House of Dancing water and other Macau shows

Macau isn’t just a hotspot for gamblers and luxury shoppers—it’ equally appealing to theatregoers as well. While Macau might not have as many live...

5 aquatic wonders in Macau city

Surrounded by waterways from a short, old canal to the north that borders mainland China with this SAR territory to Macau’s neighbouring southern islands...

5 spots to get your groove on in Macau

With a cluster of casinos hitting this shoreline it’s no surprise you’ll find a thriving music scene too. Whether it’s indoors, outdoors or annual...

Macau Tower and other adventures

Macau packs a surprisingly big punch for a territory covering just 30km2.  There are adventurous activities both on the land and on water. At...

5 cool Macau events

Nothing spells fun better than hitting the many events and festivals around Macau. From Chinese lion dances to burning incense for hungry ghosts to...

What to do in Macau with a group of friends

Chopping, peeling, whipping and then cooking local cuisine is a good way to get acquainted with a foreign culture. On a recent trip to...

Macau nightlife – 8 cool bars

Macau does a lot of things well. And it does drinking very well indeed. This is partly due to the Portuguese influence, as the...

Fun things to do in Macau

Macau’s often touted as the Las Vegas of Asia: but there’s much more to do just get stuck into marathon sessions of poker, baccarat...

Cow in Macau funny video

I recently had the opportunity to visit the historic city of Macau with a most unusual travelling companion. You see, my travelling buddy was...


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Brahmaputra River Cruise in Assam India

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