20 Chile Beaches

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The narrowest and the second-longest country in the world, Chile, is also home to the driest place on earth. The long and thin strip of land that makes up this country is home to a range of geographical features, from the stark Atacama Desert to Easter Island’s mysterious stone statues. It’s incredible to think you could fit such amazing diversity into a country with an average width of only 110 miles (177 km).

Does Chile have beaches? You bet it does. With a coastline of over 6,000 miles (9,656 km), Chile also has some fantastic beaches. From windswept beaches in remote northern deserts to snow-sprinkled beaches in Chile’s southern fjords, the country has a host of unique and stunning beaches just waiting to be visited. Start with these incredible Chile beaches.

Chile Beaches

20 Beaches In Chile

1- Playa La Virgen

Chile beaches waves lapping on the sand
Take your pick of wild, wonderful and beautiful Chile beaches.

Once a closely guarded secret by Chilean locals, the beach has been drawing visitors from far and wide since outsiders first set their eyes upon Playa La Virgen’s beautiful white sand and turquoise water.

The sheltered, Caribbean-style beach got its name from its striking rock formation, which resembles the Virgin Mary, whom locals believe guards over Playa La Virgin and the surrounding area.

There is a collection of huts made out of wood, stone and mud near the beach where visitors can stay the night.

Alternatively, Playa La Virgin has some excellent camping sites with gorgeous views of the beach and the Atacama Desert that’s tough to beat elsewhere in Chile.

Playa La Virgin is 28 miles (46 km) south of Bahía Inglesa.

2- Pan de Azúcar

best beaches chile landscape of cactii above a beach and bay
Pan de Azúcar national park is home to some of the most pristine Chile beaches.

The Atacama Desert is home to several incredible sights, hiking trails and wild nature untouched by outside influences.

The desert’s Pan de Azúcar National Park is a rugged landscape known for its remoteness and desolate appearance.

Pan de Azúcar’s most famous beach is La Caleta, which is a long stretch of sand littered with sharp rocks and small inlets.

La Caleta sets a striking backdrop with the wild desert scenery seemingly rising from the Pacific Ocean, creating a photographer’s dream.

There’s a host of activities nearby, like penguin watching and hiking if you’ve had your fill of the beach.

La Caleta is the perfect beach in Chile to break away from the hustle and bustle.

Pan de Azúcar is at Parque Nacional Pan de Azucar, Ruta C120, Chañaral, Puerto Pan de Azúcar, Chañaral, Atacama.

3- Bahia Inglesa

Santiago Chile beaches (Bahia Inglesa) translucent water and rocks
Bahia Inglesa is one of the pristine Chile beaches not too far from Santiago.

A fantastic destination for all kinds of water sports, Bahia Inglesa is Chile’s most-photographed beach, and it’s easy to see why.

Beautiful blue water laps the pristine white sandy beach that is naturally sheltered by the rock formations.

Bahia Inglesa is yet another of the Atacama Desert’s fabulous beaches and is a popular getaway during the summer months, thanks to its geographical position in the north of Chile.

While the quaint village of the same name is well worth a tour itself, the beach remains the main reason many Chileans and visitors flock to this remote part of the country every year.

Bahia Inglesa is at Av. El Morro, Bahía Inglesa, Caldera, Atacama.

4- Playa Las Tijeras

Playa Las Tijeras on Chile’s Isla Damas looks different from most Chilean beaches.

Seemingly plucked from some exotic Mediterranean island, Playa Las Tijeras’ arid landscape and low shrubbery clinging to the white sandy beach creates a welcoming sight for beachgoers hoping to catch great surf and sunshine.

While Playa Las Tijeras is a fabulous beach in its own right, the island’s abundant wildlife such as penguins, dolphins, sea lions and various birds are the real reason many people flock to Isla Damas every year.

Five kilometres west of Punta de Choros, Isla Damas is easily reachable and great for some outdoor fun in the sun.

Playa Las Tijeras is at Pacífico Sur, Coquimbo.

5- Punta Choros

Punta Choros is a quiet fishing town located about 100 kilometres (62 mi) north of La Serena.

Thanks to the town’s great beach and the nearby National Humboldt Penguin Reserve, it is a well-visited area.

Punta Choros is situated close to Isla Damas and Playa Las Tijeras, which makes it an excellent destination to explore all the incredible sights within a single day.

Punta Choros is a prime scuba diving and sportfishing spot, perfect for those wanting to enjoy the rich bounty the Pacific Ocean has to offer.

Punta Choros is in Coquimbo.

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6- Playa Anakena

best beaches chile
Easter Island’s Anakena is one of the most unique beaches in Chile.

Located on Rapa Nui, better known as Easter Island, Playa Anakena is one of the world’s most remote and challenging-to-reach beaches.

While the island is famed worldwide for its giant stone statues, its natural beauty will leave you speechless.

The best beach on Easter Island is its renowned beach, Playa Anakena, where the moai statues are from four to 33 feet tall (1.2 to 10 m).

The statues are hundreds of years old and made from stone found elsewhere on the island and moved to the beach.

How the islanders moved those heavy statues to the beach remains a mystery.

Flanked by coconut trees, this majestic white-sand beach is not just one of Chile’s best beaches but one of the most famous beaches in the world.

It’s worth the five-hour flight from Santiago to stand on this mysterious island beach in Chile to gaze at the stone statues.

Playa Anakena is on Easter Island.

7- Playa Grande

beaches chile soaring mountains around a pristine beach wtih accommodation in the background
Playa Grande Quintay is one of the best beaches in Chile to enjoy the seaside and mountains.

Quintay’s relaxed ambience and proximity to Valparaíso makes it a haven for anyone looking to enjoy Chile’s coastline away from the crowds.

Playa Grande is easily Quintay’s best beach with its broad white sandy beach and relatively calm waters, creating an inviting and relaxing environment perfect for lounging around.

Playa Grande is at F-802 26, Quintay, Casablanca, Valparaíso.

8- Playa Zapallar

Playa Zapallar is one of the best beaches in Chile for snorkelling.

Located near Santiago and Valparaíso, Playa Zapallar is easy to reach and is home to many luxurious seaside villas belonging to Chile’s rich and famous.

Playa Zapallar’s golden sand and perfect crescent shape create an inviting atmosphere perfect for lounging around during the warm summer months.

The town also has a selection of eateries, shops and cafes to enjoy after spending some time at the beach.

Playa Zapallar is at Av Zapallar, Zapallar, Valparaíso.

9- Playa Reñaca

Beautiful chile beaches (Playa Reñaca Coquimbo)
Playa Reñaca Coquimbo is one of the popular beaches in Chile for a holiday by the sea.

Playa Reñaca is one of Chile’s liveliest beaches luring locals and tourists seeking parties and activities to enjoy.

Famed for its golden sandy beach, Playa Reñaca is everything you want when picturing the perfect beach to visit, pristine sand, warm water and excellent amenities nearby.

Even though the beach gets quite popular, especially in the summer, Playa Reñaca is sizeable enough to accommodate crowds, making it a great spot to visit no matter the time of year.

With all sorts of accommodation and restaurants within walking distance, Playa Reñaca is an entertaining yet relaxing beach destination in Chile.

Playa Reñaca is at Av. Borgoño, Viña del Mar, Valparaíso.

10- Playa Acapulco

Viña del Mar’s Playa Acapulco is one of the city’s best known and most popular attractions.

Located in the centre of Viña del Mar, the beach is surrounded by lively bars, restaurants and local shops where you can immerse yourself in Chilean culture while enjoying one of the country’s best beaches.

Strolling along Playa Acapulco’s wooden boardwalk is a very popular activity and the walk has a commanding view of the beach, the city’s skyline and the shimmering Pacific Ocean.

Playa Acapulco’s proximity to top-notch amenities makes it the perfect place to visit or stay during your trip to beautiful Chile.

Playa Acapulco is at San Martín, Viña del Mar, Valparaíso.

11- Viña del Mar’s Playa del Sol

Vina del mar beach in Chile
Vina del Mar is one of the most popular Chile beach escapes.

Playa Acapulco isn’t the only great beach near Chile’s Viña del Mar, which is a ritzy resort town is right next to Valparaíso.

Some of the country’s best restaurants and hotels call Viña del Mar home.

Playa del Sol is Viña del Mar’s main foreshore and is situated right next to Playa Acapulco.

The beach is renowned for its swanky beach bars and beautiful promenade, which runs the length of the beach.

Both Playa del Sol and Playa Acapulco can be visited within a single day, making for an excellent day trip filled with lounging around on the ritziest beaches of Chile and sipping fruity cocktails afterwards.

Playa del Sol is at San Martín 1130, Viña del Mar, Valparaíso.

12- Playa El Canelillo

Despite being in the middle of Algarrobo, a Chilean resort town, Playa El Canelillo feels secluded and tucked away from the bustling streets even though it isn’t.

A pine forest shields the rear of the beach, blocking out most of the town’s traffic and high-rise buildings.

This crescent-shaped golden-sand beach is perfect for lounging all day long with peaceful waters to swim in if you dare face the chilly Pacific waters.

Not too far away from Valparaíso, Playa El Canelillo makes for an ideal day trip to enjoy a secluded yet lively beach experience.

Playa El Canelillo is at Algarrobo, Valparaíso.

13- Puertecillo Beach

beautiful chile beaches at sunset with foamy waves crashing ashore
Puertecillo beach is another of the remote beaches of Chile.

Puertecillo Beach is Chile’s surfer’s paradise, with incredible waves and a long stretch of golden beach to relax on.

Situated in Chile’s Cardenal Caro Province, Puertecillo has been the home of Chilean surf since surfers first discovered it in the late 1980s.

It has since been developed slightly, with about a hundred permanent residents calling the area along the beach home.

Despite being a mecca for surfers, Puerecillo remains a relatively unvisited beach, making it a private and peaceful stretch of pristine coastline rarely found elsewhere in the country.

The beach itself is only accessible via a rough dirt road, so make sure you travel in a 4WD vehicle if you’re planning on driving up to the beach.

Puertecillo Beach is in Litueche, O’Higgins.

14- Playa Matanzas

Chile best beaches sand dunes on the beach
Playa Matanzas is another of the stunning beaches in Chile.

Low-key Matanzas is the perfect place to enjoy a nice relaxing day away from the larger Chilean cities.

Primarily a fishing village, Matanzas is best known for its striking and bizarre black volcanic beach, Playa Matanzas, which runs parallel to the town’s main road.

Visit sleepy Matanzas during the week, and you’ll enjoy a laid-back little town filled with locals going about their day.

Visit during the weekend, however, and you’ll encounter an entirely different town when the city slickers from Santiago arrive in droves to lounge and play on Playa Matanzas all day long.

Matanzas is one of Chile’s premier beach towns and Playa Matanzas is one of Chile’s strangest yet most popular beaches, perfect for spending the day.

Playa Matanzas is at G-892-I, Navidad, O’Higgins.

15- Playa Buchupureo

Playa Buchupureo is not your regular Chilean beach.

Located north of Cobquecura in Chile’s Nuble region, Playa Buchupureo lies in the picturesque countryside surrounded by rolling green hills and pine forests.

Set within a gorgeous bay, this naturally enclosed beach makes for excellent surfing even though the water is quite cold, even by Chilean standards.

Not only is Playa Buchupureo a pretty beach, but the many nature trails and the nearby Lan Nalcas Park also provide excellent outdoor fun.

Playa Buchupureo is a great destination that is most definitely worth visiting.

Playa Buchupureo is at N-102-M, Cobquecura, Región del Bío Bío.

16- Caleta Cóndor

Best beaches in Chile waves at sunset
Enjoy the power of the ocean at one of these beautiful Chile beaches.

One of the loveliest beaches in Chile, Caleta Cóndor seamlessly blends lush green forests with turquoise blue waters.

Located at the mouth of the Río Cholguaco river in southern Chile’s Los Lagos region, Caleta Cóndor’s water does get quite cold, however, the beach is perfect for viewing incredible sunsets over the Pacific Ocean.

Set within the Territorio Mapa Lahual, a protected indigenous area, Caleta Cóndor is a nature lover’s dream destination and hosts some of the country’s most spectacular scenery.

Only accessible via a two-hour boat trip via Bahía Mansa, Caleta Cóndor is not easy to reach, but its remoteness adds to its majesty and mystery.

Caleta Cóndor is in Río Negro, Los Lagos.

17- Playa Cole Cole

Playa Cole Cole shares several similarities with Caleta Cóndor in that both are remote beaches surrounded by green hills with some of the most pristine white sand and azure-coloured water.

Found within the Chiloe National Park, reaching the beach can only be done by registering with the Chiloe National Park before your visit to be permitted to hike the 15.8 kilometres (9.8 mi) to the beach itself.

This might sound daunting to your average traveller, but getting to Playa Cole Cole is, without a doubt, a daring adventure.

18- La Portada in Antofagasta

Chile beaches dangerous rock formation off the shore
La Portada is an eye-catching rock formation in Chile seen from the beach.

Antofagasta’s La Portada beach is not famous for great sand, perfect water or a lively atmosphere.

What makes it one of Chile’s most spectacular and striking beaches is the massive, unmissable La Portada sandstone arch that sits right off the coast in the Pacific Ocean.

The arch is one of 15 natural monuments in the country and is one of Chile’s most recognised natural landmarks.

La Portada beach provides unobstructed vistas of the arch, including the stunning, near-vertical cliffs which border the shoreline.

It’s one of the most striking Chile beaches and worthy of a visit.

19- Playa Cavancha

Beaches in Chile hundreds of colourful umbrellas and people at the beach
Cavancha Beach is one of the larger Chile beaches and can get crowded.

Playa Cavancha is in downtown Iquique and is the largest and most popular beach in the city.

Framed by high-rise buildings on one side and the shimmering ocean on the other, Playa Cavancha is the perfect urban escape to cool off during the hot summer months.

The beach has a paved promenade that is great for a stroll and is a haven for locals.

You won’t find too many tourists as most visitors tend to stick to the larger urban areas, leaving Playa Cavancha up for grabs to enjoy away from the busier beaches in Chile.

It’s perfect for families and is well-equipped with all the amenities you’d expect at a popular beach.

Playa Cavancha is at Av. Arturo Prat Chacón, Iquique, Tarapacá.

20- Puerto Cisnes

The far south of the land rarely comes to mind when making a list of best Chile beaches, however, Puerto Cisnes is exactly that, with beautiful white sands and lush mountains covered in thick forests surrounding the beach.

The area is stunning and the perfect launchpad to hop on a cruise to the Chilean fjords or see whales and dolphins in the Pacific Ocean.

The landscape is poles apart from the desert landscape in the country’s north.

The water is freezing and uncomfortable to swim in but the beach makes up for the water temperature, with great outdoor activities and incredible vistas.

It’s a truly stunning part of Chile few travellers ever visit.

21- Playa Luna

chile beaches woman on beach with hat
Check out this list of Chile beaches. There’s only one official nude beach in Chile but nudity is tolerated at a couple of other beaches including Playa Escondida in Antofagasta and Playa Corazones in Arica.

Playa Luna, or Moon Beach, is Chile’s only official nude beach and is open to the public.

If you’re visiting the Valparaiso Region and want to experience a nude beach, Chile style, Playa Luna is in the Puchuncaví commune.

The beach is not far from the town of Horcon and there are several resorts around the area.

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