20 Things To Do In Sibenik, Croatia

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A small coastal town between two bigger cities, Zadar and Split, Sibenik is my hometown and a hidden jewel on the Adriatic coast. It’s a perfect-sized city for anyone who enjoys an easy-pace lifestyle in a beautiful location by the sea, with fresh air and lovely weather.

As a cultural hub that combines medieval, Mediterranean and urban styles, there are plenty of things to do in Sibenik for history lovers. And if you like being outdoors, this is the place. Whether you enjoy chilling on the beach, hiking the mountain, drinking long coffee on the Riva promenade or listening to a concert, my city has it all. Here are the best things to do in Sibenik, my hometown.

Sibenik, Croatia

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20 Things To Do In Sibenik

where to go in sibenik aerial view
The Sibenik waterfront and St. James Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Dalmatia.

1- Be Amazed By The Cathedral Of St. Jacob

One of the main things you’ll see on every postcard of Šibenik is the cathedral of St. Jacob.

This astonishing piece of Gothic-Renaissance architecture is one of the symbols of the town of Šibenik.

It was created in a shape of a three-nave basilica along with three apses and a dome.

On the lower apse part, you can see 71 human heads, all carved in life-size, where you get the sense they are listening and looking at you while you are walking.

At the end of the main nave, you will see St. Michael, the patron saint of Šibenik, looking towards the Town Hall.

The cathedral is built all in stone from Croatian islands, without using any other material.

The main architect is Juraj Dalmatinac, whose statue proudly stands in front of the cathedral, protecting his marvellous piece of art.

It’s positioned in the heart of the town, looking directly at the crystal Adriatic Sea and gathering many generations under its arms.

The Cathedral of St Jacob is at Trg Republike Hrvatske 1, 22000, Šibenik.

2- Visit The Town Hall

sibenik the cathedral of st james
The Cathedral of St. James in Sibenik, Croatia.

Opposite the cathedral of St. James is the Town Hall, a beautiful renaissance piece of architecture dating back to the 16th century.

If you pass on a Saturday or Friday afternoon, you will likely encounter cheerful wedding celebrations.

The city hall consists of two floors, where the ground floor is used as a restaurant, while the first floor is used for civil marriage, political and cultural events.

On both sides, you can find stairs built in the 18th century, with a small bell tower on the left, which was used back in the day to invite the city nobles to a council.

City Hall is at Stube Andrije Medulića 3, 22000, Šibenik.

3- Explore Four Wells Square

sibenik attractions
Statue of Juraj Dalmatinac, the constructor of the Cathedral, in front of the main entrance, Sibenik.

Walking only a few steps from the cathedral, you will arrive at Four Wells Square, built by Juraj Dalmatinac, who constructed the cathedral.

The wells were built in the 15th century due to frequent droughts.

They could fit 28,000 barrels of water to supply the citizens.

After a few decades, the wells have been renewed in a similar style when they served the purpose.

Today the area is used for many concerts, plays, and other events.

Also, if you walk towards the square from the side of the cathedral, you will spot one of the best Michelin-star restaurants in the country.

Pelegrini dishes up a unique high-class, local cuisine experience.

Four Wells Square is at Ul. Andrije Kačića Miošića 6, 22000, Šibenik. One way to explore is on this history tour that will help you uncover the more sinister mysteries of Sibenik.

4- Grab A Beer In Azimut

Azimut is my favourite place, the soul of the town.

It’s not a bar, a coffee shop, a concert stage, or a museum, but still covers every artistic performance.

Azimut gathers all the generations under its wings.

It’s a community of like-minded people who enjoy every form of art.

It hosts exhibitions of young contemporary artists, music concerts, and pub quizzes.

During summer, when the town is full of tourists and people come for holiday, it’s very lively and vibrant.

Join the crowd sitting on the grass and famous stairs under the cathedral of St. Jacob, chilling, drinking beer and enjoying life the Croatian way.

5- Attend A Concert At St. Michael’s Fortress

sibenik st michaels fortress
The historic city centre of Sibenik, with St. Michael’s Fortress and the Adriatic Sea in the background.

St. Michael’s fortress is one of four fortresses in the centre of the city. Here there’s an open-air stage hosting concerts, events and shows under the stars.

It’s hard to describe with words the breathtaking view you have from there while listening to the words of your favourite song.

It carries a rich history of protecting the city, which today you can experience with 3D mapping.

Recently, there two cisterns have been discovered in the fortress dating back to the 15th century.

Today they are a “time machine”, which tells you the most important events of the town throughout history.

While the other gives an insight into Christian history related to the town.

The fight between good, and evil, is presented as a fight between St. Michael (the protector of the town) and the dragon.

There are entry fees for the fortress, which you can combine with Barone fortress to get a discount. 

St Michael’s Fortress is at Zagrađe 21, 22000, Šibenik. Visit all four fortresses on this tour.

6- Enjoy The View From Barone Fortress 

sibenik barone fortres
Barone Fortress in Sibenik, Croatia.

Fortress, along with St. John, is a symbol of a defensive system against the Ottomans dating back to the 17th century.

Construction was overseen by Baron Christoph Martin von Degenfeld, who gave the fortress its name.

The fortress withstood the attacks of the Ottomans, but throughout the years, it got abandoned and ruined.

Later on, the fortress has been rebuilt for visitors, where you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the city while drinking coffee and learning about her history.

The entry fees are applicable from July till the end of October, while entry is free from 1 November to 1 March.

Barone Fortress is at Put Vuka Mandušića, 22000, Šibenik. Visit all four fortresses on this tour

7- Explore St. John’s Fortress

Another jewel on Vidakuša hill is St. John’s fortress, built to defend the city against Ottoman attacks in the 17th century, which it did, successfully.

St. John has the biggest surface compared to other fortresses, consisting of two parts, a star and pliers.

Since it’s been recently renovated, it’s a place where various events are held under the clear sky, with a stunning view of the Šibenik and the Adriatic Sea.

It’s also one of the locations where the famous Games of Thrones was filmed.

St John’s Fortress is at Put Tanaje 29, 22000, Šibenik. Visit all four fortresses on this tour

8- Be Amazed By St. Nicholas Fortress

sibenik st nicholas fortress
St. Nicholas Fortress in Sibenik, Croatia.

St. Nicholas fortress is a unique piece of Venetian fortification architecture, recognised worldwide and listed in 2017 under the UNESCO World Heritage list.

It’s at the entrance of the St. Anthony’s Channel, surrounded by the crystal blue sea, approachable only by boat.

Since 2019 there have been organised tours from the Riva waterfront, which takes you on a 30-minute historical and natural exploration of the fortress and the channel.

St Nicholas Fortress is at Obala dr. Franje Tuđmana 4, 22000, Šibenik. Visit all four fortresses on this tour

9- Walk The Promenade Along The St Anthony Canal 

sibenik croatia
Enjoy time on the water in Sibenik in Croatia.

The promenade through the canal of St. Anthony is one of the main spots to be seen on sunny weekends in Šibenik.

It’s also one of my favourite places when I want to disconnect from everything and enjoy the soul-soothing views.

It’s a perfect place for enjoyable walks in nature with a stunning panoramic view of the city and archipelago and great for jogging, running or riding a bicycle.

There are two viewpoints.

One is on the highest point of the walking path, where you can sit and enjoy the view, and the other is a bit lower, where you can see the whole channel.

If you go for a walk on the other side, you will reach St. Nicholas Fortress.

10- Check Out St. Lawrence Garden

A hidden gem in the heart of the Old Town, this small Mediterranean garden is a peaceful oasis, perfect for a retreat or relaxation.

The garden is built above St. Lawrence’s church in strict geographical shapes filled with colourful plants, trees, cultivated herbs and shrubs.

In the garden, you will find a café where you can refresh yourself with a cup of tea or coffee.

11- Visit The Museums Of The Old Town

sibenik historic street view of town
The streets of Sibenik.

Located in the courtyard of the St. Francis monastery, this small museum holds old manuscripts and books dating back to the 13th century, along with the paintings of Franciscan monks.

If you walk along the Old Town streets, you will spot the small gothic church of St Barbara and the Museum of Sacral Arts.

You can find religious art, manuscripts, and other artifacts in this museum.

You may also like this guided evening walking tour of Sibenik’s historic streets.

12- Go For A Swim In Banj

If you walk along the Riva promenade towards the southwest, the path will take you to the city beach Banj.

This small pebble beach is perfect for a relaxing afternoon, where you can chill, drink your favourite cocktail in the bar, and enjoy the best view of the Old Town.

13- Explore The House Of Art Arsen

The house of art Arsen is not another theatre building, it’s an urban and cultural hub with a unique mixed-art spirit dedicated to one of the greatest Croatian artists, Arsen Dedić.

Arsen was a Croatian composer, writer, translator, poet, and songwriter born in Šibenik.

This old building was used as an old cinema hall Odeon.

Later, it became a cultural hub that hosts various artistic performances such as concerts, cinema screenings, theatre performances and exhibitions. 

House Of Art Arsen is at Obala hrvatske mornarice 1, 22000, Šibenik.

14- Visit Zlarin Outdoor Festival

sibenik island of zlarin
Catch the ferry from Sibenik to the island of Zlarin.

Zlarin is one of the six inhabited islands of the Šibenik archipelago and one of my favourites.

It’s perfect for a weekend escape during hot summer days.

Zlarin is 15 minutes by ferry from the Riva promenade.

It hosts an outdoor festival in the summer for all sports and nature lovers.

Whether you enjoy paddling around the island, walking or running across the island’s cliffs, balancing a rope, or rock climbing, you’ll enjoy this Mediterranean island.

15- Listen To Music At Šibenska Šansona

Šibenska Šansona is a famous music festival held every year in August in front of the town hall.

This cultural event brings together the best Croatian performers in one place.

If you want to enjoy the unique atmosphere of Croatian music, combined with the spirit of the Old Town, don’t miss this event.

16- Take The Kids To The International Children’s Festival

The International Children festival offers fun activities for children and adults.

The town becomes livelier, summer is officially starting, and more people come to visit Šibenik.

By the end of June, when the festival begins, the town becomes a colourful place, with children’s portraits all over the city, spreading joy and creative energy on every corner.

There are many workshops, children’s plays, concerts, and live performances throughout those two weeks.

Every year, the festival gets more interesting, with more innovations and different things to do to attract children, performers, journalists and tourists.

17- Explore Amadria Park

Amadria Park is a resort located only 10 minutes by car from the city centre and is a city in itself. 

This was the main summer destination my family visited during my teenage years, mostly enjoying the beach with my friends.

Every year it grows and has something more to offer.

Enjoy your day chilling on the beach, having a cocktail by the pool, playing golf and tennis, or splashing around on the waterslides in the aqua park.

After an active day, explore the resort and have dinner in the Dalmatian Ethno village.

The restaurant is famous for its local dishes, Mediterranean style and environment.

For fans of sleeping on four wheels and jumping from bed into the sea, there is a campsite as well.

18- Check Out The Medieval Fair

During September, Šibenik returns to the Middle Ages, where the streets are filled with performances of medieval artists, knights’ fights and sea battles.

During the fair, you get introduced to the products of domestic manufacturers made of real leather, medieval decorations, and various objects.

On those days, we celebrate St. Michel, the patron of my city.

The legend says he won the fight against Satan, so his statue proudly stands in St. Jacob’s cathedral.

Also, you can spot his engraved statue on the external wall of the public library on the main square of Poljana.

19- Be Amazed At Krka National Park

sibenik krka national park
The waterfalls in Krka National Park can be visited as a day trip from Sibenik.

A few kilometres northeast of Šibenik, you will find a stunning piece of nature waiting to be explored, Krka National Park.

This nature-abundant oasis consists of picturesque waterfalls, dense vegetation, and the river Krka.

You can spot the idyllic Visovac Island in the National Park’s lake.

When you buy the ticket, a boat takes you to the island, where you can enjoy peaceful moments with beautiful nature and an old Franciscan monastery.

In the park is another stunning waterfall called Roški Slap, which, every time I visit, I always admire its beauty like it’s my first time seeing it.

Krka River supplies the Jaruga Hydroelectric Power Plant, Croatia’s first alternating current power system.

It’s not commonly known that Šibenik was the world’s first city with street lights powered by polyphase alternating current.

20- Drink Mulled Wine In Adventura 

what to do in sibenik
Mulled wine with oranges and spices.

If you end up having a winter holiday in Šibenik, then you’ll enjoy the Christmas spirit of Adventura.

It’s the main gathering place in December for the whole town, filled with laughter, joy, and good vibes.

You’ll have the opportunity to try delicious sweet and sour treats originally prepared by the locals, a variety of local beers and wines, but overall enjoy the rhythm of the funky music.

You’ll get the chance to test your ice-skating skills in the main square while your children get busy doing hand-crafts organized just for them.

The fair begins in December and lasts until the first week of January. At other times of the year, visit the Vinoplod Winery for some local wine tasting.

If you don’t have an idea for the New Year, Šibenik offers an amazing program every year. Join the best coastal Christmas market.

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