Portuguese Egg Tart Recipe

How to make Portuguese egg tarts


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Do you love egg tarts? Such is their popularity worldwide that there many variations of egg tart recipes around the world. There are versions of egg tarts made in Brazil, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Macao, Portugal and various countries in Asia. In Asia, the two main types of egg tart are the Portuguese egg tart and the Chinese egg tart.

The main difference between these two types of tarts are obvious. The Portuguese egg tart recipe creates a delicious caramelised burnt custard top.

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Portuguese Egg Tart Recipe

Here’s a Macau egg tart recipe shared with us by Andrew Maree, Executive Chef at The Parisian Macao. It’s easy to follow and great for dinner parties.

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When visiting Macao, make the pilgrimage to Lord Stow’s Bakery on Coloane Island. Lord Stow’s egg tart is a pastel de nata-inspired version that is considered by many egg tart connoisseurs as the best of the best egg tarts.

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