10-day Italy Itinerary Options – Classic, Food + Coastal

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Italy is one of those countries where there’s simply so much to explore it can be hard to know where to start. If you’re a newbie to the country, visiting famous cities such as Rome, Florence, and Venice is probably high on your bucket list, while those who’ve already seen the sights might want a taste of Italy’s beautiful coastline or to hone in on the country’s amazing food scene. 10 days is a good amount of time to dive into the country, whether you self-drive or use Italy’s efficient trains, as you can easily get around.

Major cities in the north are easy to hop between, meaning you can see historic buildings and churches in Rome and the canals of Venice on one holiday. Other regions, such as Emilia Romagna, are famous for their food, such as Bologna, the home of bolognese, and Parma, where the famous ham is produced. Italy’s long coastline on both sides and multiple islands also makes it ideal for a beach holiday or a roast trip along the coast, perhaps adding a short break in Sicily as part of your trip. No matter where you choose, you can be sure to find incredible history, food and landscapes everywhere you go.

Italy Itinerary Options – 10 Days

When to visit

When you visit Italy depends very much on where you go.

High season in all regions is generally between June and August, and everywhere in the country can get very warm, which is why many locals choose to leave cities like Venice and Rome to head for the coast.

This is also the busiest time for tourists, so consider visiting in the shoulder seasons instead.

April to June and September to November offer mild weather, more affordable prices and fewer crowds in almost all areas of Italy.


The only exception to this is in Italy’s north, which is popular year-round thanks to beautiful lakes and scenery in the summer, as well as plentiful snowsports in the winter in the Dolomites and Italian Alps.

Getting There And Around

People, Group And Together In Italy, With Transportation
You’ll find a range of transportation options when planning a two week Italy itinerary.

Getting to Italy is easy, with a range of direct flights to all of Italy’s major cities.

It’s also possible to arrive in Italy by train from neighbouring European countries or by car across the border from France, Switzerland and Austria.

One of the best ways to explore Italy and maximise your time is by hiring a car, which can be found at all major airports and in most cities.

Car rental is very affordable and allows you flexibility in going to wherever you choose, so you can explore small towns and off-the-beaten-track areas.

Italy also has internal flights and, more importantly, an excellent train network.

Trains in Italy are very affordable and super efficient, with routes between all major cities in Italy and lots of famous Italian landmarks and tourist spots.

Within certain cities, you can also find bus, train and tram networks, although most are walkable.

Where to stay

You won’t find it hard to pick a place to stay in Italy, no matter what you’re searching for.

Hotels, hostels, guesthouses and Airbnbs are all available, and in the countryside, larger groups can rent pretty villas.

Check out sites like Booking.com and Hotels.com for the best deals.

Italy Itinerary 1 – Classic

Days 1-3 – Rome

Tower On The Street Of Rome
Rome is a must-visit city on an Italy itinerary of 14 days.

Rome is the perfect starting point for a classic 10-day itinerary to Italy.

It’s a big city packed with sights, so 2 to 3 days is enough time to see the most famous parts, including Vatican City, which will take up at least half a day of exploring St Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museums and the beautiful Sistine Chapel.

You should also get up early to make a beeline for both the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain, which have fewer crowds in the morning, after which you can wander around the Roman Forum and find a bite to eat in Trastevere, a neighbourhood famous for its food.

The sights are fairly close together, so you can also pair these with a stroll along the river or people-watching in Piazza Navone and the Spanish Steps.

For some nature, don’t forget to admire Villa Borghese, which is filled with art and has amazing gardens that are perfect for a slice of pizza or a picnic with some local produce in the sunshine.

Days 4-6 – Florence

Florence From Above
Florence is a stunning destination to add to your Italy itinerary.

Art and history lovers simply can’t miss a visit to Florence, home to some of the best museums in the world.

Book in advance to visit Florence Cathedral, known as the Duomo, which you can also climb for incredible views over the city, and Giotto’s Bell Tower.

Museums also often need to be booked, including the Uffizi Gallery, where you’ll find works by Michelangelo and Botticelli.

The Ponte Vecchio is another of the city’s most famous sights, a bridge with lots of shops on it, which also leads to the other side of the river, which hides the Pitti Palace and gardens, and some of Florence’s best bars and trattorias.

For yet more artwork, book a ticket to see the iconic statue of David at the Academia gallery before browsing the shops and cafes or strolling along the river.

If you have a spare day, you can also add on a trip to nearby Siena, just an hour by train, which is home to a walled Old Town and has views over the Tuscan countryside.

Days 7-10 – Venice, Murano and Burano

Colorful Streets Of The Village Burano Venice Italy
Burano Venice 14 day Italy itinerary.

For your final few days in Italy, Venice is the perfect place to explore with its winding canals, churches and waterside cafes.

For the first two days, concentrate on exploring Venice itself, visit St Mark’s Square and Basilica, and climb up the Campanile for views of the island.

Wander around the Doge’s Palace and make sure to take some snaps by the Grand Canal, or even take a gondola ride if you’re feeling romantic.

Catch Vaporetto number 1 down the Grand Canal to see the main sights, and get off at the famous Rialto Bridge, from where you can get lost in the maze of streets, which are filled with local restaurants, cafes and shops.

Dedicate your last full day to exploring Venice’s islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello.

The boat ride is a short 40 minutes straight to Burano, which is covered in photogenic houses painted in bright colours.

From here, the boat stops at Torcello, a tiny slice of land with a cute basilica, bell tower and restaurants, before sailing over to Murano.

Like a mini Venice, Murano is famous for its multicoloured hand-blown glass, which you can see being made at a local workshop, or you can buy some pieces as a souvenir.

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Italy Itinerary 2 – Foodie

Days 1-3 – Naples

Pizza In Naples
Naples Italy itinerary 10 days.

Where else would you start a food tour of Italy but in Naples, home of pizza? This southern Italian city is bursting with things to see, particularly in the historic city centre.

Check out treasures from Pompeii at the Naples National Archaeological Museum before treating yourself to a slice of pizza or three from any of the city’s amazing eateries.

Seeing the ruins of Pompeii is unmissable and can be paired with a trip up Mount Vesuvius if you have some extra time, although seeing it from the ground is equally impressive.

Head to the neighbourhood of Vomero for great views over the city from Castel Sant’Elmo, and in the evening, make sure to walk along the waterfront for scenic views over the Bay of Naples and a choice of tasty seafood restaurants.

Throughout the city, you can also find delicious Italian treats like fresh espresso, homemade gelato, pastries, pasta and more, but leave room in your waistband for the next stop on the tour.

Days 4-6 – Florence and Tuscany

Bolognese Pasta
Traditional Italian Cuisine is a highlight of this Italy trip itinerary.

Many people overlook Florence and Tuscany when they think of good food in Italy, but it has a whole host of things to try.

In Florence’s arty streets, you can find delicious pizza, pasta and meat dishes to kick off your food journey, including wild boar ragu, which is famous in this region.

Head out into the Tuscan countryside for a day or two to experience locally-grown produce.

You can visit dozens of vineyards for wine tastings, and agritourism farms that make their own pasta, meats and cheese, or go olive oil tasting in one of the many groves.

Best of all, take some time to go truffle hunting if you visit in the right season.

You can pair up with a trained truffle hunting dog who will lead you through the forests and hopefully dig you up a rare white or black truffle.

At best, these can be worth hundreds of dollars, and at worst, you’ll get to have fresh truffle on your dinner.

Days 7-10 – Bologna and Emilia Romagna

Suviana Lake Autumn Bologna Emilia Romagna Italy
Bologna in Emilia Romagna is a lovely spot to add to a 10-day Italy itinerary.

The Emilia Romagna region is arguably the best in Italy when it comes to food, and everything is so close together that you can explore it in just a couple of days.

Begin in Italy’s home of food, Bologna, where you must try bolognese with tagliatelle – not spaghetti! You’ll also find great wine, Aperol, gelato, and the city’s famous tortellini in brodo, which are little pasta dumplings in a broth.

To work off all the food, climb the 498 steps up the Asinelli Tower for panoramic city views and stroll around the Quadrilatero neighbourhood, which is full of food markets and espresso bars.

Just half an hour away is Modena, home of balsamic vinegar – you can tour a factory to see how it’s made and buy some to take home.

The city also produces Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, which you can try on pasta or by visiting a local factory.

Spend a final day visiting Parma, where Parma ham comes from, seeing how it’s cured in a factory and used in a variety of delicious dishes and sandwiches.

By now, you’ll have collected enough tasty souvenirs to have a delicious Italian meal for yourself as a final lunch on the way home.

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Italy Itinerary 3 – Beaches and Coastline

Days 1-3 – Naples

Bonding Or Holiday By Ocean For Adventure In Naples, Italy
Naples is a perfect place for your Italy honeymoon itinerary.

Italy’s lengthy coastline makes it ideal for a beach holiday or just a road trip along the southern coast.

Begin by exploring Naples, where the Bay of Naples offers plenty of spots to relax.

You can find sandy beaches in Posillipo or take a boat tour to the nearby islands of Procida and Ischia, which have their own vibrant culture, food and beaches.

Spend a day down in Sorrento which is filled with historic churches and restaurants overlooking the ocean, as well as beaches such as Marina Grande.

Before departing, drive down to the beautiful Cilento Coast, which has far fewer tourists and features golden beaches and hidden caves in spots like Palinuro.

Throughout this region, known as Campania, you’ll be able to enjoy epic views, dramatic landscapes and some of the best seafood in all of Italy, thanks to the wealth of local fishermen and fishing villages dotted along the coast.

Days 4-6 – Amalfi Coast

City Of Positano, Amalfi Coast Italy
Amalfi Coast, Italy vacation itinerary.

Where many people think of when they picture Italy’s coastline, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most picturesque areas in Italy.

Obviously, you should start the adventure in Positano, where you can take Instagram-worthy photos under the colourful beach umbrellas on Spiaggia Grande Beach and soak up the amazing views.

There are also great waterfront cafes and trattorias here that serve fresh seafood while overlooking the ocean.

On the second day, the best way to cover the most ground and beaches is to take a boat tour along the coast, or you can also self-drive to famous spots like Amalfi and Ravello, which are classically pretty coastal towns.

Don’t miss a scenic hike up the Path of the Gods, which ends in breathtaking views over the sea and coast, and after such an active final morning, you can look forward to a cooling swim on any of the cute beaches dotted around this area.

Days 7-10 – Sicily

Beach Of San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily
Sicily is a fun place to visit on an Italy 10-day itinerary.

With three or four days to spare, it’s more than worth making the journey down to sunny Sicily, whether you drive down and take the ferry across or hop on a short flight to Palermo.

The island is small but packed with things to do, so concentrate on key areas.

If you drive down to the island, continue on until you reach the beautiful beaches of Taormina on the east coast, which has sparkling blue waters for swimming.

When you arrive in Palermo, a three-hour drive from Taormina, you can explore historic sights like Palermo Cathedral and the Norman Palace before venturing slightly north.

Here, you’ll find Mondello, a pretty coastal town with golden sandy beaches and excellent restaurants and gelaterias, and you can also visit on a half-day trip from Palermo, to experience the best of both.

With a day or so to spare before leaving, take a leisurely trip east to Cefalu, home to a huge Norman cathedral and fascinating archaeological sites, as well as sun-soaked beaches like Spiaggia di Cefalù which are ideal for a final day of paddling and sunbathing.

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