20 Tasmania travel accounts to follow on Instagram

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Tasmania may be Australia’s smallest state but it certainly has an active community of Instagram users who are passionate about the island’s beauty. Follow these Tasmania travel accounts on Instagram and you’ll find plenty of inspiration and ideas on what to see in Tasmania, from stunningly moody scenes of the wild waters of Bass Strait to the craggy peaks of Cradle Mountain. Tourism Tasmania’s Instagram account @Tasmania curates the best photos of Tasmania but if you’re keen to delve a little deeper here is our list of travel accounts on Instagram to follow for inspiration on Tasmania.



Commercial photographer Matt Glastonbury’s Instagram mantra “dream, create, enjoy and repeat” has produced a mesmerising portfolio of Tassiescapes. Matt is the master of photographing Tassie’s night sky and his star time lapses are magical. For star-studded inspiration of the Southern Lights and more follow @mattglastonbury


2-LoveThy Walrus

Paul Fleming’s passion for Tasmania shines through his photographic journey on Instagram. A prolific poster, Paul captures Tasmania’s big landscapes and amazing light and embellishes his photography with poetic captions. Follow and be inspired by the way the “late afternoon golden light dances upon the Tassie landscape” and the “last burst of colour as the sun heads off to the land of nod.” Enjoy Paul’s show of colour and creativity at @lovethywalrus



Tasmanian photographer Stu Gibson has a passion for surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding. So it’s no surprise much of Stu’s imagery is based on surfing and the ocean. Of course, being surrounded by water, the sea is a perfect subject for a Tassie photographer to focus on. Follow Stu’s adventures here @stugibson 



Chasing stars and sunsets has allowed Mia Glastonbury to fill her Instagram account @miaglastonbury  with otherworldly captures of Tasmania’s sky. Mia’s landscapes are just as enchanting as her skyscapes.




Honorary Tasmanian Graham Michael Freeman has snapped enough photos of Tasmania to win him a spot on this list. In 2013, the South African (who now works in Tasmania) won a Tourism Australia competition and became Tasmania’s first “Tassie Devil Wrangler”. Graham has created photos, videos, blogs and a storm of social media posts about Tasmania. Follow his journey at @Insta_graham23 


6-bonorong wildlife sanctuary

For a feel-good peek at kangaroos, wallabies, wombats and Tassie devils, Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary photographer Bernadette Camus and team will brighten your day. The cheery and cute snaps of furry creatures will certainly put you in a happy mood @bonorongwildlifesanctuary 



From picnics on the beach to fine dining, travellers who are passionate about food will love the mouth-watering photographs of Tassie’s food. Follow this delicious account for ideas on what to eat and drink in Tasmania @tassiefoodguide 



Aaron Jones captures the dramatic qualities of Tasmania’s land and seascapes through his lens. A passionate nature photographer who puts in the hard yards to hike to difficult-to-reach places (such as six hours to the top of Cradle Mountain), his photos of the Tassie wilderness are a feast for the eyes. See @aaron154 


9-lake of tranquility1

9-lake of tranquility2

A photographer with a talent for capturing city lights, Dietmar Kahles has alluring photographs of Hobart and beyond. Dietmar’s range of city, landscape and wildlife photography provides a broader view of Tasmania’s charms. Follow @lake_of_tranquility for more.



From festivals to portraits to sweeping landscapes, Phil Kitt and has a collection of amazing pictures. With a talent for capturing light, emotion and energy, Phil’s photographs are sure to delight. Follow him at @philkitt 



Fiery sunsets and misty forests are eye-catching images of award-winning photographer Francois Fourie who also takes stunning photos of the Aurora Australis. Winner of the Tasmanian Night Sky Photography Awards in 2015, you’ll find inspiration in his photography here @ffourie 



Is he a photographer who surfs or a surfer who takes photographs? Whichever it is, Andy’s photographs of surfers tackling those big waves in Tasmanian waters are downright impressive! Check them out here and plan your next surfing holiday. See @andychiza 



An obsession with bushwalking has enabled Dan Broun to capture phantasmagorical images of Tasmania’s dramatic and moody landscapes. Many his photographs are snapped in places most travellers wouldn’t get a chance to get to and his talent for capturing the wonder of nature makes him one to watch @footsorephotographer



Professional photographer and award-winning member of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers), Cameron Blake has access to, in his words, “some of the world’s most amazing areas to photograph”. Discover Tasmania through his lens at @camblakephotography and you’ll surely wish you were there in person. 



Launceston-based Jason Stephens love shooting in stormy weather and finds it harder to shoot landscapes close to home as there are always more interesting things further away. Follow @jasonlstephens for inspiration on places close and further away from Launceston. 




A photographer who talks to the sky and has captured the Tessellated Pavement at sunrise in his globe for all of eternity, Jason Futrill’s photography ideas and commentary are quirky and entertaining. See @TassieGrammer for more. 


17-submerged images

As Tasmania is an island, there’s a wondrous underwater world waiting to be discovered. Scuba diver and underwater photographer Danny Lee is documenting the incredible bio-diversity of the life that exists in the temperate waters of Tasmania. Follow his diving @submerged_images




Beyond the stunning scenery, Kathryn is also documenting daily life in Tasmania. Follow @kathrynleahy for landscapes, macro photography and every day scenes of what it’s like to be in Tasmania all-year-round. 

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Last but not least, follow @tasmania for a curation of the best photographs from passionate photographers who take pride in capturing the beauty of Tasmania. When visiting Tasmania, remember to tag your photos with #discovertasmania for a chance of being featured.