20 Incredible Venezuela Beaches

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Venezuela is a beautiful country best known for being the location of the world’s tallest waterfall. It also has the largest known oil reserves on the planet. Venezuela’s women are some of the most stunning, and results from international beauty pageants say it all, with eight winners of Miss International, seven winners of Miss Universe and six winners of Miss World hailing from this country. There are also some incredible beaches in Venezuela. Facing the Caribbean islands of the Netherlands Antilles, St Vincent & The Grenadines, Grenada and Trinidad & Tobago, its northern coastline accommodates plenty of them along the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. So, put these 20 Venezuela beaches on your to-visit list.

20 Venezuela Beaches

Venezuela Beaches – Margarita Island 

1- Playa el Yaque

Playa el Yaque Venezuela beaches Magarita Island
Playa el Yaque is a beach to enjoy on Magarita Island in Venezuela.

Located on the beautiful Margarita Island, (which, let’s face it sounds like the kind of place we would all like to go to!) Playa El Yaque is one of Venezuela’s top beaches.

Sandwiched between two imposing mountain ranges linked by soft golden sand, the beach has a spectacular setting.

The sea forms a natural shallow lagoon here, with a spongy, sandy bottom making it great for swimming.

Other water-based activities like surfing and wakeboarding are popular too.

The beach is lined with plush hotels and an eclectic mix of shops and restaurants.


It’s easy to see why this lively beachside location is such an excellent spot for a family holiday.

2- Playa El Agua

Beaches Venezuela Margarita Island
Margarita Island is home to several wonderful Venezuela beaches.

Also on Margarita Island, Playa El Agua is a 2.5-mile (4 km) stretch of bronzed sand and a pleasant spot for walking, beachcombing or simply relaxing in the sun.

Framed by massive palm trees, the beachfront has excellent bars, restaurants and shops.

The amenities are excellent and while it’s a good place to swim overall, be mindful that the seabed is quite uneven in areas and a bit jagged.

3- Playa-Parguito

Venezuela beaches margarita island foamy waves lapping on the sand
Margarita Island has some of the most impressive beaches in Venezuela.

Another beach on Margarita Island, Playa-Parguito, stretches for more than 1 km.

It’s a wide and largely uncrowded beach that surfers love because of the big swell they get to ride there.

There are few restaurants or shops nearby, but some barbeque huts dot the fabulous white sandy beach selling cheap local seafood to sustain you.

If you are planning on a swim, be mindful that the waters can have strong currents and, fortunately, there are lifeguards on duty to watch over you.

4- Playa Punta Arenas

venezuela beaches
Looking for the best beaches in Venezuela?

Down on the Southwestern tip of the Macanao peninsula, Playa Punta Arenas is another famous beach on Margarita Island.

Technically two adjacent beaches, this is one of the best coastal locations in Venezuela to see the sunset.

It is also a perfect spot for swimming and bodysurfing, with decent sized waves to entertain you.

Unfortunately, there is little in the way of shade here, so you will probably need to rent a sun lounger.

However, a sprinkling of local restaurants dot the area, offering beer, cocktails and soft drinks.

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Venezuela Beaches – Northeast Coast

5- Isla el Faro

Best beaches in Venezuela woman in sarong lying on a sand with hat covering her face
Some of the best Venezuela beaches are the ones where you’re enticed to do absolutely nothing.

Quietly tucked away inside a cove, the golden sand of Isla el Faro is the perfect place to rest and relax.

Situated on the northeastern coast, the waters of the Caribbean Sea are particularly inviting here.

Protected by the gentle curve of the coastline, the golden sandy beach provides an excellent spot for swimming or paddling.

Lined with huts and beach umbrellas, you get plenty of shade whilst sunbathing here.

There are also many local restaurants and a small pier that moors plenty of colourful boats.

If you feel energetic, there are a few hiking and climbing trails from the beach that provide excellent views of it, the higher you climb.

6- Coche Beach

Sexy Venezuela beaches woman in striped bikini and wide-brimmed sunhat lying on a towel.
Some beaches in Venezuela have so few people, you’ll virtually have the entire beach to yourself to do whatever you want.

If a famous tourist beach is a turn off for you, perhaps a trip to the much more remote Coche Beach might be in order?

Located within the state of Nueva Esparta, which lies just off Venezuela’s northeast Caribbean coast, this gem of a beach remains largely off the radar.

Soak up the sun on an idyllic tropical beach paradise that Christopher Columbus first discovered in 1498.

Rather charmingly, the area is full of wildlife with horses, donkeys and pelicans roaming freely around the beach.

The vegetation is scarce, so be sure to bring a hat, water and plenty of sunscreen.

7- Playa Medina

Beaches of Venezuela Playa Medina
The beach at Venezuela’s Playa Medina is another Caribbean paradise.

In northeastern Venezuela in the state of Sucre, you’ll find the stunning Playa Medina beach.

Once a coconut plantation, the beach provides plenty of opportunities to drink out of one while sitting under a coconut tree or laying on a towel on the golden sand.

Set within an area of breathtaking natural beauty within a small bay, the crescent-shaped beach feels very remote.

It’s the perfect Venezuela beach to choose when you want to escape from the world for a while.

8- Playa Colorada

Beaches Venezuela blue sky emerald water and a catamaran
Going on a catamaran tour to the islands and beaches of Venezuela is the perfect way to spend the day.

Sandwiched between the cities of Cumana and Puerto La Cruz on the northeast coast of Venezuela, the breathtaking Playa Colorada beach seems to be a bit of a secret.

Situated within the magnificent Mochima National Park, this scintillating landscape of pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and stunning coral reef remains practically unvisited.

For this reason, it’s one of the best beaches in Venezuela to visit.

Adventurous travellers will love exploring the islands offshore.

9- Mochima National Park

Mochima National Park beach Venezuela beach shacks and people lying on the sand
The beaches in Venezuela’s Mochima National Park are perfect for swimming and snorkelling.

Found on the mainland, Mochima National Park showcases stunning white beach landscapes on the northeast coast.

Framed by sparkling blue water and backed by a hilly terrain of verdant forest, the national park is a fabulous spot for swimming, hiking, snorkelling and scuba diving.

The views are incredible, and you will want to take lots of photos or videos of your surroundings.

Several local companies also run boat tours to take you to nearby islands.

Other Beaches In Venezuela

10- Cayo de Agua

Venezuela beaches los roques beach umbrellas from above with clear aqua water and boats bobbing in the sea
In Venezuela, the beaches of Los Roques are famous. Pull up an umbrella and enjoy your time in paradise.

Situated 62 miles (100 km) north of Caracas, Venezuela’s charming capital, Cayo de Agua, is on the Los Roques archipelago, along the spectacular southern region of the Caribbean Sea.

With an extended stretch of brilliant white sand, it has a remote, almost private desert island quality that belies the fact that it is quite a well-visited beach.

There is usually plenty of space to set up camp for the day without being distracted by noise or crowd.

When the tide is out, a sandbar appears for you to walk along, which makes for great photo opportunities.

11- Cayo Muerto

caracas Venezuela beaches
Looking for the best Venezuela beaches? Here’s our list of the top 20.

Forming part of Morrocoy National Marine Park on the country’s west-central Caribbean coast, Cayo Muerto is another popular Venezuelan beach location.

Not far from the resort town of Chichiriviche, this beach is well known for its coral reef, which makes it an excellent place for swimming and snorkelling as you will get to see lots of different species of tropical fish.

The landscape around the beach is also stunning, with plenty of palm trees and vegetation to provide a splash of colour and welcome shade.

12- Cayo Carenero

Venezuela beaches Los Roque Archipelago
The Los Roque Archipelago has some of the most amazing Venezuela beaches.

Nestled on an island within the Los Roques group, Cayo Carenero has a marvellous beach that seems to go on forever.

The entire southern coast of the island contains a fabulous shallow lagoon with white sand and clear water, perfect for swimming.

The northern coast offers up some outstanding snorkelling opportunities too.

Although this beach destination is quite popular, you should not have too many problems finding yourself a patch of sand to throw down a towel.

13- Noronky Beach

Beaches of Venezuela
Make footsteps in the sand on your pick of beaches in Venezuela. If you’re lucky, yours might be the only set.

Arguably one of Venezuela’s most beautiful beaches, Noronky Beach is a little piece of paradise on the Isla El Gran Roque.

With spectacular white sand, crystal-clear water and a remote setting, Noronky Beach is idyllic.

As it’s pretty far from the main cities, this beach is generally pretty quiet and if you are lucky, you may even enjoy it all to yourself.

Because of the lack of crowds, marine life thrives in the ocean, making it another perfect spot for snorkelling.

Look out for sea turtles gliding past, creating that magical moment.

14- Bahía de Cata

In the north-central region of Venezuela, the state of Aragua has many lovely beaches, but one of the best has to be Bahía de Cata.

About 36 miles (58km) from Maracay, you will reach along the El Limó road, the stunning sizeable sandy beach has picturesque coconut groves on three sides.

Framed by rocky mountains, the long, gently curving beach features fine white sand and is offset by sparkling blue waters.

As the area near the coast is shallow, it is a popular destination with local families who come here for a swim.

15- Madrisqui Beach

Beaches in Venezuela
There are so many amazing beaches in Venezuela, you could spend weeks exploring.

Madrisqui is nestled on the beautiful Isla El Gran Roque along the South Caribbean Sea and has sand so fine that you could mistake it for white sugar.

Contrasting beautifully with the shimmering turquoise waters, it’s a popular destination for families to enjoy quality time together.

The shallow and gentle waves are great for swimming, while it’s also a renowned spot for angling.

Join a boat tour to one of the many excellent dive spots in the area.

With several fabulous bars and eateries within short walking distance of the beach, this is somewhere you could easily spend an entire day.

16- Cayo Pirata Beach

Just a stone’s throw from Madrisqui lies the beautiful Cayo Pirata Beach.

As it’s much more private and far less crowded, this is a fabulous destination to visit if you want a bit of peace.

The soft white sand is pristine here, and the azure waters are great for snorkelling.

There is also a nearby fishing village well known for its seafood restaurants.

17- Choroní Beach

Choroni Beach Venezuela orange sunset with palm trees in silhouette
Golden hour at Choroni Beach is so perfect, you can see why it’s one of the most popular beaches in Venezuela.

Some 50 miles (80km) west of Caracas lies the picturesque Choroni Beach.

Officially known as Playa Grande, it is often referred to as Choroni, as it lies close to a namesake colonial town in the state of Aragua.

Framed by the cloud forest mountains of the Henri Pittier National Park, which hover in the distance, the beach has a tranquil setting.

With the ubiquitous idyllic sand and clear water you’ve come to associate with Venezuelan beaches as your playground, you will want to spend quite some time here.

18- Playa Manzanillo

As you enter the water at Playa Manzanillo, you notice that it is like a swimming pool and so alluring you’ll probably want to stay all day.

Lying on the fringes of a sleepy fishing village in the state of Nueva Esparta, this relaxed beach destination is a lovely place to spend an afternoon relaxing in the sun.

If the piercing afternoon blaze gets too much for you, chairs and beach umbrellas are available to rent.

The village also has several quaint seafood restaurants you can try the local fare.

19- Cayo-Sombrero

Famous beaches in Venezuela windswept palms and umbrellas on Sombrero Beach Morrocoy National Park
When they say the water is crystal clear, it actually is. Check out the white sand and clear water at Sombrero Beach, Venezuela, in Morrocoy National Park.

Are you looking for an Instagram beach with the ‘wow’ factor? Then Cayo-Sombrero could well be the one.

Located near the Morrocoy National Park, on the western central coast, it features not one but two wide beaches lined with palms growing over the water.

It’s an impressive sight to enjoy while camping on the beach at night.

To support the camping accommodation, there is a wide range of amenities here, including various restaurants that flank the beach with delicious regional seafood cuisine offerings.

20- Isla Tortuga

Venezuela beaches
These Venezuela beaches will make you want to pack your bags and go for a visit. Check them out.

Isla Tortuga is about 111 miles (180km) from Caracas, on the South Caribbean Sea, translated as the’ island of turtles’.

Isl Tortuga’s beaches are up there with the best beaches in Venezuela, taking the form of endless miles of immaculate white sand, stately palm trees, impossibly blue water, and gorgeous coral reefs.

An excellent place for all kinds of water sports, you may or may not see turtles here, but you will undoubtedly have a great time at this fantastic Venezuela beach destination.

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