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Sugar shacks, French history and beautiful cobblestone streets are some things to see in Quebec. These Quebec Travel Tips will help you decide what to do.

white water rafting quebec

White water rafting in Quebec

White water rafting in Quebec is quite an adventure and the little-known Pontiac region is a natural playground for a Quebec rafting adventure. As nature enthusiasts, my husband Eric and I love the Pontiac’s region of spectacular wild beauty so much that in 1989 we moved here. We will never tire...
party cities in canada montreal

10 Fun Party Cities in Canada

Canada might be famous for amazing scenery and natural wonders such as Niagara Falls and the Rocky Mountains but did you know that Canadian cities are cool? From jazz clubs and cocktail bars to pub crawls and night spots, here are 10 party cities in Canada that will keep...
Don't confuse an economuseum with an ecomuseum. An economuseum (or ÉCONOMUSÉE® ) is a growing movement in parts of the world that showcase living arts, artisanal food making, crafts and culture. Although Quebec is renowned for its unique French Quebec culture, far too few visitors know about its vibrant...
camping in canada
There are several ways to explore Canada. You can go on an organised package tour, drive across Canada or take the train across Canada. If you love adventure then camping in Canada is a great way to save money while exploring the country. Of all the things to do...
ice hotel
More than 55,000 people have slept in an ice bed in Quebec’s Hôtel de Glace. Since opening in 2001, the Quebec Ice Hotel has charmed locals and visitors. Having drink in the bar of the Quebec Ice Hotel is one of the fun activities in Quebec in winter. Sleeping in...
Sugar Shack Quebec

5 best sugar shacks in Quebec

Pure unadulterated sweet sticky maple syrup in a sugar shack in Quebec, it doesn’t get more Canadian than this. And seeing the price it fetches on the world market these days many insiders consider the naturally made product as the new liquid gold. At last count, a barrel can obtain $1,800...