9 Treehouse Hotels Around The World

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Treehouses have come a long way since dad cobbed one up in the backyard. These days, there are fancy treehouse hotels around the world that will help you bring back those childhood memories while staying among the canopies. For adventurous travellers looking to go out on a limb, we have a treehouse hotel that is suitable for you.

Whether it is in the density of a steamy jungle or perched between swaying palms on a secluded island, it’s time to break free from the traditional, embrace your inner child and experience some unique treehouse accommodation.

Treehouse Hotels

Treehouse Hotels in North America

1- Free Spirit Spheres, Vancouver Island, Canada 

treehouses to stay in
Free Spirit Spheres, British Columbia, Canada

Framed by tall trees of the west coast rainforest of Vancouver Island, Canada, this is a treehouse for adults.

These hand-crafted spheres hang like pendants from a web of rope.

They are truly unique and provide a habitat for the un-tamed spirit that exists in us all.

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Treehouse Hotels in Europe

2- Suspended Camping, Pfronten, Germany

treehouses to stay in
Waldseilgarten Adventure Mountain Resort, Germany

Suspended Camping sits at the top of a mountain summit.

Guests can spend the night hanging off the treetops, suspended over a cliff face or within a hand-built igloo.

In the warmer months, you can sleep in your very own porter-ledge, hanging several metres above the ground from the limbs of trees.

The hanging tent has a fabric-covered platform supported by a metal frame.

It’s suspended from a secure single point.

At Waldseilgarten, the tents hang from thick branches of free-standing trees.

The only way up or down is by using a rope. 

3- Kolarbyn Eco Lodge, Skinnskatteberg, Sweden 

Stay in a treehouse
Kolarbyn Eco lodge, Sweden

Although not actually in a tree, I still count this place as a treehouse.

Advertising itself as ‘Sweden’s most primitive hotel’, Kolarbyn is two hours from Stockholm.

These grass-clad forest huts are set deep in the forest. You can spend your days taking moose safaris or wolf howling trips.

A troll family adventure is even on the cards as well as forest hiking and fairy tales by the fire.

4- Tree Houses, Harads, Sweden 

treehouses to stay in
Tree Hotel Sweden

Treehotel in Sweden offers five incredibly unique rooms, all built among the tall pine forest. The Capsule is a container-like pod suspended in the trees.

The Mirrocube is exactly that – a mirror-clad cube that hides among the foliage and reflects its surroundings.

The Bird’s Nest is a gigantic nest-like blob complete with a retractable ladder. The Blue Cone (which is actually red – go figure) and is the most traditional looking of the rooms.

The UFO is anything but – another pod-like structure also with a retractable ladder. Add fog, which is common, and the UFO looks like it will take off at any time.

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5- La Cabane en L’Air, France

Stay in a treehouse
La Cabane en L’Air, France

La Cabane en L’Air is a group of nearly 200 tree houses spread across France, from Provence to Normandy, and reaching as high as 22m off the ground.

They all vary in shape, size and style with the lakeside Paradiso treehouse in Orne offering a terrace for sunbathing.

Treehouse Hotels in Asia

6- Green Magic Nature Resort, Kerala, India 

treehouses to stay in
Green magic nature resort

Green Magic Nature Resort is a unique resort with tree houses located through the pristine and verdant tropical rainforest of Kerala.

A totally dedicated eco-lodge, these ethnic houses are built in trees but offer only basic facilities.

Access to your treehouse (25m off the ground) is by an indigenous cane lift which is operated by a counterweight of water.

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7- Sanya Nanshan Tree House, Hainan Island, China 

Stay in a treehouse
Sanya Nanshan Treehouse, Hainan Island, China

Built into a stand of tamarind trees, the ‘Big Beach in the Sky’ treehouse sleeps six in this rustic accommodation steps away from the blue waters of the South China Sea.

Facilities here are basic and although there is intermittent electricity, you will need to walk 50m to reach a hot shower.

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Treehouse Hotels In the Americas

8- Tree House Lodge, Limon, Costa Rica 

treehouses to stay in
Treehouse Lodge Costa Rica

The highlight of this beachfront property within the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge on Costa Rica’s southern Caribbean coast is a sustainably built tree house made from fallen trees.

It has solar heating, two bedrooms and a kitchen. The shower is built around the crooks and roots of a massive 100-year-old Sangrillo tree. 

9- Tropical Tree House, Rincon, Puerto Rico 

treehouses to stay in
Tree house Puerto Rico

Leave your passport behind but don’t forget your sense of adventure for a stay at Tropical Tree House in Rincon. Three treehouses dot the tropical forest.

This is an oasis of tranquillity near the western Atlantic coast. Completely open to the elements, the bamboo structures have no walls.

Privacy is provided by the branches and leaves of the surrounding forest.

The treehouses are totally self-sufficient, with solar hot water, shower, kitchenette, flush toilet and queen size bed.

These treehouses offer a wealth of island ambience and tropical environment, with stunning sunsets adding to the experience.

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