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There are several ways to travel into the city from Hong Kong International Airport. One popular mode of transportation is the Airport Express Hong Kong, which provides fast and efficient service to important areas of the city, making three calls at Tsing Yi, Kowloon and Hong Kong Station.

Airport Express Hong Kong
Hong Kong Airport. Photo: Manlewingoals,香港國際機場_Airport_Express_tran_Station_HKIA_sign_Oct-2013.JPG

Here are a few things that will help you decide if the Airport Express Hong Kong is the right choice for your journey from the airport into Hong Kong. You need to factor in your budget, time, hotel location and anticipated level of travel fatigue to determine if Airport Express is the best way for you to get into the city.    

Airport Express Hong Kong is Fast

Airport Express is the fastest and most direct route to the city putting passengers into Tsing Yi (12 minutes), Kowloon (20 minutes) and Hong Kong Stations (24 minutes) much more expediently than airport buses or taxis. Most major hotels in Hong Kong are located close to Kowloon or Hong Kong Station.

Free Shuttle Bus Service to Major Hotels

Airport Express Hong Kong
Airport Express Shuttle Bus. Photo:

Airport Express passengers can use the complimentary shuttle bus service from Kowloon and Hong Kong Stations to most hotels. Visit the MTR website – complementary shuttle service webpage to check if your hotel qualifies for the free shuttle service scheme. Free shuttle departures are every 12 minutes from Kowloon Station and every 20 minutes from Hong Kong Station.

If your hotel is not included in the complimentary free shuttle service scheme, there may still be a connecting shuttle service at 30 to 60 minute intervals (usually at a fee). Contact your hotel to find out if this is something they provide or if it’s better to take a taxi from the Airport Express stations.

Airport Express is Frequent

Airport Express Hong Kong
Airport Express train. Photo: Baycrest, Licence at

The Airport Express trains leave the airport every 10 minutes throughout the day (from 5.54 am to 00.45am). As the service is regular, it makes Airport Express a great option for the return journey as well.

Free In-town Check-in Service

Airport Express Hong Kong
Airport Express terminal. Photo: WiNG,

Another benefit of Airport Express is many major airlines offer check-in services at Kowloon and Hong Kong Stations.


This means you can check in and drop off your luggage up to to 24 hours prior to your scheduled flight. Visit the MTR In-Town Check-in Counter Information webpage to find out if your airline provides this service.

Airport Express Fares

Hong Kong Airport Express
Airport Express train . Photo: Kawaguchi,

Airport Express fares are (HK$90 adult, HK$45 child) to/from Kowloon Station and (HK$100 adult, HK$50 child) to/from Hong Kong Station. These are the two main stations where the vast majority of visitors depart the Airport Express trains.

Note that groups of two or more passengers can avail of a Group Pass discounts. For example, a family of four can buy a Group Pass (HK$220) to/from Kowloon Station and (HK$250) to/from Hong Kong Station. 

Airport Express tickets can be purchased with cash, credit card or Octopus Card at any of the Airport Express stations. You can also purchase online in advance of your trip to Hong Kong.

Airport Bus Service

If you are don’t mind a longer journey time or want to save on transportation costs, than make use of one of the many airport buses available at the Hong Kong International Airport bus terminus.  Convenient bus services are available to most areas of Hong Kong.

Popular bus routes include A21 to Kowloon (HK$33 adults/HK$16.5 children), which is about a 45-minute trip and route A11 to Hong Kong Island (HK$40 adults/HK$20 children), normally about a one hour journey.

Taxi Service

hk airport express
Photo: Christina Pfeiffer

If cost is not an issue and you prefer to go directly to your hotel, then your best option is a taxi. If you’re arriving on a long-haul flight and are not familiar with the city or are concerned about potential travel fatigue then a taxi is the most convenient.

hk airport express
Photo: Christina Pfeiffer

As of September 2015, Taxi services (up to 4 people) to Kowloon area hotels costs around HK$225 to 250+ (add HK5 for each piece of luggage). Journeys to Hong Kong Island hotels will set you back HK$285 to 325+ (add HK5 per bag). For more precise taxi fare estimates, visit the Hong Kong International Airport website ‘Taxi Transportation’ page.

Need More Information

Visit the MTR or Hong Kong International Airport websites for additional information regarding Airport Express and other transportation services between the airport and the city.

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Airport Express Hong Kong

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