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Sugar shacks, French history and beautiful cobblestone streets are some things to see in Quebec. These Quebec Travel Tips will help you decide what to do.

wolf park
At 10 pm, the night before the full moon, 40 wolves howled in chorus. At least, I think all 40 of the Adventuraid Parc Mahikan wolves joined in. I went out on the deck to better hear the wolf song, each wolf singing his or her own note. Spending...
quebec winter carnival
Every year, thousands of visitors flock to the Québec Winter Carnival to enjoy a host of activities for all ages. Those brave enough to sign up for the Quebec Winter Carnival snow bath run onto the snow, laughing and screaming. The group of semi-naked men and women are wearing...
white water rafting quebec
White water rafting in Quebec is quite an adventure and the little-known Pontiac region is a natural playground for a Quebec rafting adventure. As nature enthusiasts, my husband Eric and I love the Pontiac’s region of spectacular wild beauty so much that in 1989 we moved here. We will never tire...
Montreal things to do
Montreal is a city of contrasts, a fascinating blend of French and English culture, skyscrapers and green parks. From a well-preserved Old Town to markets and museums, there are plenty of things to do in Montreal for every season.  Montreal Top Tours Montreal: Le Bateau-Mouche St. Lawrence Sightseeing Cruise - enjoy the...
party cities in canada montreal
Canada might be famous for amazing scenery and natural wonders such as Niagara Falls and the Rocky Mountains but did you know that Canadian cities are cool? From jazz clubs and cocktail bars to pub crawls and night spots, here are 10 party cities in Canada that will keep...
Don't confuse an economuseum with an ecomuseum. An economuseum (or ÉCONOMUSÉE® ) is a growing movement in parts of the world that showcase living arts, artisanal food making, crafts and culture. Although Quebec is renowned for its unique French Quebec culture, far too few visitors know about its vibrant...

What Is Canada Known For?

America’s neighbour to the north, Canada is a massive North American nation renowned for its French and English cultural influences, diverse wildlife, stunning natural...
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