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Dream explore discover the world’s most amazing places. Our earth is full of wonderful destinations you will love. While we cover most of the world, the places we know best are Asia, Australia, North America and parts of Europe.

What are the best places to explore in the world?

There are so many choices that making a list is just too difficult. Where to choose depends on what kind of traveller you are. Check out latest stories for some exciting options.

Where to explore in Asia?

Asia is a huge continent with beautiful and diverse landscapes. There are many different cultures and a rich history. China is the largest country in Asia with many undiscovered regions to explore. We have lots of ideas on where to go in Macao, for its cool Portuguese history, Japan, Thailand, South Korea and Singapore.

Looking for somewhere off-the-beaten-track to explore?

Have you been to Cuba or Sri Lanka? Intrepid travellers might like Nepal or Bhutan while those who love culture might love to explore India for history, culture and amazing places.

things to do in tromso
Tromso is the gateway to the Arctic in Norway. This is a historic city with a young soul. Tromso is packed with colourful heritage buildings intermingled with contemporary glass structures. Here are some cool things to do in Tromso. Most visitors travel to Bergen to cruise the fjords in Norway,...
things to do in kununurra

8 things to do in Kununurra

A remote outback town on the banks of the Ord River, Kununurra is closer to the Northern Territory (225km away) than it is to Broome, which is 1000 km driving on the Great Northern Highway. It might be small but there are plenty of interesting things to do in...
things to do in dunedin
More than a whiff of Scottish heritage hangs in the cool Dunedin air, so it's not surprising that many of the things to do in Dunedin have a Scottish flavour. Dunedin’s hilly harbour side terrain is filled with streets and suburbs that mirror places in Scotland. Names like Clyde Hill,...
Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail Day 2 Mouth of Rocky River Southern Ocean
Lying off Cape Jervis on the southern tip of the mainland of South Australia, Kangaroo Island is a natural sanctuary for nature and wildlife. From wildlife experiences to outdoor bush adventures and trail walks, there are plenty of things to do on Kangaroo Island for everyone.   With its unique biodiversity...
Kelly Hill Caves illuminated cavern

Kelly Hill Caves

Ever had the urge to become a cave explorer or underground adventurer? Then you need to check in at Kelly Hill Caves in Kelly Hill Conservation Park on Kangaroo Island. The caves are on the South Coast Road at Karatta, heading towards Seal Bay, 90km from Kingscote and about 1 1/2...
things to do at xian
Known around the world for its famous Terracotta Warriors, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a stunning China landmark, Xian is well and truly on the radar for most visitors to China. Other Xian attractions include the culture and architecture in Xian's Muslim quarter, temples and towers. The...

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