20 Things To Do In Dothan

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The County Seat of Houston County, Dothan is a city of 70,000 people, located in the South East corner of Alabama. The population of the greater metropolitan area is just in excess of 150,000. It takes its name from the city in the Bible where Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery with the Egyptians. It is a commercial and transport hub within its immediate region and nearby Georgia and Florida and earned the title “The Peanut Capital of the World” because the region provides 25% of USA production. Its inclusion in the Guinness Book of Records is for something else however; read on.

Dothan’s origins date back to the second half of the 18th century, when a small group of settlers arrived and subsequently made their livings from timber. Their efforts ended in failure but when the Pony Express route was established after the Civil War, growth began again. Peanuts became the saviour of farmers who until then had struggled and industries related to the production obviously benefitted as well.
Dothan has plenty of attractions for a family holiday but singles and adult couples will also enjoy spending time in the city too.

Dothan, Alabama

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Things To Do In Dothan

1- Head To Adventureland Theme Park

Playing Mini Golf
Heading to Adventureland Theme Park is one of the things to do in Dothan, AL, for kids.

One of the best ways to enjoy a day out with the family is to take a trip to Adventureland as there’s a range of activities in the park which is open all year around.

It is especially busy during weekends when the weather is fine.

If you like golf, or want to try it for the first time, there are two 18-hole mini golf courses.

Go-karting is another favourite with double go-karts ideal for youngster with a parent.


If you are confident by yourself then take a single.

Batter cages offer the chance to see whether you as good at baseball while the bumper boats are great fun as well.

An arcade and a roller coaster are other features.

2- Admire The Beauty In The Botanical Gardens

These 50-acre gardens are just a short distance from the heart of Dothan.

As well as a lovely cultivated area, there are natural wetlands similar to ones found in the region, a tropical greenhouse and nature trails.

The observation platform looking over the wetlands provide an opportunity to look for wildlife activity.

The cultivated section is typical of fine gardens found throughout the South; azaleas, roses, lilies and camellias.

You will see a large pond and the vegetables grown head to the local food bank.

Weddings are held here from time to time as well.

3- Have Fun At The Skate Center

Legs In Roller Skates
Have fun at the Skate Center is one of the fun things to do in Dothan AL.

Another family attraction in Dothan is its skating rink with a number of activities there will keep everyone busy.

Climb rock walls, play laser tag games or jump into a bumper car.

The total area is more than 20,000 square feet (half an acre) and those who want to learn to skate can book lessons.

Roller discos have always been popular with the locals with a DJ on hand to play popular music.

While it is children who get the most out of this place, there is enough for parents to do while watching the kids enjoying themselves.

4- Make A Splash At Water World Water Park

Father And Son On A Water Slide In The Water Park
Making a splash at Water World Water Park is one of the fun things to do in Dothan Alabama.

A giant wave pool, a Great White Tube Slide, four 40’-tall body slides, and a Kids Cove area for the really young, all these attractions make up Water World Water Park.

There are concession areas, a gift shop and refreshments of all kinds.

Facilities include lockers, tube rental and a bathhouse.

You can enjoy a picnic area and if your child has an upcoming birthday, why not ask about birthday packages that are available?

If you are travelling as a family, Water World Water Park is a great place for children to make new friends.

5- Learn All About Wiregrass

Dothan is a city within a cross-state region known as Wiregrass (because of the native vegetation), a form of grass that was formerly used for livestock fodder even though it is tough and seemingly unsuitable as food.

The city’s murals about Wiregrass’s cultural history are on display throughout the city centre as you walk around.

Dothan’s Museum of Art has a number of exhibits that support the talents of the mural artists.

It is in what was once the city powerhouse, a building that is included in the National Register of Historic Places.

6- Find Out Everything About Peanuts

“The Peanut Capital of the World” has several decorated peanut sculptures across the city.

George Washington Carver first introduced the idea of growing peanuts and the fertile land of Dothan duly obliged to be ideal.

Today, more than half of USA production takes place in the area centred on Dothan.

The annual National Peanut Festival attracts thousands of visitors each November across 10 days when there are numerous activities and attractions.

Many well-known performers appear each year to the event first held in 1938.

There is something for people of all ages.

7- Tour The George Washington Carver Interpretative Museum

The G.W. Carver Interpretive Museum is in the old Greyhound Bus Station in the middle of Dothan.

The museum takes you back in time through their Social Progress Heroes Timeline.

You will learn about Dr. George Washington Carver’s life and legacy with many exhibits of photography and art.

Its focus is to educate visitors about the historical contributions made by African-Americans to the USA.

‘Designing the World We Live In’ and ‘Black Scientists, Inventors and Explorers’ are two permanent exhibitions to see.

8- Take In A Movie At Continental Drive-In

Economics plays a part in drive-in movies facilities.

They require a decent amount of land and over the years, owners have needed to calculate whether their potential revenue merits opening as opposed to other uses, or even selling the land.

In Dothan, the drive-in movie is still popular.

Drive-In Movies on a warm night are great fun and the cinema facility in Dothan has four screens, hence four different screens each day.

One film follows another with just a 10-minute interval between them so you can spend a whole night there if you have already had dinner.

9- Spend A Night At The Opera

The Dothan Opera House first opened more than a century ago so it has entertained many thousands of people during it lifetime.

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra chose this opera house to record music, a clear indication that its acoustics are top quality.

While the building has undergone renovations over the years, it has still maintained its original style and charm.

It has a capacity of 550 making it suitable for events other than just opera.

Community theatre and beauty pageants are regulars on the Opera Houses’ calendar and there will always be something to enjoy while you are in Dothan.

10- Pay A Visit To Cherry Street AME Church

Cherry Street African Methodist Episcopal Church is the oldest church of its king in Alabama.

It opened in 1877 as Gaines Chapel and at the time it was a basic wooden building that stood beside an existing cemetery.

It had a Hammond organ and the pipes are still there today.

It was the church used by the local negro population.

Over the following years, unwanted bricks were gathered by children until finally the community could build the brick structure you see today.

Originally, the local brickworks had refused to sell bricks to the negro population.

The story of the gathering of bricks is remembered on one of Dothan’s murals.

11- Go Bowling At The Dothan Lanes

Young Man Bowling Having Fun
Going bowling is one of the fun things to do in Dothan.

Ten-pin bowling has always been popular in the USA and it remains great fun for friends and family.

There are regular promotions with the offer of free bowling for kids during the weeks of summer the most popular.

Group rates are available and birthday bookings are welcome.

Patricia Lanes is the most popular of the alternatives in Dothan and is in excellent condition, having recently been refurbished by the family owners.

There is a Qubica Automatic Scoring System and large overhead monitors adding to the fun.

The bumper rails allow even the youngest bowler to play.

You can rent shoes while facilities include a snack bar and lounge.

12- Play A Round Of Golf

Golf Ball And Iron On Green Grass
Playing golf is one of the things to do in Dothan AL.

The Dothan National Golf Club opened in 1968, 18 holes of championship standard.

It is a regular host of the SEC Championship with the 7500- yard length off the back tees a challenge for the best.

The setting is low hills and beautiful pine trees lining the fairways, thereby demanding accuracy.

Local wildlife lives on and around the course with both white and black fox squirrels running around, especially on the greens.

The Roundabout Plantation Golf Course is another option for a round.

There are beautiful lakes to enjoy but also avoid with your golf ball.

It is shorter, 6769 yards, and its condition means it remains open all year.

13- Visit The United States Army Aviation Museum

Aircraft Engine Parts In The Museum Of The History Of Aviation
Visiting the United States Army Aviation Museum is one of the cool things to do in Dothan.

The US Army Aviation Museum is home to the biggest collection of helicopters and airplanes kept anywhere.

All have seen action in their time.

They have been used in reconnaissance as well as being troop and cargo carriers.

From time to time, temporary exhibitions join the items on permanent display.

There is a tribute there of those who lost their lives during the Vietnam War and an Army Aviation Hall of Fame showing off the most noted military personnel soldiers and the heroic deeds they performed.

14- Wander Around The Farley Nuclear Visitor Center

The Farley Nuclear Power Plant serves the people of Dothan as well as having a visitor centre that is very educational.

You can learn all about how energy is produced and generated.

The Power Plant’s origins date back to 1970 with it opening 7 years later.

The cost of the project $1.57 billion.

The plant as well as being essential for the provision of power is also a major employer in Dothan.

15- See The Joseph Monument

This 10-foot-high statue in the middle of Millennium Park is a reminder of the origins of the name of the city.

The initial settlement was known as Poplar Head but it was changed as a reference to the bible and the Book of Genisis, chapter 37, verse 17.

The scripture below the statue of Joseph reads, “Let us go to Dothan.

” The Statue is made of bronze and the name change came about when Poplar Head was turned down for a post office in 1858 because there was another Poplar Head in Alabama but the postal authorities allowed one under the temporary name, Dothan.

A marker was erected in 2001 and the statue a decade later.

It was a joint effort between the Historic Chattahoochee Commission, the Wiregrass Museum of Art, the Houston County Kiwanis Club, and the Downtown Group.

16- Relax In Landmark Park

Landmark Park is the Official Museum of Agriculture of Alabama.

It is a great place to relax as well as explore.

The park is on the outskirts of Dothan and covers 135 acres.

Among the things to explore is late 19th Century living history farm.

Look out for a one-room school, a planetarium and a drug store as well.

There are interesting nature trails to follow as well as good picnic areas and wildlife exhibits.

The park’s calendar is full of events, many of which encourage visitor participation.

Incidentally, Landmark Park is one of the things included in the Dothan-Eufaula Area Multi Attraction Pass which is a great investment if you are going to spend time in the area.

17- Shop At A Farmers Market

Fresh And Organic Vegetables At Farmers Market
Shopping in a farmer’s market is one of the things to do in Dothan AL this weekend.

During the months of summer, locals inevitably head to Poplar Head Farmers Market every Saturday morning, starting at 8am and finishing at noon.

Why not join them because it is the place to be even if you do not want to do any shopping?

This open-air market sells local produce ranging from fruit and vegetables to flowers to locally produced specialities.

Those specialities include baked goods, jellies and jams, even soap.

You will find the market in the historic part of the town.

From time to time, you can expect live music performances and there are activities for kids to stop them getting bored.

A little rain does not close the market, but in really poor weather, which is rare in the summer, the market will not take place.

18- Walk To The World’s Smallest City Block

Dothan holds a rather strange world record.

It is home to the smallest city bloc a little triangular piece of land with a stop sign and a monument stating that fact.

The Guinness Book of Records includes it as does the Believe It or Not! Museum.

The block has a single building that measures 38 feet (11.6 metres) by 27 feet (8.2 metres.

It is at the intersection of Museum, Appletree and Troy Streets.

Obviously, you do not need to spend much time there but the kids will be amused by it while it is something that Dothan is known for other than its peanuts.

It is worth parking your car and taking a photo of it.

19- Test Your Skills At Clay Pigeon Shooting

It is well known that hunting is a passion in many parts of the USA.

You can test your skills with a gun without putting any wildlife in danger by going clay pigeon shooting.

Ravenwood Sporting Clays covers 43 acres and is situated in woodland just outside the city.

You can join in local competitions if there is one being held during your time in Dothan although you can expect stiff competition.

The new clubhouse has a large screen TV’s, a kitchen and fire pit.

The practice facility is on three levels so you can warm up before you go out to the course.

20- Dine Out At A Fine Restaurant

Tasty Restaurant Gastronomy With Red Wine
Dining out is one of the things to do in Dothan, AL for adults.

There is plenty of choice when it comes to dining out in Dothan.

You will not be surprised to hear that seafood is very popular with the Gulf Coast offer a range of delicious options.

Southern cuisine in Creole style is readily available while there are several international dishes served at restaurants.

Italian food is prominent at places like Bella’s Fine Dining while The Old Mill Restaurant is an excellent option if you are in a group with varying tastes; seafood and steaks are on the menu.

Wine lists offer a good range while local craft beers are increasingly popular.

You will find places serving food while live music is playing but also ones that can offer an intimate table for two.

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