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Macau is a destination for foodies. From street food to Michelin star restaurants, Macau is something for all tastebuds. Here are some top suggestions on where and what to eat in Macau.

portuguese wine glass
The breadth and depth of the range of Portuguese wine available in Macao is second only to that of Lisbon. Prior to Handover in December 1999, Macao had been under Portuguese administration for 450 years and wine would have not only been part of the ship’s provisions but was traded, too....
The Tasting Room Saumon
San Sebastian, a beach resort town in Spain’s Basque Country, is famous for its pintxo (the local equivalent of tapas), and its high number of quality restaurants. It is famous for having more Michelin star restaurants per head of the population than any other city in the world. That...
The Golden Peacock “PROSPERITY” Blue berry, hazelnut chocolate mousse, yoghurt, cardamom, cherry and gold leaf 福 皇雀藍莓巧克力慕斯

Art Macao Menus

As one of the UNESCO network’s creative cities of gastronomy, some of Macao’s culinary talents have taken inspiration from art masterpieces during the six-month-long Art Macao festival that runs from May to October 2019. After all, food and art are inexplicably linked through the creative concept of marrying ingredients to...
Macau Food Festival people
There are many good reasons why the Macau Food Festival is in event that shouldn't be ignored. Visitors pour into Macau to visit glittering casinos on the Cotai Strip and to explore the unique treasures of Macau's World Heritage city centre. But Macau is also a popular travel destination...
Macau Restaurants The Tasting Room Macau

Tasting Room

For a very small slice of land, Macao has one of the world's most impressive range of Michelin-starred restaurants. Given the high-rollers and business leaders frequently in town, it's no surprise that when it comes to fine dining, the sky's the limit, especially when it comes to French gastronomy. City of...
macau coffee
10 years ago it wasn’t easy to find a real cup of coffee in Macau. Aside from espressos served at Portuguese restaurants, finding a good coffee was a frustrating affair, which often had me wishing I was back in Europe. “What a difference a decade makes!” is a phrase often...


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