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From alpine skiing or downhill skiing to cross-country skiing and snowboarding. There’s a world of winter resorts to attract those who are keen on the white stuff. While downhill skiing is the most popular, cross-country skiing provides plenty of exercise in winter.

What countries can you go skiing?

Europe and North America are attractive to keen skiers. In Europe, France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland have many established ski resorts. But in recent years, countries such as Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia have risen in popularity due to the cheaper cost of skiing. The USA and Canada have fantastic ski slopes that have runs for all levels of skiers and snowboarders. In Asia, Japan is the most popular destination for a skiing holiday but there are slopes in South Korea and China too.

Where can you ski in the Southern Hemisphere?

The best thing about skiing in the Southern Hemisphere is that winter occurs when it’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere. So, if you’re a keen skier you can ski just about all-year-round. When the snow melts in the north, head to Argentina, Chile, Australia and New Zealand.

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