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Of the four seasons, winter is the coldest season experienced in polar and temperate climates. Sandwiched between the beauty of autumn and the freshness of spring, winter is a fun season to be outdoors and indoors. Winter in the Northern Hemisphere occurs between December to February. In the Southern Hemisphere, winter is from June to August.

What causes winter?

In winter, he tilt of the Earth’s rotational axis away from the sun, as the earth travels around the sun each year is the main cause of winter. Picture a surface formed by the earth’s circular path around the sun. This imaginary path is known as the ecliptic plane. The Earth’s tilt is 23.5 degrees relative to the ecliptic plane.

What we have to wear in winter?

If you want to be comfortable in winter, it’s important to wear clothing that will keep you warm. Winter clothes include coats, jackets, hats and gloves. Take a tip and dress in layers. If you’re visiting a place with sub-zero temperatures make sure to wear thermal underwear and several layers of clothing that you can remove if it gets too warm,

Which countries are best to visit in winter?

Winter is an enchanting time to visit many countries in the northern hemisphere. The cold weather brings snow and a festive atmosphere in many places. In Europe, the Christmas markets are delightful to wander around while in the far north regions of the world, the Northern Lights are a spectacle for your bucket list.My favourite places in winter in the Northern Hemisphere are Japan, Canada and Finland. In the Southern Hemisphere, I love Tasmania in winter.

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