20 Best Beaches In Turkey

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With stunning scenery, fascinating culture and a legacy of ruins of ancient civilisations and timeless villages to explore, Turkey is a wonderful place to go on vacation. And with a coastline that stretches for 8,333 km (5,178 miles), it’s not surprising that there are so many fabulous beaches in Turkey. The country has three coastal regions – Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Sea – each with a unique flavour. From the sparkling waters of the Aegean coast to the Mediterranean beaches of Antalya, Kalkan and Kas, and the Black Sea beaches, there’s no shortage of stunning Turkey beaches. Here’s our pick of the best.

20 Turkey Beaches

Best Beaches In Turkey – Aegean Sea

1- Bodrum Peninsula Beaches

turkey beaches resort in bodrum
Pull up a lounge chair and grab a cocktail. Some of the best beaches in Turkey are in Bodrum.

Straddling the South Aegean shoreline, the Bodrum Peninsula is one of Turkey’s most popular vacation destinations, thanks to its pristine beaches and great year-round weather.

While you can find picture-perfect beaches across the Bodrum Peninsula, the best are at the tip of the peninsula, close to the towns of Gündogan, Gümüslük and Bitez.

Upscale resorts, hotels and restaurants dot the towns and villages along the Bodrum Peninsula, and there are plenty of historic sites and gardens to explore.

2- Altinkum Beaches

turkey beautiful beaches foamy waves lapping on pebble sand
There are so many incredible Turkish beaches for a relaxing vacation.

A collection of three separate beaches near the Turkish town of Didim, the Altinkum beaches are certified Blue Flag beaches and some of Turkey’s most pristine.

Altinkum is the ideal destination for a Turkey beach vacation with a blend of rural Turkish villages, trendy restaurants, and shops.


Packed with all the beach amenities you need, visiting Altinkum and its turquoise water is bound to be a great experience.

3- Çesme Peninsula

beaches in turkey red balloon with star and crescent moon
Check out this Turkey beaches list for sand, sun and sea.

The Çesme Peninsula and its world-class beaches is the destination many upper-class Turks head to savour the Aegean coast’s natural splendour.

Home to fashion boutiques, cafes and restaurants, it’s surprising that the Çesme Peninsula is not a more frequented beachside destination for international visitors.

Turkey’s unofficial windsurfing capital has charming villages and sandy beaches ideal for a relaxed beach experience.

Enjoy Turkey’s natural gifts away from the crowds while exploring the Çesme Peninsula and its stunning beaches.

4- Karasu Beach

Karasu beach in Turkey’s Aydin province is a golden beach with clear water and spectacular sunset views that draw the crowds.

Karasu beach is a popular destination to gaze at the orange-purple hues of the sky as the sun sets over the horizon.

The beach’s proximity to the Maden Deresi nature park makes it an excellent destination for nature lovers.

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Best Beaches In Turkey – Mediterranean Sea

5- Patara Beach

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Patara is Turkey’s longest beach and is in a small seaside village on the popular Lycian Way trekking route.

With lovely views and golden sand, Patara beach is relatively undeveloped compared to many of Turkey’s other popular seaside resort towns.

Patara’s loggerhead turtle population has been returning to the beach to lay their eggs yearly for millions of years.

While Patara lacks sun loungers and tourists, the beach’s raw natural beauty and ecosystems provide excellent opportunities to enjoy nature.

6- Kaputaş Beach

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Kaputaş beach is a golden sandy beach guarded by tall rocky cliffs and is a peaceful beach in Turkey to relax all day long.

Kaputaş is one of Turkey’s most photographed locations due to its spectacular scenery and easy accessibility, off the road between the towns of Kaş and Kalkan.

Reachable by traversing the 170-step stairway down to the beach from the cliffs behind it, Kaputaş and its turquoise waters form a blissful image that is ideal for enjoying lazy days out on the beach.

7- Limanağzı Beach

best turkey beaches stacked gray pebble stones with blurred background
Although many of Turkey’s beaches are busy, you can also find tranquil beaches to relax on without the crowds.

At the foot of a lush hill overlooking a bay and only accessible by boat, Limanağzı beach juts out from the winding Kaş coastline in spectacular fashion.

While the beach area is quite narrow, Limanağzı beach offers soothing vistas of the Mediterranean and is ideal for anyone looking for a private beach experience.

Limanağzı is a hidden gem of a beach worth the effort to get to.

8- Pebble Beach

beaches near istanbul turkey pebbles beach and the ocean with blue sky
Turkish beaches are some of the most beautiful in Europe. Discover them by visiting one of these amazing destinations.

Split into Little Pebble Beach and Big Pebble Beach, the Pebble Beaches are close to the seaside town of Kaş and provide a tranquil Turkish beach experience in a region not exactly known for stunning sandy beaches.

Big Pebble Beach is the larger of the two beaches and is a kilometre (0.6 mi) from the town’s centre, providing calm waters to swim in as the beach is naturally sheltered from the open ocean.

Little Pebble Beach is much closer to the town’s centre and is a 10-minute walk from Kaş harbour.

Packed with thrill-seekers jumping from the rocky cliffs into the water below during summer, Little Pebble Beach is closer to a cove than a beach, and its petite size makes it the perfect spot for a private beach experience.

While Kaş’s most well-known beach is Limanağzı, the Pebble Beaches are the town’s most accessible and centrally-located beaches.

9- Kalkan Beach

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Bordering the Kalkan harbour in the east, the white sands of Kalkan beach has earned the beach a Blue Flag certification.

Kalkan wows visitors with its stunning scenery, and it’s a vibrant spot with top-notch cafes, restaurants and shops.

A popular destination for snorkelling and scuba diving, Turkey’s Kalkan beach is the perfect destination to cap off your stay in this fascinating country steeped in history and rich culture.

10- Çirali Beach

istanbul turkey beaches lounge chairs on the beach
Antalya has some of the most popular beaches in Turkey.

The picture-perfect Çirali beach, situated adjacent to the town of Çirali in southwestern Turkey’s Antalya province, is a 4 km (2.5 mi) stretch of paradise tucked between the ocean hills lined with citrus groves.

Setting your eyes on this beautiful stretch of Turkish coastline for the first time will leave you feeling like you’re in a romance novel.

With lovely seaside chalets, calm azure waters and caramel-coloured sand, Çıralı beach is a favourite destination for sunbathers.

It’s also close to the ruins of the ancient Lycian city of Olympos, which you can explore nearby.

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11- Mermerli Beach

antalya turkey beaches blue sky and blue sea
Turkey has many stunning beaches, but there are also some hidden gems.

A tiny speckle of beach tucked away neatly behind rocky cliffs in Antalya City, Mermeli beach is Antalya province’s oldest pay-to-enter city beach.

This Turkish beach has lovely views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Accessible via a wooden staircase that leads from a restaurant on the cliffs to the beach below, visiting Mermeli beach requires paying a small fee that allows you to use the sun lounges and beach umbrellas.

This small beach offers a tranquil beach experience near Antalya City.

12- Konyaaltı

best beaches in turkey for families aerial view of Konyaalti beach with yellow flowers in the foreground
If you’re after the best Turkey beaches, you can’t go wrong in Antalya where you will find Konyaalti beach and other wonderful beaches.

Stretching across Antalya City’s western edge, the 7 km (4.3 mi) Konyaaltı beach is the city’s entertainment and nightlife hub.

With amenities such as full-time lifeguards, free-to-use public bathrooms, showers and changing rooms and an adjacent waterpark, Konyaaltı beach is a Turkish beach that promises fun activities for all ages.

It borders a beautifully-designed beach park with hibiscus and pine trees and some of Antalya’s best restaurants, bars and clubs.

Overlooking the azure waters of the Mediterranean and the towering Beydağları mountains, Konyaaltı is one of Turkey’s most stunning beaches to visit.

13- Kleopatra Beach

best beaches in turkey beach, sea, mountains and sky
Cleopatra Beach in Alanya is a Turkish beach with a romantic name.

The majestic Kleopatra Beach near the town of Alanya is a one-of-a-kind beach that is one of the most popular beaches in Turkey.

Flanked by rugged yet lush cliffs that the famous Alanya castle is perched atop, the golden sand that is Kleopatra Beach offers striking views.

Overlooking the shimmering Mediterranean from its shores, Kleopatra Beach’s blend of resort amenities with the historic charm of Alanya makes it an easy beach in Turkey to choose from.

If the crystal clear water of Kleopatra Beach and the medieval landmarks of Alanya isn’t enough for you, feast your eyes on the full-scale pirate ship permanently moored off the shores of Kleopatra Beach.

With so much to see and do around Kleopatra Beach, this is one of the Turkish beaches to tick off your beach vacation list.

14- Lara Beach

best sandy beaches in turkey sun setting over the beach
Sunset is a wonderful time of day at Lara Beach in Turkey’s Antalya.

Laid-back and picturesque, Lara beach is not far from Antalya City’s old town and is a popular beach in the Antalya province.

Dotted with upscale boutique hotels and resorts, some of Lara beach’s best activities are on the water.

A hive for beachgoers throughout the year, Lara beach is well-known for its five-star oceanfront resorts.

The beach is family-friendly and certified Blue Flag, with all the amenities and accommodation options that you’d expect in a top-tier beach destination.

Lara Beach is near Antalya City’s airport and easy to reach.

15- Kabak Beach

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The bohemian-chic Kabak beach on Turkey’s Yedi Buran Cape is the perfect blend of green forests, rolling hills, azure water and stylish seaside glamping cabins.

The beach is lined with trendy cafes and restaurants that serve traditional Turkish cuisine while surrounded by nature.

While visiting Kabak beach is a great choice, staying overnight at one of the beachside camping sites or chalets is the best way to appreciate the beach’s beauty and charm fully.

16- Ölüdeniz Beach/Blue Lagoon

beautiful beaches in turkey beach filled with people and umbrellas
Oludeniz Beach in Fethiye is another of the Turkey beaches to tick off your to-visit list. The only downside is everyone else might have the same idea.

Lush pine trees frame the curved golden sandy beach and deep blue water at Ölüdeniz beach, or Blue Lagoon, one of Turkey’s most recognisable beaches.

Encompassing the bay on one side and the lagoon on the other, Ölüdeniz beach has calm waters that attract swaths of British tourists in summer.

While the beach becomes a hive of entertainment and beachgoers during peak season, off-season sees the beach become more laid back and peaceful.

17- Iztuzu Beach

most beautiful beaches in turkey View of connection point of salty and fresh water in Iztuzu Beach in Dalyan.
The confluence of salt and fresh water at Dalyan’s Iztuzu Beach in Turkey.

A sanctuary for loggerhead turtles that swarm the beach in large numbers annually to lay their eggs, Iztuzu beach and its eco-friendly approach to tourism is a breath of fresh air compared to other crowded beachside destinations.

A 4.5-kilometre (2.8 mi) stretch of curved beach separating the freshwater Dalyan River from the saltwater Mediterranean, Iztuzu beach remains largely undeveloped, making it the perfect destination for nature enthusiasts.

Iztuzu might be lacking luxurious resorts and hotels, but the beach more than makes up for it with fantastic amenities such as kayak rentals, sunbeds, seaside cafes and beach umbrellas.

While most visitors are attracted to the turtle population, many fall in love with the rugged charm and laid-back vibe that Iztuzu exudes.

18- Butterfly Valley

beaches in turkey aerial view of Kelebekler Vadisi
Kelebekler Vadisi (Butterfly Valley) has one of the loveliest beaches in Turkey, framed by the forest and the sea.

Named after the 1,000-odd species that call the valley home, Butterfly Valley and its Instagram-worthy white sandy beach are famed for its lively beach parties and azure water.

With no large hotels or resorts, Butterfly Valley offers beachside camping options where you can immerse yourself in the region’s spectacular natural beauty.

Guarded by steep barren cliffs that provide excellent hiking opportunities, it’s accessible only by boat or a gruelling hiking trail, so if you make it there, you’re likely to have it to yourself.

blue lagoon turkey beaches View of Butterfly Valley from a sailing boat with bright sea and high mountains.
Hop on a sailing boat and escape to Butterfly Valley, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey.

19- Icmeler Beach

Icmeler is a resort town near Marmaris with large crowds, trendy restaurants, bars and some of the most incredible beaches in Turkey.

It’s hard to believe that this busy place with its many water activities was a quaint fishing village not too long ago.

The star attraction is the town’s golden sandy beach, lined with palm trees, sunbeds and beach umbrellas.

Venture into the nearby hills to hike the scenic paths for amazing views of the town, beach and ocean.

This abundance of activities makes Icmeler a fun seaside destination to visit.

20- Ovabükü Beach

turkey beaches
Discover the most stunning beaches in Turkey.

The idyllic Ovabükü beach on Turkey’s Datça Peninsula is as beautiful and pristine as the Bodrum Peninsula’s beaches without the large upscale resort chains and exclusive eateries.

Instead, Ovabükü has numerous charming family-owned restaurants and guesthouses where travellers can lose themselves in the region’s natural beauty.

Surrounded by rocky outcrops and lush hillsides, Ovabükü beach is a sliver of paradise that promises solitude and endless days of sunshine for all ages to enjoy.

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