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Best casinos and hotels to visit in Macau or Macao China

Macau cheap hotels Hotel Sun Sun
Macau is known for its flashy luxury resorts that attract high-end travellers but there are still ways to enjoy the city if you’re on a budget. Although there are not as many cheap hotels in Macau as there are in some other Asian destinations, you'll be surprised at the...
where to stay in macau
Macau’s hotels are looking pretty wild and things are only going to get blinger. The city’s tycoons are vying with each other in a prolonged tussle of one-billion-upmanship to see who can build the flashiest resorts. These resorts are some of the most impressive places to visit in Macau...
Spa Macau
The explosion of new five-star resorts in Macau over the last few years has brought an unexpected benefit. The Macau spa industry has taken off and Macau is fast becoming a spa hub in Asia. With so many luxurious and world-class spas located in a small area, it’s easy...
macau pools
Hotel swimming pools in Macau are getting bigger and better. Not to be overshadowed by flashy attractions such as Venetian canals with singing gondoliers, fountains that shoot out jets of water synchronised to music, giant dragons other dramatic displays, there are plenty of Macau pools that are just as amazing. After...
parisian macao exterior night sight
With so many new developments popping up each year, there are plenty of new things to do in Macau and places to visit. Experiencing a stay in a new Macau hotel is part of the fun of visiting Macau. Macau's skyline has seen yet another dramatic change with the...
macau best casinos

Macau casino guide

Day in, day out, more than 80,000 visitors pour into Macau, which is a lot of punters for a city that doesn’t even stretch to 30 square kilometres. And most of them are headed to the city’s 30 or so casinos, hell-bent on beating the odds and heading for home...


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