Things to do in Mombasa

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Kenya’s largest coastal city is shrouded in history and mystique. This coastal city has a rich history and an atmospheric Old Town with plenty of character. Here are 10 things to do in Mombasa.

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Things to do in Mombasa

1- Visit Mombasa’s Old Town

mombasa attractions
Mombasa attractions in the Old Town.

Soak in the ambience of Swahili life while roving the narrow alleyways of Mombasa’s Old Town. The best way to experience the Old Town is on foot where a blend of Arab, African and Portuguese culture infuses this neighbourhood with an exotic quality.

East African architecture is peppered with ornately carved timber doors and fretwork balconies that were once used to screen local Muslim women from being seen by people walking by.

Many of the old structures are now antique stores jam-packed with wood carvings and souvenirs.

Mosques, churches and old government buildings dot the quarter and are interesting subjects of a historic walking tour. Learning the history of these buildings is one of most educational things to do in Mombasa.

2- Explore Fort Jesus

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Spend time exploring Fort Jesus, which is one of the best places to visit in Mombasa to soak up the history.

Of all the Mombasa attractions, the battlements and ruins of Fort Jesus are fascinating to lovers of history. This imposing 16th-century fort is the result of Portuguese forays into Africa.

Built in 1593, the fort changed hands at least nine times in bloody sieges between 1631 and 1875, finally falling under the control of the British.

The British government used the fort as a prison until 1958, when it was declared a historical monument.

The structure, which has metre-thick coral walls, dominates the harbour. Inside the fort, there is a museum built over the former barracks.

The museum’s display of ceramic exhibits reflects the diversity of cultures that once traded along the East African coast. There are many unofficial guides who will offer free tours of the fort, but remember that a tip is always expected.

3- Buy Akamba carvings

mombasa carvers

What to do in Mombasa if you want to help local people? Well, the Akamba Handicraft Industry Cooperative Society is one of the best places in Kenya to purchase wood carvings.

Wander past rows of open-air thatched workshops to watch thousands of artisans hard at work, hammering, chiselling and painting.

The society, which was formed in 1963 by 100 craftsmen, has grown to over 3000 members. The craftsmen work with ebony, rosewood, teak and neem.

The society is involved in a project to establish a nursery of fast-growing neem trees (a tree that belongs to the mahogany family) to supply wood for the carvers.

The showroom has a huge range of timber products including carved animals, masks and figurines. Many of the items are sent to souvenir shops around Africa (and sold at much higher prices) as well as exported overseas.

4- Ride the ferry

mombasa ferry

To experience a touch of local life, hop on the ferry which crosses the channel between Mombasa Island and the southern mainland.

At the end and beginning of each work day, the pedestrian queues are endless. But if you don’t want to be crushed by the crowds, ask your taxi driver to drive onto the vehicle section.

The ferry leaves from Likoni, a creekside suburb of Mombasa, every 20 minutes. Crossings are free for pedestrians and Ksh35 per car.

5- Wander through the Old McKinnon Market

mombasa markets
Mombasa’s markets are an eye-opener and one of the Mombasa things to do you should have on your list.

Of the many places to visit in Mombasa, one venue where you can be guaranteed to see lots of local colour is the sprawling Old McKinnon Market in the city centre.

Listen to the clamour of housewives haggling with vendors and inhale the heady aroma of tropical fruit.

The market is a warren of vegetables, fruit, meat, crafts and clothing. Follow your nose to the spice section where the spices look as exotic as they are fragrant.

6- Sail the harbour

A tranquil way to experience Mombasa is to board a luxury dhow and cruise the harbour while sipping a glass of champagne. The Tamarind Dhow cruise is a classic way to enjoy some time on the water in Mombasa.

It’s run by the up-market Tamarind restaurant chain (the Tamarind is one of the best restaurants in Mombasa) and starts its voyage from the jetty below the Tamarind restaurant in Nyali.

7- Soak up the culture at Ngomongo Villages

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Watch a Kikuyu farmer tend to his crops or a Miji Kenda blacksmith at work forging metal tools. At Ngomongo Villages Park, the diversity of Kenyan culture can be experienced in one cultural park.

Across the park are nine mini-villages, each complete with authentic tribal huts, cultivated crops, wild animal traps, as well as implements and instruments used by each tribe.

There are goats, cattle and even a pond stocked with crocodiles. Each village is manned by a genuine tribal representative, many of whom actually live in the display huts.

Things to do near Mombasa

8- Trek Shimba Hills National Reserve

Rare sable antelope, birds, elephants and leopards roam the lush tropical wilderness of this 320-sqkm reserve. Only three years ago, there were so many elephants that Kenya Wildlife Service mounted an operation to relocate over 400 elephants inland to Tsavo East National Park.

Although the operation successfully removed the pressure on the reserve’s natural resources, the elephants have begun to trickle back to their homeland at Shimba Hills.

9- Relax on a Mombasa Beach

mombasa beach
Looking for a Mombasa beach? This strip of sand has your name on it!

Wash away sweat and dust in the shimmering Indian Ocean or relax to the gentle lapping of waves while sipping cocktails on a Mombasa beach.

South of Mombasa, Diani Beach has long been a popular spot for European beach-goers and there are many beach resorts to choose from.

A tree house at The Cove Treehouses offers a rustic experience in a secluded area away from the crowds. The tree houses are nestled under the branches of massive baobab trees.

Troops of Colobus monkeys, an endangered species with less than 13,000 left in the world, swing among the forest canopy.

10- Discover coral and caves

Take a day-trip to Shimoni, a village that is approximately 80km south of Mombasa. Explore the caves where slaves were once held before being shipped to the auctions in Zanzibar.

From the mainland, a dhow trip to Kisite Marine Park and Wasini Island provides opportunities for snorkelling, diving and dolphin-spotting.

Stroll along the boardwalk at Wasini Island’s coral gardens to admire the peculiar landscape of its exposed coral reefs.

Discover Kenya

Kenya is an excellent destination for travellers who are looking for an amazing safari experience. For more things to do in Kenya see the Kenya Tourist Board website.

A holiday in Kenya begins in Nairobi, where accommodation options have grown considerably in recent times. There is a selection of hotels and apartments for rent in Nairobi.

Things to do in Mombasa