10 best heavenly views of Tasmania


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What would the world look like if you were a bird soaring in the sky or an angel floating in heaven? If you happen to be flying above Australia, you might notice some of the most alluring views are actually in Tasmania (even though New South Wales has the highest peaks). Why? Well, Tasmania is an island with otherworldly mountain scenery, beautiful bays (think Wineglass Bay) and pristine forests.

The mountains have legendary names such as Cathedral Mountain, Mount Olympus and King David’s Peak. Fortunately there are no talking birds or angels around to dispute my list.

What’s more, to back me up, Lonely Planet named Tasmania as one of the world’s top 10 regions to visit in 2015 and millions of readers of Travel and Leisure magazine voted in Tasmania as best island destination in the Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific region and the fourth best island in the world.

The good news is you don’t have to be an angel to enjoy Tasmania as there are plenty of ways to soak up the scenery. From scenic flights to hiking to visitor platforms, here are my 10 best heavenly views of Tasmania.

1- Wineglass Bay

tourism tasmania
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Supplied Courtesy of Wineglass Bay Cruises

It sounds like you need a wine glass to enjoy this view and you wouldn’t be wrong. Located in the picture-pretty Freycinet National Park, local aviation companies like Freycinet Air provide scenic sightseeing tours by sea plane.

Start the dream trip at the airfield in Friendly Beaches and prepare to be awestruck in this 30-minute looped tour over the white beaches and shimmering turquoise sea.

2- Atop Mt. Amos

wineglass bay
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Scott Sporleder, Matador

Around the Freycinet Peninsula near the town of Coles Bay looms Mount Amos, one of those granite mountains collectively known as the Hazards.

Although you need to schedule a few hours to trek to this spot the effort to see this incredible 360-degree view will be well worth it.

There are outstanding views over Wineglass Bay.

3- Flying over Horseshoe Bend along the Gordon River

wineglass bay
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Joe Shemesh

Yes there is a place in the world where the river’s carved through an ancient canyon and its shape totally resembles a horseshoe.

So imagine your lucky stars plus the lucky horseshoe as you come upon this spectacular view. Of course, the way to experience the magical view is by a floatplane tour.  

4- Cradle Mountain

tourism tasmania
Photo: Tourism Australia & Graham Freeman

While it’s revered as one of Australia’s iconic wilderness experiences, you could hike as high as you can on one of the trails at the Cradle Mountain National Park or better still, overnight at a remote eco-lodge like Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge

You’ll want to pinch yourself at this luxury property because of its stark location and incredible amenities.

Guests enjoy a hike to explore Crater Lake as they reach the top of Marion’s Lookout and that’s just one excursion.

The other: hang out by Dove Lake for the most iconic spot to see Cradle Mountain in all its glory. You won’t be on the summit but you’ll definitely enjoy the immense beauty of Cradle Mountain.

5- Tasmania’s Totem Pole

wineglass bay
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Joe Shemesh

Om the Tasman Peninsula, deep inside Tasman National Park find Spiderman-looking guys clinging off the rock face.

No it’s not a dream, it’s the real deal.

Rock climbers challenge themselves as they scale up the sheer rock face of this brilliant rock formation known as the Totem Pole.

A craggy cliff by the water’s edge, the views are out of this world from the top and has remained on the bucket list for many extreme rock climbers.

6- Atop Mount Wellington

tourism tasmania
Photo: Events Tasmania and Alastair Bett

Urbanites from Hobart can flee the city stresses and escape to this lofty perch.

Mount Wellington’s famous for a couple of reasons: it’s gorgeous year-round even when snow blankets the peak and there’s a fabulous observation deck that resembles something from a James Bond film.

Undeniably it’s the best seat in the house.

The observation deck is one of the top places to visit in Hobart.

7- Cataract Gorge

tourism tasmania
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett

An explorer William Collins once called this place: ‘the most beautiful place in the world.’ Don’t take his word for it though – this is a must visit.

Take a chair lift on what many insiders purport as the world’s longest single span chairlift over the gorge or better yet use the retro suspension bridge and traipse along to the other side.

Beneath your feet the entire time is the South Esk River with its powerful flow.  

The fabulous excursion is only 15 minutes from Launceston.

8- Gordon Dam

tourism tasmania
Photo: Tourism Australia & Graham Freeman

You can’t beat the views from this sky high tall dam.

The tallest dam in Tasmania is a must see at this popular tourist attraction; and to boot, one of its biggest claims to fame was when the world record basketball shot was brilliantly perfected.

Be forewarned the countless steps on this overly steep staircase is not recommended for people afraid of heights.

Adrenaline seekers on the other hand will have a field day. Lace up the sneakers and prepare for that moment of awesome.

9- Federation Peak

wineglass bay
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Gabi Mocatta

Sharp crevices are part of the allure but the other – for extreme rock climbers who take to this popular peak in Southwest National Park – is the unparalleled view from this summit.

Capture outstanding views of Lake Geeves from this perch.

10- Mount Ossa

wineglass bay
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Sarajayne Lada

Looming 1617 metres above sea level, the first time Tasmania’s highest mountain was climbed happened in the 1830s.

The curious hiker and climber will want to commit a few hours ascending this snow-covered peak.

Located midway along The Overland Track, the jagged spire of rock is breathtaking as it pierces the sky.

You feel as if you are walking through the clouds into heaven as a blanket of clouds drapes between the peaks.

Heavenly views of Tasmania


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