20 Cambodia Beaches

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Cambodia is one of South East Asia’s most loved destinations. Most famous for the beautiful and ancient temple complex of Angkor Wat, many visitors move on after exploring Siem Reap. However, the country is home to incredible culture, food, landscapes and beaches, the latter of which are found on the country’s stunning south coast, especially around Sihanoukville, a well-known backpackers hangout.

It is also the base for travelling to the country’s famous islands, Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem. It is straightforward to take a bus to Sihanoukville from any of Cambodia’s main cities, and when you arrive, you will find an endless supply of sun, sea and sand. After spending time exploring ancient ruins, or the hustle and bustle of the capital, Phnom Penh, the southern beaches in Cambodia is the perfect getaway for a few days of relaxation, fresh food and some amazing snorkelling and diving.

Cambodia Beaches

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20 Best Beaches In Cambodia

1- Saracen Bay, Koh Rong Samloem

beaches in cambodia white swing hanging from a tree over white sand
Saracen Bay beach is one of the Cambodian beaches you will love. The tropical paradise on Koh Rong Samloen Island is near Sihanoukville.

When visiting Cambodia’s islands, Koh Rong Samloem will no doubt be your first port of call.

Saracen Bay is the island’s main tourist beach, but don’t expect noisy parties or nightlife.

The beach is a beautifully quiet swathe of sand, crystal clear sea and just a few shops and cafes, as well as a few big resorts along the way.

However, it is surrounded by jungle, so you will truly feel like you are on a desert island, but the ferry service to the mainland is regular and you won’t be too far from civilisation.


This is a great introductory beach if you haven’t been to the islands before, as you can easily spend over a week hopping from place to place.

2- M’Pai Bay, Koh Rong Samloem

beaches near siem reap cambodia sunrise with a boat on the shore
Sunrise on Koh Rong Samloem, which has some of the most stunning beaches in Cambodia.

Once upon a time, this beach was home to nothing but a tiny fishing village, but it has now transformed into a stunning mecca for backpackers.

Cafes and shops are slowly moving in here, so it’s wise to see it before it becomes too busy.

You will have to get more than one boat to get here from the mainland, but this just means fewer people will make the trip.

Aside from relaxing and swimming, you can go hiking to the nearby Clearwater Bay, go on a boat trip or take in a stunning sunset to finish off the day.

3- Otres Beach

cambodia top beaches round rattan swing hanging from a tree above the sand
A hammock on the shore of Otres Beach in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

One of Sihanoukville’s best beaches and a quieter contrast to Serendipity Beach, Otres is a laid back, relatively untouched stretch of sand to relax on.

There are about 40 different guesthouses lining the beach, so you will have plenty of accommodation choices and be able to wake up with a view of the ocean.

There are loads of chilled-out restaurants where you can find fresh food, and music is turned off by 10 pm, so you’ll fall asleep to nothing but the sound of waves.

4- Ream Beach

beaches of cambodia person sitting on a rock at the beach at Ream National Park
A hidden Cambodian beach at Ream National Park.

One of Sihanoukville’s most rugged beaches, surrounded by jungle and waterfalls, Ream Beach is in the beautiful Ream National Park.

There is only one small guesthouse costing $5 per night, so planning ahead is a good idea even though few visitors frequent the area.

Most visitors are attracted by the nearby mangroves and jungle, which are home to unique tropical birds.

The only other thing you will see is fishermen, making it an ideal and remote location for a few days of doing nothing.

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5- Sner Beach

cambodia beaches and islands bare legs and flowing kaftan
Relax and enjoy these top Cambodia beaches.

Sner Beach is on the southwestern tip of Cambodia, in Koh Kong, a lesser-visited tourist destination.

Isolated and off the beaten track, it is the perfect place to pull up a hammock for the day.

Many local beach shacks serve fresh crab, lobster and fish, so you can easily spend an entire day here and enjoy some excellent local cuisine.

At sunset, there are often barbecues dotted along the beach, and you can grab a cold drink from one of the many local bars before wiling the night away to the sound of the waves.

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6- Bamboo Island (Koh Russei)

top beaches cambodia palm trees and huts
A lovely sandy beach in Cambodia on Koh Russei Island.

You can easily visit Bamboo Island on a three-island trip from Sihanoukville, which lasts a full day, but you can also stay overnight on this gem of an island in a little bamboo hut.

Aside from the guesthouse, there is very little here, which makes for a great day trip without hordes of tourists.

Like many of the other islands, there is not much in the way of electricity and WiFi.

Most islands operate from generators that often go down, so this is a good chance to unplug.

At night, some of the locals put on a beachfront fire show which you can watch while enjoying dinner and a sunset.

7- Kep Beach

cambodia beaches pale sand and emerald ocean
Kep is one of the beaches in Cambodia to visit.

Just 30 minutes away from Kampot, Kep Beach is an old-style colonial resort area and is an excellent base for exploring the national park and colonial villas which the Khmer Rouge sadly destroyed.

Kep is also famous for its pepper plantations, so the beach is an excellent place to make your base.

Activities are abundant and besides water sports such as kayaking and SUP, you can go horseback riding, trekking, cave-exploring and island hopping.

Allow at least a couple of days here to make the most of everything on offer.

8- Coral Beach, Koh Ta Kiev

top beaches in cambodia wood swing on empty beach
A secluded beach on Koh Ta Kiev paradise island near Sihanoukville.

Also located near Ream National Park, Coral Beach is on Koh Ta Kiev, which has several beaches but this one outranks them all.

Although slightly off the tourist path, there are still plenty of activities on offer here for those that prefer not to sunbathe all day, and the lack of visitors means you’ll have it to yourself.

Swimming and snorkelling are the main attraction, hence the name, as the beach has some great reefs just offshore and there is some beautiful marine life to be found.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, the area is also famous for cliff-jumping.

Asking the locals for the best spots and watching out for rocks is advised.

9- Koh Tonsay

Located in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Tonsay is a tiny island off of the south coast of Cambodia – despite its name.

The locals also know it as Rabbit Island due to its shape.

It has a 250m (820 ft)-long main beach, where you can rent a bungalow for the night and sip some cocktails under the stars.

You can get a boat here from Kep for just $8 and although it can’t compare to the postcard beaches of Koh Rong, developers still have not managed to move in, so you won’t find any big resorts.

You can also island hop to the nearby Snake Island and Koh Svay; neither have accommodation but the latter has beautiful views from its cliff-top.

10- Lonely Beach

cambodia best beaches a purple sunset over the water
Sunrise at Koh Rong Island, which is where you will find the most beautiful beaches in Cambodia.

Easily one of the best beaches you’ll find on Koh Rong, Lonely Beach is on the island’s northern side.

The sweeping crescent has golden sand, crystal waters and is lined with palm trees – truly a perfect postcard destination.

It is also definitely a desert island compared to some of the other beaches, taking around two to three hours to get to and home to only one slightly expensive guesthouse.

However, if you’re willing to make the trip, you’ll be rewarded with almost no tourists on one of the best beaches in Cambodia.

11- Victory Beach

best beaches in sihanoukville cambodia aerial of tourist beach strip with stalls lining the sand
Sihanoukville has the most crowded beaches in Cambodia.

Named after the Vietnamese victory over the Khmer Rouge in 1979, this is actually two beaches divided by a hill on top of which sits the town’s victory monument.

It’s far more popular with locals for the vibrant café culture, bars and casino which line the shore.

If you’re looking for a beautiful beach while partying the night away, this is a great spot to visit.

Victory Beach is close to the port and the centre of Sihanoukville town, which has a variety of sights and activities.

It’s also a great beach in Cambodia for families and the perfect location to stay for a few nights.

12- Serendipity Beach

best cambodia beaches vertical shot of a boat moored near the beach and orange sunset
A boat silhouetted against the sunset over Serendipity Beach in the beach resort town of Sihanoukville.

One of the most popular beaches in Cambodia, this beach is in the middle of Sihanoukville’s coast and is an extremely popular destination for visitors before heading out to the islands, as well as locals who enjoy the nearby casinos and bars.

Even if gambling is not your scene, there are many outdoor bars, clubs, and restaurants where you can grab a table in the sand, have a drink and watch the sun go down.

If you don’t want to stay out late, its proximity to the centre of towns means you can still have a quiet night in if you want to, or just visit for a few hours during the day.

13- Song Saa Private Island

beaches cambodia woman wearing a stylish straw hat with a colourful beach chair
Looking for a spot to sunbathe? Try one of these Cambodia beaches for a tropical summer holiday.

Although a bit of a departure from the others on the list, Song Saa Private Island is worth the trip if you have the money.

A self-proclaimed ‘eco-luxe’ hotel, this tiny island has thatched villas and beautiful private beaches that will make you feel as if you’ve been cast away to a desert island.

It is a long trip, about five hours to Sihanoukville from Phnom Penh, followed by a bumpy speedboat trip.

The hotel is the only thing on these islands, meaning the blue waters and jungles are entirely untouched, and you will be able to explore with no one else around.

14- Koh Totang

south cambodia beaches Asian woman wear swimwear and hat swing the swings at sand beach
Enjoy the sand and sun at one of these amazing Cambodia beaches.

Another island in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Totang is one of 11 islands in the Koh S’Dach archipelago.

The island is only 1.3km (.8 mile) long, so if you’re looking for a remote paradise, you’ll find it here.

On the flip side, you won’t find roads, banks or WiFi here, so you will be completely disconnected from the world and able to enjoy the tranquil bliss of the ocean.

Nomad Lands hotel has recently opened, a sort of eco-lodge, which also has electricity and phone coverage so you can stay in touch with friends (and make them jealous).

It used to take a long time to reach the islands, but a road has since been built, making the journey far quicker.

If you’re still after adventure, take the slower but more stunning route by boat, which takes about six hours.

15- Koh Thmei

cambodia beaches resorts boats in Sihanoukville
Boats in Sihanoukville, where you will find some of Cambodia’s beaches that are easily accessible.

Immediately south-east of Sihanoukville, Koh Thmei is a beautiful little island swathed in mangroves whose name means ‘New Island’.

Currently, this tiny paradise is almost entirely empty, home to its beach, a few local families and some wooden bungalows which make up Koh Thmei Resort.

This hotel is entirely solar-powered and has a natural water filtration system, which is a fantastic eco-friendly place.

A Malaysian company has leased the island and has plans to build a resort and a road to the mainland.

Although they have promised to protect most of the island’s natural habitat, the developments will bring many more visitors, so now is the time to go for a slice of untouched paradise.

16- Long Beach, Koh Rong

koh rong cambodia beaches beach lounges and white umbrella
Long Beach in Cambodia’s Koh Rong island is a tropical paradise near Sihanoukville.

Anyone who has been to Long Beach in Cambodian will agree it’s one of the best beaches in Asia.

On the opposite side of Koh Rong to the tourists and hotels, it is a long (obviously!) and secluded stretch of coastline.

It’s quite a hike to get here, off the road and onto a dirt path, as well as clambering over rocks and boulders.

This is why you will find so few people here, but if you’re willing to make the journey, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular beauty.

The water here is very shallow and the sand soft, so you can easily spend the day swimming, however walking the length of the beach can be a pleasant excursion.

Even if you arrive here early, it is worth staying all day to witness golden hour and a stunning sunset before local fishermen arrive to offer you a lift back to civilisation.

If you’re lucky and stay the night, you’ll also be able to swim with bioluminescent plankton, which is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

17- Lazy Beach, Koh Rong Samloem

cambodia beaches and nightlife Koh Rong Island
Here’s your seat at one of the pristine Cambodia beaches. Can you picture yourself here?

Lazy Beach can only be reached by hiking from Saracen Beach, but once again, this deters most people and you will usually find you’ll have the beach to yourself.

Home to Lazy Beach Hotel, Koh Rong Samloem’s first-ever business, their bungalows and restaurant are the only sign of life on this part of the island.

Like many places on Cambodia’s islands, they don’t offer WiFi, so just relax and disconnect.

Otherwise, you’ll find a small cove with golden sand, clear water and a lush green mountain backdrop – one of the many reasons it has been voted one of the best beaches in the world.

Since the ocean is so clear here, snorkelling is the perfect activity and you can rent masks for just $2.

Snorkel off the far end of the beach and you’ll see hundreds of rare and tropical fish.

18- Sok San, Koh Rong

does cambodia have beaches makeshift swing on the shore
A swing on the shore of Sok San Beach on Koh Rong Island in Cambodia. The beach is one of the best beaches in Cambodia to escape to paradise.

Another beach that has remained untouched but is soon to be developed, Sok San is worth a trip and can be reached on the island’s western side from other beaches by scooter or bicycle.

Sok San has a famous luxury resort that owns most of the stretch of beach.

However, you don’t need to stay there to visit and everyone who goes agrees this Cambodian beach is one of the best in the world.

A 7km (4.3 miles) stretch of untouched white sand, there are a few local cafes and guesthouses at the northern end, but otherwise, you are sure to find an empty spot to swim and relax the day away.

19- Koh Moul, Koh Kong

best beaches cambodia water gushing over rock
The waterfalls at Tatai in Koh Kong Province in Cambodia are a lovely diversion from the sand and sea.

Koh Moul is Cambodia’s largest island, despite Koh Rong and Samloem gaining far more fame.

The area also features six beaches, collectively known as Deum Dong, which have silky white sand and shallow waters to explore.

The waters here are home to playful pods of black and white dolphins that you can spot in the early morning or dusk.

This beach is in a particularly stunning location because the surrounding area in Koh Kong is rich in natural scenery, including 10 different waterfalls you can visit for half a day.

20- Koh Tang, Kampot

Koh Tang is the best place to visit if you’re a seasoned diver or have recently become qualified.

The visibility is at least 20m and in the water, you will discover an array of tropical fish and brightly coloured coral.

You can see everything from red snappers to sailfish, and there are numerous shallow areas for snorkelling.

The most famous area, Virgin Reef, is a popular dive spot due to its incredible size, which has never been fully explored to date.

The island’s only inhabitants are Cambodian military personnel, which is why it remains largely untouched.

Most dive companies offer trips here from Sihanoukville, so shop around for the best offer. 

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