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Best casinos and hotels to visit in Macau or Macao China

5 Presidential Suites in Macau

When Maria Carey, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, and Martin Scorsese pitched up for the launch of the US$4.5 billion Studio City in Macau...

12 amazing hotel swimming pools in Macau

They say you can judge a resort by its swimming pool. Except in Macau, where resort swimming pools are overshadowed by flashier attractions such...

10 most inventive Macau spa treatments

Macau has no shortage of luxurious five-star hotels so, of course, their spas are just as decadent. For a first-time visitor (and even for...

Macau casino guide

Day in, day out, more than 80,000 visitors pour into Macau, which is a lot of punters for a city that doesn’t even stretch...

Studio City Macau

What happens when two asteroids crash into a Gotham City tower? According to Melco Crown Entertainment Limited - the developer of Macau’s soon-to-be-opened Studio City...

Why Macau isn’t the new Hong Kong

Travellers to Asia are often drawn into comparing Macau with neighbouring Hong Kong. Both are Special Administrative Regions of China - with their own currencies, police...

Macau bling – best hotels in the world

Macau’s hotels are looking pretty wild now, but things are only going to get blinger. The city’s tycoons are vying with each other in...

Looking after celebrities at The Venetian Macau

Reggie Martin is from Chicago and has been living in Macau for 15 years. His job as Senior Manager of VIP/Celebrity Relations at The...

Macau local secrets – Donna Campbell

One of the best ways to discover the hidden gems of a city is to ask someone who lives and works there. Macau (or...


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