20 Things To Do In Dubrovnik

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In southern Croatia, Dubrovnik is The Pearl of the Adriatic with its rich history and stunning nature. Many have tried to conquer the city throughout the centuries, but Dubrovnik has always managed to maintain its freedom. Walking along the Walls of Dubrovnik, you can feel the strength of the city gained through centuries of rich history built-in cold, sandy stones of narrow streets and historic squares.

The architecture is simply stunning and you will see Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles at monuments, churches, parks and squares. It’s no wonder Dubrovnik is famous for its starring role as the backdrop for many scenes in Game of Thrones. There are also tranquil views of the turquoise Adriatic Sea. Here are 20 things to do in Dubrovnik from a local.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

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20 Things To Do In Dubrovnik

1- Walk The Walls Of Dubrovnik

things to do in dubrovnik Historic town of Dubrovnik panoramic
Looking for the best things to do in Dubrovnik? You’ll find plenty to keep you busy in this charming historic city.

Dubrovnik’s walls are 1.2 miles (1940 m) long with six fortresses (Lovrijenac, Revelin, Minceta, Bokar, St John and St Lucas) and 16 towers.

They were built between the 14th and 17th centuries and locals call it “Dubrovacki miri”.

The main purpose of the walls were to protect the town from intruders, but today they are one of the most visited tourist spots, also very famous due to the several scenes of Game of Thrones that were filmed there.

The inner side of the walls hides the beautiful medieval Old Town, while the exterior is framed by the beautiful turquoise colour of the Adriatic Sea.

The walls represent a symbol of defence and freedom, today listed under UNESCO Heritage Sites.

Built from stone, they have 5000 steps.

The entry ticket is around 200 kuna (around 30 euros), but you can also book a tour which combines sightseeing of an Old Town and the City Walls. Check the following link.

2- Transport Yourself To King’s Landing

fun things to do in dubrovnik
A cannon on the walls of Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik is the city of ‘Game of Thrones’, the series with a cult following brought fame to this city and showcased its beauty to the world.

A tour of GOT sites offers a look at the main locations in the series, including King’s Landing, the Bay of Blackwater, Red Keep and King’s Road.

Discover the stories behind the scenes as you dive deeply into the magical world of Game of Thrones.

3- Explore Lokrum Island

things to do in dubrovnik croatia in july
Visiting Lokrum Island is another thing to do in Dubrovnik for your bucket list.

The beautiful, small island of Lokrum is in the Adriatic Sea, only 10 minutes away from Dubrovnik by ferry.

This little heaven on Earth is covered in lush green foliage and is a perfect place to connect with nature and enjoy a fantastic view of the Dubrovnik Walls.

It’s also one of the scenic locations for the popular Game of Thrones.

It dates back to 1023 and is mentioned in Benedictine stories of that century.

To get the full experience of the island, including all the Game of Thrones insights, check out this Game of Thrones tour.

4- Go Sea Kayaking

One of the best experiences in Dubrovnik is enjoying the sunset on a kayak.

A kayak tour will take you across the channel to the island of Lokrum, where you will have an opportunity to see the other side of the Dubrovnik Walls.

Explore the famous island from the sea and learn a few interesting facts about the history of Dubrovnik while admiring the beautiful city.

5- Check The View From Fort Lovrijenac

top things to do in dubrovnik
GOT fans will love exploring the city walls and seeing the view.

One of the few famous fortresses in Dubrovnik is the one of St. Lawrence, which is 121 ft (37m) high and built on the sea.

A fun fact is that the fortress was built at short notice to defend the city from planned Venetian attacks.

It is a symbol of freedom, which you will discover at the entrance of the fortress, you’ll see the words NON-BENE PRO TOTO LIBERTAS VENDITUR AURO (Freedom is not sold for all the gold of the world).

The fortress was used in Game of Thrones, and in the summer, it’s used as the venue for Dubrovnik Summer Festival, with a famous setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

6- Zipline From Srđ Mountain

Behind the Walls of Dubrovnik from Srd Mountain, you’ll find one of the most amazing views of the city, Lokrum Island and the Adriatic Sea.

The cable car will take you from Ploče Gate up Srđ, a low mountain part of the Dinaric Alps.

At 412 meters (1.352 ft), the mountain is high enough to offer great views and at the top is a large white stone cross and Fort Imperial.

During the Croatian War for Independence, the mountain was the venue of one of the toughest battles, which you can learn more about at the museum in Fort Imperial.

For adrenaline lovers, there is an option of doing a zipline from the mountain. Find out more here.

7- Visit Trsteno Arboretum

Another filming location from Game of Thrones is a lovely Renaissance park called Trsteno Arboretum.

The noble Gucetic Gozze family created the park in the late 15th century.

In the garden, you can find a typical Dalmatian stone house with green windows that served as a residential house for the family.

Rich green vegetation and exotic plants are inside the colourful garden, and symbols of life in the form of Oriental Planes (trees).

Even though it was damaged throughout the years, the garden remains one of the most beautiful green places.

8- Walk Along Old Port Of Dubrovnik

things to do in croatia dubrovnik
Checking out the Game of Thrones filming locations is one fo the fun things to do in Dubrovnik. Here’s a port in old city centre.

The Old Port of Dubrovnik is one of those places that has a cool breeze on hot summer days while walking along the promenade.

You’ll see a fantastic view of the Old Town on one side and the Adriatic Sea on the other.

It was built in the late 15th century and is now a lively destination with bars and restaurants along the promenade and boats coming and going.

9- Climb The Steps To Minceta Fortress

Another stunning monument, Minceta Fortress, proudly stands at the top of 750 steps, with the Croatian flag symbolising victory.

The fortress got its name after the Mencetic family, who owned the land where the tower was built.

The legend says every person who came from today’s main port or western entrance had to bring a piece of stone to build the fortress.

During those days, there was a lack of stone, so, if you think 750 steps are hard to climb, remember the effort that had been put into it to build that stunning monument.

It’s another fabulous place to admire a panoramic view of the city.

10- Tour Elafiti Islands

When you get overwhelmed with the historic part of the sightseeing, go on a day trip to the Elaphite Islands.

Elaphite Islands consist of three islands, Kolocep, Sipan and Lopud.

Sipan is the largest and the closest to Dubrovnik is Kolocep.

You can expect a beautiful, natural, and peaceful oasis in all three of them.

The islands are perfect for snorkelling, diving, and many other water activities; plus, with this tour, you can enjoy delicious Dalmatian lunch on a sailing boat.

11- Explore Stradun

dubrovnik things to do in one day
Stradun’s arches and landmarks at dawn.

One of the synonyms for Dubrovnik is its main street, Stradun, which separates the Old Town into two parts.

Stradun is the Roman version of “All paths lead to Rome”, where in this case “All the roads lead to Stradun”.

It goes from Pile Gate to the Old Town’s Port, completely pedestrian.

Built in medieval style, today surrounded by many bars, cafes, and restaurants, it’s one of the hot spots to walk along and enjoy the views of the Old Town.

12- Visit Dubrovnik Cathedral

free things to do in dubrovnik
View of the old city, Franciscan Monastery and the St Catherine Convent. Wandering around the old part of town is the best thing to do in Dubrovnik to get your bearings.

Walking along the medieval streets of an Old Town, you will find this beautiful piece built in baroque style, Dubrovnik Cathedral.

The Cathedral was built by the English King Richard the Lion Heart as a thank you to God, who saved him from a shipwreck near the island of Lokrum.

Inside, you can find precious paintings from Romanesque times, old relics, altars, and windows built in the baroque style.

This tour will take you for a walk through the Old Town, including the Cathedral, where you will learn the whole historical picture.

13- Admire The Franciscan Monastery

things to do in dubrovnik old town well and cloisters
Admiring the Franciscan Monastery in the old town is one of the classic things to do in Dubrovnik in Croatia.

Another beautiful piece of baroque art placed at the beginning of Placa is Franciscan Monastery.

From the entrance, you will be amazed by the colourful vegetation that blends with the old stones of the monastery walls.

It’s a peaceful and tranquil sight.

The monastery is unique for its cloisters built in both the romanesque and baroque styles.

They are one of the most valuable cloister creations on the Croatian coast.

Inside, you can find one of the richest old libraries with over 7000 books and 1200 manuscripts.

The monastery had the rule to take care of sick people, so they built a pharmacy that is today the third-oldest functioning pharmacy in the world.

Finish the tour with the baroque church inside the monastery, where you will find many statues, marble and carvings.

14- Check The Time On The Bell Tower

best things to do in dubrovnik croatia
The bell tower in the old town of Dubrovnik in Croatia.

If you find yourself wandering around the comfy streets of the Old Town, and forget about the time, look up at the clock on the Bell Tower.

It’s very accurate, and the bell rings every hour.

It was built in 1444 and placed on Luza Square and is a beautiful monument for your Instagram feed but only from the outside since it’s unfortunately closed to visitors.

15- Wander Through Sponza Palace

things to do in croatia dubrovnik
Looking for things to do in Dubrovnik at night? Admire the architecture of buildings like Sponza Palace.

A beautiful piece of Gothic-Renaissance style is on the west side of the Bell Tower.

Palace Divona, locally known as Sponza, dates back to the 16th century and is a lively place where literature, art and science were brainstormed.

Today, it’s one of the most sumptuous palaces in Europe and definitely worth visiting.

16- See Orlando’s column

things to do in dubrovnik southern dalmatia
Looking for things to do in Dubrovnik at night? Check out the amazing architecture. Here is the Orlando pillar (1418 AD) and Saint Blasius Church.

If you are passing through the centre of an Old Town in Luza Square, this monument is worth seeing.

The monument represents Knight Orlando, who, back in his time, helped the citizens of Dubrovnik to defeat the enemies and keep the city accessible for trading.

Today this column represents Libertas (freedom) flag during the Summer festival and the St Blaise Festival, celebrating the city’s protector.

17- Visit One Of The Oldest Synagogues In The World

Tucked away among the narrow cobblestone streets in the Old Town is the oldest Sefardic synagogue in the world.

The synagogue, which is still in use today, is the second-oldest synagogue in Europe.

This sacred Jewish place will teach you about the history of Jews dating from the 13th century, with all its artifacts and Torah.

An interesting fact is that before World War II, there were around 2000 Jews in Dubrovnik, which has dropped to around 45.

If you want to hear more in detail about the Jewish community with an insight into the remains of the Jewish ghetto and synagogue, there are private tours worth joining.

18- Get An Adrenalin Rush At Kojan Koral

For all adrenaline lovers, I have a little treat for you. Do you enjoy getting dirty and muddy in nature?

Exploring the countryside of Dubrovnik while driving quads along Konavle fields, with breathtaking views of beautiful mountains, and enjoying the fresh air.

The tour will take you through the river Ljuta to the cute little village of Cilipi, where you will enjoy local red or white wine with some homemade snacks.

Sounds interesting? Check it out here.

19-Have Fun At Dubrovnik Summer Festival

best things to do in dubrovnik
A stunning harbour city with a rich history, you’ll find plenty of things to do in Dubrovnik.

If you decide to visit Dubrovnik during July and August, this is the festival you should attend.

It dates back to the 1950s with various performances, theatre, plays and musical performances.

It has indoor and outdoor stages, but most performances are held within the Old Town.

It is one of the most famous Croatian festivals, where many Croatian artists and international names come here to perform.

Just imagine a cozy summer night inside the Old Town, surrounded by medieval walls full of history, with classical music playing in the background.

20- Enjoy A Red Wine Tour of Peljesac

Croatia is one of the countries famous for its wine due to the Mediterranean climate, with many sunny days and the influence of the Adriatic Sea.

The Island of Peljesac is the second-largest peninsula on the Adriatic Sea and is famous for its red wine, which is some of the finest in Croatia.

This wine is so special due to the incline of the soil, which is rich with the specific nutrients for this sort of wine, followed by many sunny days.

There are many local wineries in that area, where you can enjoy a wine-tasting experience while nibbling on local snacks.

Find out more here.

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