Places to visit in Turkey

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Mysterious cities, thousands of years of history and beautiful countryside combine to make Turkey a great spot for a holiday. Turkey is exotic and exciting. Turkey is is a melding of eastern and western culture and it’s a fascinating place to visit. Here are some places to visit in Turkey.

turkey tourism istanbuls waterfront

Places to visit in Turkey

1- Turkish Riviera

In Turkey’s southwest region of Antalya, the Turkish Riviera is a hot-spot for beach goers on the Mediterranean without the huge price tag of other beach areas in Italy, France or northern Spain.

Turkey’s sun-drenched coast gets more than 300 sunny days a year.

If you’re already travelling around Europe it’s worth visiting the area as it offers a beach holiday combined with history.

The region has a rich background and there are Roman and Greek historical ruins dotted around the area.

Belek is an area that has seaside resorts and golf courses. It’s a lovely spot sandwiched between the Taurus mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.


turkey tourism beach at belek

Nearby, Aspendos was a Greco-Roman city of some note. These days, there’s not much left except for its Roman theatre, which fortunately is well preserved.

The ancient stones reverberate with history and you could easily imagine gladiators clashing swords.

Sometimes, there are events like opera and concerts. It would be amazing to visit during one of these events so if you’re in the area do check out the local event schedule.

2- Antalya

Antalya is the largest city in the region. It has an atmospheric old town with streets packed with leather stores, pubs, nightclubs and cafes.

Antalya is also a regular port of call for cruise ships on the Mediterranean.

If you’re after a golfing holiday in Europe, it’s worth considering Turkey too as the cost will be far less than many other European countries. And Belek has some beautiful golf courses.

things to do in istanbul aspendoes theatre

3- Istanbul

Generations of Ottoman and Byzantine history have left a legacy of palaces, churches, mosques and souks in Istanbul. Don’t miss exploring Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar and the Grand Bazaar.

Istanbul is mysterious and architecturally pleasing to the eye.

It has Ottoman and Byzantine history you could get lost in for weeks and so many monuments you’d be hard-pressed to see them all in one visit.

Aya Sofya and the Blue Mosque are worth putting on your list. Aya Sofya was the biggest cathedral on earth for nearly 1000 years, until it was transformed into mosque. These days, it’s a top tourist landmark.

Places to visit in Istanbul include Turkish baths, cruising along the Golden Horn at twilight provides dreamy vistas of minarets and domes. And you should also visit the Topkapi Palace.

turkey tourism cruising the bosphorus

turkey tourism ayasofya

The Topkapi Palace is full of atmosphere. As you wander the marbled halls, pictures of sultans and harems pop to mind. The tour guides are full of tales of the rulers who once lived in this palace and you won’t be bored.


You’ll be wowed by treasures such as the Topkapi Dagger (with three emeralds studded on its hilt) and the Kasikci (Spoonmaker’s) diamond (an 86-carat tear-drop stone).

Discover Turkey

For more ideas on what to do in Turkey, see the official website of Turkey Tourism. April is a good time for Australians to visit Turkey for ANZAC Day celebrations in Anzac Cove.

Places to visit in Turkey

Places to visit in Turkey


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