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Yukon Territory and Northwest Territories are the main destinations we cover in Northern Canada, where the Norther Lights burns bright in the sky and the land is vast and wild.

Where the Wild Things Are – Canada

My partner and I slow down our vehicle to watch three young black bear cubs nosing around eating berries. In the backseat of the...

Whitehorse Attractions – Discovering nature and history

Stroll, bike and wildlife watch along the Yukon River in Whitehorse Canada to recall the heady years of the Gold Rush in the Yukon...

Miles Canyon – Yukon Canada

If you flew into Whitehorse, you may have been fortunate enough to have seen the Yukon River from aloft. If so, you’d have noticed...

Kluane National Park – Yukon glacier flightseeing

Buckling up into a tiny Cessna, I steady myself as the plane swerves over green valleys, with snowy mountains in the distance. I've journeyed...

How to join the Sourtoe Cocktail Club – Dawson City Yukon

The citizens of Canada's Yukon region enjoy a reputation for wild, eccentric behavior as untamed as the surrounding wilderness. No example showcases this tendency...

Three autumn adventures in Canada’s Northwest Territories

In the sunny autumn months, intrepid travellers from across the globe are drawn to Canada’s Northwest Territories. Vibrant foliage is a magnificent backdrop to...

Great Northern Arts Festival in Inuvik, Northwest Territories

Gwich'in First Nation artist Tania Larsson sits at a large round table covered with pieces of moose hide, containers of beads, sewing needles, and...

Dawson City Yukon – Klondike Gold Rush

Arizona Charlie was a charmer but I wasn’t buying any of it. “You’re one of those bad boys that my mother warned me about,”...

Northwest Territories national parks

Come to the edge of the world where folks rap poetic about “The land of the midnight sun” and where the vast horizon stretches...

Dawson City Night flight to the Arctic Circle

I’m flying in a light plane over Tombstone National Park in Canada’s Yukon territory headed for the Arctic Circle. Halfway there, as I’m staring out...


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Farm to table in BC’s Okanagan Valley

Barrels of freshly picked apples, baskets piled to the brim with sweet cherries, juicy peaches, plums and vegetables. A picturesque region of vineyards, orchards,...


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