21 Things To Do In Los Angeles At Night

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Los Angeles is a city with many different neighbourhoods, eclectic culture and exciting entertainment. Home of famous places like Rodeo Drive, Hollywood and Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles is perfect for any type of traveller, whether you’re visiting as a couple, with a family or going solo. If you’re visiting Los Angeles at night, there are plenty of things to do too.

Whether you’re looking for a club scene or want to watch an amazing theatre performance, the nightlife in Los Angeles has it all. If you like partying and dancing, then Los Angeles has plenty of nightclubs with different styles and music genres – from hip-hop, house and techno to reggae and Latin. Here are 20 things to do in Los Angeles at night.

Los Angeles At Night

21 Things To Do In Los Angeles At Night

1- Walk Among The Stars

places to walk in los angeles at night Hollywood Walk of Fame
The Hollywood Walk of Fame is especially exciting if you’re wondering what to do in Los Angeles at night.

Who goes to L.A. and doesn’t do the most touristy part of the trip and walk along the Hollywood Walk of Fame?  

With 15 blocks featuring over 2500 stars, this essential L.A. hotspot is not to be missed. 

Over 10 million people visit Hollywood Boulevard each year to find their favourite actor, director, producer, and others in the film industry responsible for bringing magic to the big screen year after year. 

It’s free to enter, has entertainment on every block, and is surrounded by restaurants and other entertainment venues. 

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is at Hollywood Boulevard, Vine Street, Los Angeles. Book this two-hour Hollywood Celebrity Homes tour that will take you to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and on Mullholland Drive to see the magnificent mansions that famous movie stars live in.

2- Tour The Lifestyle Of The Rich And Famous

los angeles at night
A stunning view of downtown Los Angeles at night through the palm trees.

Are you interested in learning more about the lives of the rich and famous members of the Hollywood machine? 

There are several tours available to visit and explore the famous, and in some cases infamous, Beverly Hills. 

Choose from a variety of tours that all offer something a little different but overall show you where some of the world’s biggest stars lived, died, or currently reside. 

Stars like Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, and so many more have spent time in Tinseltown. 

Here’s an excellent private tour of LA that will take you to all the glamourous spots. 

3- Discover Country Roots In The Big City

where to go in los angeles at night vegetables at the market
Visiting the LA Farmer’s Market is one of the things to do in Los Angeles at night before heading out to dinner.

Nestled peacefully in the city of Los Angeles lies a little slice of ‘country living,’ thanks to the L.A. Farmers Market.

Sure, it isn’t pure Mid-West country vibes down at the L.A. Farmers Market, but it’s pretty damn close!

Since 1934 the L.A. Farmers Market has served the city of stars as a homegrown experience of fresh food and produce. 

It now features over 100 shops, bars, and restaurants. 

With the CBS studios next door, you might even find yourself on television.

It’s Hollywood; anything can happen!

La Farmer’s Market is at 6333 W 3rd St, Los Angeles and is open until 8 pm. This minibus tour is a comfortable way to see the farmer’s market and a few other famous spots in LA.

4- Rub Shoulders With Wax Stars

what to do in los angeles at night behind the Hollywood Sign
Going behind the Hollywood Sign is one of the places to see the Los Angeles skyline at night.

Are you hoping to run into someone really famous during your time in Hollywood?

Sorry to break it to you, but the chances of that happening, while not impossible, are slim.

Instead, you should go somewhere that you’re guaranteed to see some of Hollywood’s finest, even if they’re not the real deal!

Hollywood Wax Museum is a popular destination to go and see your favourite celebrity look-alikes in wax form.

Open 9 am through the day to 12 midnight, you’ll finally get to rub shoulders with the stars and get a few pictures in while you’re at it!

Thanks to countless wax recreations, you’re likely to find a fair amount of celebrities you wanted to see on your trip to LA.

Another place to visit, Madame Tussaud’s, is a world-renowned museum that has long been hailed as one of the best in the business for celebrity look-alikes in wax form.

Finally, you’ll get to take that photo with Ariana Grande or be a member of the live audience at the Jimmy Kimmel show!

Thanks to over a hundred wax recreations, you’re likely to find a fair amount of celebrities you wanted to see on your trip to L.A.

Hollywood Wax Museum is at 6767 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles. Madame Tussaud’s is at 6933 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood (closes at 6 pm).

5- Join A Haunted Downtown Experience

fun things to do in los angeles at night

LA is the city of glitz and glam, but one of the things you need to know is this city has a darker side.

If you’re looking to see the darker side of the City of Angels, then try going on one of the guided tours through L.A.’s spookiest streets.

Learn of the unsolved crimes, murders, and hear the screams of the victims of the L.A. streets.

Tours start at 6.30 pm and take you around the city through pedestrian tunnels, all in the pursuit of the paranormal. Book your Haunted Walking Tour of Los Angeles here. 

6- Party From Sunset To Sunrise On Sunset Strip

things to do at night in los angeles hollywood boulevard
Walking down Hollywood Boulevard is an iconic thing to do in Los Angeles at night.

Sunset Strip is home to clubs that offer a full night of drinking, dancing, and living it up. 

The vibrant and thriving party scene in Los Angeles is no better explored than on the streets of Sunset Boulevard in the Sunset Strip neighbourhood. 

Filled with hotels, clubs, and iconic L.A. venues, Sunset Strip is a one-stop party destination. 

Visit the famous Viper Lounge, attend clubs and shows, shop, drink, eat, and stay all in one glistening L.A. destination.

Party like a rockstar, join in the fun and meet other party people by booking these tours:

7- Fly Above The Sea Of Lights

los angeles views at night
Go looking for the best views of Los Angeles at night and you will be rewarded.

There is nothing like seeing the L.A. skyline in all its expansive glory than from the skies. 

Take a helicopter tour around the city at night and take in the sea of colours from the lights. 

Experience the bustle of the city from high above the action and watch the way L.A. comes to life with endless neon lights and sounds.

Night or sunset helicopter tours will show you a side of L.A. so stunning, you’ll want to stay up there for as long as you can. Treat yourself to an amazing experience and book this 30-minute night helicopter tour of Los Angeles.

8- Pretend You’re Attending A Red Carpet Premier

Since 1927 the iconic Chinese Theatre has been the home of starstudded movie premiers and events. 

The TCL Chinese Theatre is one of the iconic sights of Hollywood. 

The glamour of the building, the endless artwork, props, and costumes the feature in and around the theatre make it a part of history.

30-minute tours that can be enjoyed from the morning until 7.45 pm, or you can also experience the latest movies in IMAX. 

Another option is the newly introduced MX4D experience which brings movies to life like never before!

TCL Chinese Theatre is at 6925 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood. Treat yourself to a VIP tour and walk the red carpet

9- Watch The Magic Of Television Live And In-Person 

los angeles skyline at night
The Los Angeles skyline at night is a dazzling show of lights.

Have you ever wanted to be one of the people in the audience of your favourite reality shows or sitcoms? 

Well, why not try your luck shoot for the stars, or in this case, soundstage! 

There are many ways to get yourself a ticket to be part of a live studio audience for various shows. 

You can find tickets through online vendors like 1Iota or TVtix or even just wandering the streets of Hollywood Boulevard where some people are handing out tickets like candy.

10- Experience An Immersive Theatrical Experience

los angeles attractions at night beverley hills sign
Many of the Los Angeles attractions at night are in Beverly Hills.

One thing L.A. has no shortage of is theatres, and in particular prestigious theatres such as the Dolby Theatre 

For a night out with some live entertainment in a venue so beautiful you’ll forget to watch the show at times, visit the Dolby Theatre.

Equipped with some of Dolby Atmos’ revolutionary sound and video technology, allow them to take the experience of the stage to new heights. 

They host concerts, orchestras, reality competition series such as IDOLS, America’s Got Talent, and even Emmys. 

You can book a tour of this Hollywood theatre to fully experience the craftsmanship and history of this legendary building.

Dolby Theatre is at 6801 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood.

For more California ideas, see:

11- Live In The Neon Dreamscape Of Santa Monica Pier

LA at night Santa Monica pier and ferris wheel
Santa Monica Pier is one of the places to go at night in Los Angeles.

Bath in the neon glow of Santa Monica Pier, a great evening spot for both locals and tourists.  

This iconic spot is located in the beachfront city of Santa Monica, with the neon lights serving as a permanent beacon of the Santa Monica coastline.

Jutting out into the Pacific, this amusement park on the water is home to merry-go-rounds, rollercoasters, arcades, food, performers, and the historic Pacific Park Ferris Wheel. 

Take in views of L.A., get souvenirs at the gift shops, and visit this piece of L.A. history!

One way to enjoy the sight of Santa Monica Pier is to hire a private boat and cruise around the harbour like a movie star or book this Marina del Ray dinner cruise for a treat.

12- Discover The Origin Of The California Roll

things to do in los angeles at night eat sushi
Eating sushi in Little Tokyo is one of the fun things to do in Los Angeles at night.

If you’re tired of the casual L.A. scene, take a moment to envelop yourself in a cultural masterpiece in the form of Little Tokyo.

The birthplace of the California Roll, Little Tokyo, is one of three historic Japanese areas in the USA. 

Filled with history, entertainment food, food, and so much more food, Little Tokyo is not to be missed on your journey to L.A.

Even better, Little Tokyo closes extremely late, so you’ll have plenty of time to get an authentic Japanese meal at night.

A fun way to discover Little Tokyo is to join a scavenger hunt self-guided walking tour where you receive clues on your smartphone to solve puzzles as you explore.

13- The City of Angels And Demons

los angeles at night palm trees
Palm Trees in Los Angeles at night makes the city feel like a vacation spot.

Take a trip to Downtown LA to L.A. Live, where vices and virtues blur the lines. 

This entertainment hub is filled with a wide array of bars, restaurants, clubs, movies, music, and so much more. 

Nobody is left behind as there is something for everyone in L.A. Live.

L.A. Live has available tours and various events happening throughout the year and accommodation in the area so you can stay in action all night long.

City of Angels by day, but at night the demons come out to play!

14- Enjoy The CityWalk Within The City

Universal Studios has the Universal CityWalk Hollywood, a park that runs adjacent to the studios itself. 

At night this walkway burst to life with vibrant colours, people, and neon lights. 

CityWalk park is free to enter and enjoy; filled with activities, restaurants, entertainment, and more, CityWalk is non-stop entertainment.

Go to the Universal Cinema and watch movies in the 7-story IMAX theatre. 

Shop at some of the various locations in Universal City Walk, dine at one of the many restaurants available, and enjoy a night out in the vibrant space Universal has created.

Book your Universal Studios ticket here for full-day access and behind-the-scenes tours.

15- Reach For The Night Stars 

los angeles night griffith observatory with skyscrapers in the background
The Griffith Observatory is one of the most fascinating Los Angeles attractions at night.

Enjoy unparalleled views of L.A. and the stars (in the sky) at the Griffith Observatory. 

This is a location to marvel at, considering its scope in size and location. 

You’ll never find yourself bored or thinking Griffith Observatory is overrated because there is simply too much to enjoy in this iconic venue.

Take a look through the telescopes and explore the cosmos, enjoy the state-of-the-art planetarium, enjoy the views from Griffith Park, and so much more. 

There is something at Griffith Park for everyone looking for a momentary escape from the bustling city below. Here are two tours you can join:

  • Hollywood Hills Sunset Hike to Griffith Observatory – this 2.5-hour hike to the Hollywood sign includes skip-the-line access to the Griffith Observatory.
  • Private walking tour of Griffith Observatory – this is a three-hour tour exploring the planetarium and learning more about its history as well as space exploration. It also includes access to the Zeiss telescope.

16- Explore The City Within The City

downtown los angeles at night
Downtown Los Angeles at night is full of delights.

In LA County lies the city within the city, The Grove.

This 57,000 square foot complex is home to countless brands and restaurants, all contained in an open space to walk and enjoy.

See a movie at the AMC theatre, take a trip on the trolly to tour the Grove, and visit the iconic Grove fountain. 

With independent shops and boutiques plenty on the stone-paved streets of the Grove, you’ll find hours upon hours of entertainment to satisfy all your needs.

The Grove is at 189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles.  

17- Explore Musical History

Dive into the history of some of the best musicians in the world at the Grammy Museum.

The Grammy Museum is constantly changing exhibits to showcase countless artists across different genres in music.

From the Michael Jackson exhibit to the exciting Mono To Immersive Experience Room, there’s something to explore on every floor of this expansive cultural hub.

You can take guided tours, go in groups, or traverse the museum solo; it’s entirely up to you!

18- Catch A Game Or Enjoy An A-List Concert

Since 1999, the Staples Center has hosted sporting events, concerts, and other shows at their high-capacity venue.

Staples Center is also home to numerous sports teams, including the L.A. Lakers, LA Kings, LA Clippers, and the L.A. Sparks!

Not a sports fan? 

No problem, Staples attracts some of the biggest names in entertainment, such as Justin Bieber, and Imagine Dragons. 

There is never a shortage of activity happening at the Staples Center, and you can find all upcoming events right here.

19- Go Skydiving At Night

Missed your chance to skydiving while the sun’s shining? 

Go and catch a feel for the skies by enjoying indoor skydiving at iFLY and other venues in Los Angeles. 

Located in the Universal CityWalk, iFLY is an excellent location to have some mindless fun and enjoy the prospects of skydiving without as much of the risk!

From Wednesday to Sunday, you can enjoy the controlled air feel of indoor skydiving between 10 am and 7 pm (weekdays and Sundays) and as late as 9 pm (Fridays and Saturdays).

iFly is at 1000 Universal Studios Blvd #1, Universal City. Book your iFly experience online here.

20- Explore The Haunted Ocean Liner

The Queen Mary is a former British Ocean Liner moored in Long Beach. 

This spectacular ship features fine dining restaurants, bars, tours, and spooky attractions.

The ship has long been suspected of being haunted, and they’re prepared to show you why.

Take a trip down the Paranormal Ship Walk, or visit the Revenant Room, or try your hand at some Paranormal Investigative work.

Spending an evening onboard is an all-encompassing experience for paranormal enthusiasts and casual foodies.

The Queen Mary is at 1126 Queens Hwy, Long Beach. This seven-hour private day trip includes all the main sights of Los Angeles.

21- Eat A Meal From A Food Truck

In LA, there are roving food trucks that serve tasty meals at bargain prices.

You can eat well, and food trucks are part of the culture of LA. So you can get pretty much anything your appetite desires.

Highlights include sashimi-grade tuna, tacos, meatballs, sweet treats like doughnuts and cupcakes. There are vegan food trucks and ones that dish out delicious organic fare.

Track food trucks by following them on Twitter or check out sites like Roaminghunger or join a private food tasting tour to find the best food trucks.

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