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Macau is a vibrant entertainment hub in Asia. With casinos and lots of events, there’s always something to do in Macau.

macau grand prix

Macau Grand Prix

There’s never a bad time to go to Macau or a shortage of fun things to do in Macau. But on one weekend each November, the city buzzes with an extra something. Call it sport, call it adventure; call it madness if you will. You can say the Macau Grand...
Macau shows
Reserve your seats for an entertaining night in Macau. The Special Administrative Region of China is bursting with shiny new entertainment precincts packed with luxury shops, cool bars and fabulous restaurants run by world-renowned chefs. Macau has an array of mind-boggling attractions suitable for visitors of all ages, from the...
shops in macau
One of the great pleasures of Macao is that even though it’s one of the world’s major vacation destinations, it has managed to retain its small-town vibe. You could spend all day shopping in Macau by wandering its shopping malls, browsing the international labels that run the gamut from A....
When is Chinese New Year
Of all the things to do in Macau, Macau Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, is a unique opportunity to see the city during the most festive time of the year. During Chinese New Year in Macau, the city morphs into a continuous multiple-day celebration that...
General Street Scenes2
If you're looking for a different take on the best places to visit in Macau, plan your trip around a festival. December is a festive month to visit Macao and a special time to see Macao's historical landmarks. From the steps of the iconic Ruins of St Paul’s to the...
regina dance studios
When it comes to outdoor events, few cities do it better than Macao. Witness the Macao Grand Prix that thunders through the streets and the phantasmagorical fireworks festival that illuminates the night sky with a million Technicolor asterisks. Just as thrilling, just as spectacular, and just as noisy, the...


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