5 great walks in Tasmania that are better than the gym

5 great walks in Tasmania that are better than the gym

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great walks
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Joe Shemesh

Getting fit in Tasmania means lacing up your hiking boots and striking out into the great outdoors.  So forget the gym and hit one of these five great walks in Tasmania.

1-Overland Track – Not for the faint of heart

overland track
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Don Fuchs
overland track
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Don Fuchs

Revered as one of the world’s great wilderness bush walks, the Overland Track is Australia’s premier alpine walk.

Start at Cradle Mountain in mountain wilderness. Find your footing through the glacially-carved valleys marred by ancient rainforests and dense alpine meadows.

Smell the fragrant eucalyptus passing the thick forests. You finally finish at Lake St Clair, Australia’s deepest lake.

overland track
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Tim Hughes

A must-do diversion:  Hit the summit of Mount Ossa. The effort’s worth it. Tasmania’s highest peak totally mesmerizes with its breathtaking panoramic vista.

overland track
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Don Fuchs

Duration: Over 65km, expect a five- or six-day gruelling hike carrying a heavy duty survivalist backpack.

2-Climb “The Nut”

The Nut
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Kraig Carlstrom

In rock climbing lingo there’s a nut, that teeny metal wedge threaded on the wire that helps save your life.

the nut
Photo: Tourism Tasmania and Jason Charles Hill

In Tasmania, there’s a pancake flat mountain known as “The Nut” that looms over the coastal town of Stanley.

You can take the lazy way and ascend by chair lift to reach the Nut but if you want a real work-out take a walk on the wild side. Be prepared for a short but steep trek to reach the stumpy flat ridge by the sea.

Duration: Depending on your fitness level expect a 10- to 20-minute hike over steep terrain until you reach the plateau.

3-Hike the Neck of Bruny Island

great walks
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Southern Cross Television
great walks
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Craig Parsey

Stand on the neck of Bruny Island with its to-die-for-views.  It’s known as the Truganini Lookout.  

Best bet is to ascend the steep timber staircase to get there. Still one of the nicest discoveries about Bruny Island besides its gob smacking gorgeous vista is the span of green.

A big patch of the island is the South Bruny National Park and that means exploring other great walks.  

Duration: Return trip is 15 minutes but you’ll want to stay longer to soak in the spectacular 360-degree panoramic view.

4-The Three Capes Track – Hike the hottest new experience 

three capes track
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Tourism Australia
great walks
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Joe Shemesh

You know the old adage, “all good things come in threes?” That saying goes for the Three Capes Track in southeast Tasmania, which was anointed as “the world’s hottest new experience” despite the vigorous trek being incomplete.

Chris Zeiher from Lonely Planet earlier this year told Australia’s ABC News, “How the newest path will give access to some of the most dramatic coastal cliffs in all of Australia in a slightly more comfortable way for people to access was a really important thing to get out to the travel community.” We think so too.

The 46-km track is a multi-day walking experience showcasing Cape Pillar and Cape Hauy on the Tasman Peninsula. It will feature jaw-dropping natural scenery of the region including Australia’s highest sea cliffs and spectacular ocean views.

Online-bookings for The Three Capes Track start in September and the track will open in November.

5-Floating on a Tahune AirWalk

great walks
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Andrea Philps
great walks
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Garry Moore

You will be able to sense what it feels like walking on air after September 1. That’s when the Tahune AirWalk reopens south of Hobart.

Hikers traverse across a swinging suspended bridge over the Huon and Picton Rivers. The whole time you are walking on this suspended walkway high above the forest you get to experience incredible views.

great walks
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Bluescope Steel

The last section, the cantilever, sits 48m above the river. This is where you will get the best views. Photogs should bring lots of memory cards.

If you prefer a gentle ramble through the forest or are up for a more challenging hike, one of Tahune’s three walking trails is sure to fit the bill.


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Great walks in Tasmania

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