Canadian Museum For Human Rights

Canadian Museum For Human Rights

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Sydney has the Opera House, Paris has the Eiffel Tower, London has Big Ben and New York has the Empire State Building. Canada – known for its iconic natural landmarks like NiagaraWinnipeg Circle 400 Falls and the Rocky Mountains – now also has a building of architectural significance with the “wow” factor. Compared to iconic buildings around the world, the Canadian Museum For Human Rights (CMHR) is very young. The museum opened its doors in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2014 and is slowly gaining the recognition it deserves as a Canadian landmark that visitors to Canada should put on their bucket list.

Temple of Design


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The stunning building was designed by American architect Antoine Predock and located in Winnipeg, which is the Canadian city that is the closest to the geographical centre of Canada.

The eye-catching building a temple of 21st-century design both inside and outside, while being dedicated to human rights, a subject of substance. Human rights are the basic freedom and protection that should belong to all of humanity.

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Canadian Museum For Human Rights Purpose

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why do we need human rights

The museum’s purpose is to explore and raise awareness of human rights by encouraging reflection and dialogue and promotion of respect for other human beings.

The museum does this through 10 main galleries, exhibitions and events. The galleries are thought-provoking and eye-catching. You could easily spend an entire day winding your way through the museum. The Canadian Museum of Human Rights is truly a building of our era.

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musée canadien des droits de la personne

Discover Canada

Winnipeg is the gateway to the polar bear capital of the world, Churchill, which is one of the most accessible places anywhere in the world to see polar bears. Polar bear season runs from July to November each year while whale season in Manitoba is between June and August.

Another main attraction in Winnipeg is the Assiniboine Park Zoo, where seeing polar bears floating in an aquarium overhead is a mesmerising sight. While in Winnipeg, take time to explore the Exchange District for its galleries,

While in Winnipeg, check out Design Quarter Winnipeg for cool galleries, studios and workshops where you can meet the makers.

Winnipeg is a city for all seasons and there’s plenty to do all year round. Winnipeg in winter offers some cool things to do too.


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