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canadian museum for human rights
Sydney has the Opera House, Paris has the Eiffel Tower, London has Big Ben and New York has the Empire State Building. Canada - known for its iconic natural landmarks like Niagara Falls and the Rocky Mountains - now also has a building of architectural significance with the "wow"...
Big Five Safari in Manitoba

Big Five Safari in Manitoba

Who wouldn’t be keen on joining a naturalist-led group of wildlife watchers on a safari to observe, learn about and photograph five of Canada’s top mammals, including polar bears? You can do just that in Riding Mountain National Park and Churchill in Manitoba, Canada. For wildlife lovers, seeing polar bears,...
winnipeg zoo
I look up and stare at a big white furry bum of a polar bear suspended above my head. The polar bear floats gracefully in the water, oblivious to the excited humans below in the polar bear exhibit at Assiniboine Park Zoo.  I'm visiting Assiniboine Park Zoo's...
winnipeg skyline at dusk

20 Things to do in Winnipeg

Not so long ago, Winnipeg was a place most international visitors passed through on the way to see the polar bears in Churchill. These days, especially since the opening of Winnipeg's glittering Canadian Museum For Human Rights, the city has become the coolest small capital in Canada. Manitoba's capital...
Churchill polar bears

Churchill Polar Bears

If you happen to know someone who has seen polar bears in the wild, chances are they’re most likely to have seen them in Churchill. The Canadian polar bear town in Manitoba calls itself the Polar Bear Capital of the World - deservedly so. Seeing the Churchill polar bears...

10 Incredible Vancouver Island Resorts

Vancouver Island, simply put, is paradise. It’s the Land of the Mighty Yellow Cedars and Giant Sequoias and stands of ancient Douglas...
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25 Things to do in Calgary

driving across canada

Canada Road Trip Planning Tips

niagara falls cruise

30 Incredible Things To Do In Niagara Falls

niagara on the lake

20 Things To Do in Niagara on the Lake