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Macau is a vibrant entertainment hub in Asia. With casinos and lots of events, there's always something to do in Macau.

Starring Macau – 10 Hollywood movies

Plenty of destinations around the world have played leading film roles with some hubs acting as a substitute city in many mega Hollywood hits. Ditto...

Macau Shopping For Creative Spirits

Macau has designer label stores, boutiques and emporiums like other cities have bus stops. The malls are crammed with them, the streets dotted with...

Where to play golf in Macau

The former Portuguese colony of Macau entered the 21st century with all guns blazing and the development has been skyrocketing ever since. Now known...

Chinese New Year in Macau

Visiting Macau during Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, is a unique opportunity to see the city during the most festive...

Macau Grand Prix

There’s never a bad time to go to Macau. But on one weekend each November, the city buzzes with an extra something. Call it...

Girlfriend Getaways – Spas, bars and diamonds in Macau

Around Macau, ladies (and guys if they want to join in) have a ball sussing out fun and pleasure in this great big gambling...

House of Dancing water and other Macau shows

Macau isn’t just a hotspot for gamblers and luxury shoppers—it’ equally appealing to theatregoers as well. While Macau might not have as many live...

5 aquatic wonders in Macau city

Surrounded by waterways from a short, old canal to the north that borders mainland China with this SAR territory to Macau’s neighbouring southern islands...

5 spots to get your groove on in Macau

With a cluster of casinos hitting this shoreline it’s no surprise you’ll find a thriving music scene too. Whether it’s indoors, outdoors or annual...

Macau Tower and other adventures

Macau packs a surprisingly big punch for a territory covering just 30km2.  There are adventurous activities both on the land and on water. At...


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Shopping in Macao – 7 Fun and Quirky Stores

One of the great pleasures of Macao is that even though it’s one of the world’s major vacation destinations, it has managed to retain...