support and Air New Zealand for getting me there.

places to visit in argentina
A walk around the bird sanctuary on Argentino Lake.
places to visit in argentina
A rainbow on the shore of Argentino Lake El Calafate. The weather changes so quickly here.
best places to visit in argentina
I visited El Calafate in wildflower season, bunches of these little cuties are everywhere.

Discover Argentina

An Argentina road trip reveals a country of diverse landscapes, from stunning Iguazu Falls to the deserts of the north-west and the world’s southernmost city of Ushuaia.

Most travellers to Argentina land in Buenos Aires first, where there’s plenty to see.

Buenos Aires is home of the Argentine tango and the gateway to the gauchos and many of the best places to visit in Argentina.

places to visit in argentina


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