studio city
What happens when two asteroids crash into a Gotham City tower? According to Melco Crown Entertainment Limited - the developer of Macau’s soon-to-be-opened Studio City casino complex - you get the world’s first figure-8 Ferris wheel.Here’s what it looks like so far:It’s called the Golden Reel and hangs 130m...
venetian macau
Reggie Martin is from Chicago and has been living in Macau for 15 years. His job as Senior Manager of VIP/Celebrity Relations at The Venetian Macau has allowed him to meet and take care of some of the most influential people in the world. Think Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nicole Kidman,...
travel wifi
Free Wi-Fi for travellers is a concept whose time has come. The idea of a hotel charging for Wi-Fi may soon become as quaint, outdated and unacceptable as a restaurant charging for tap water.Even as free Wi-Fi spreads, pockets of stubborn resistance hold out. Some hotels and airports continue...
yukon river quest
World's longest canoe race chases midnight sun in the Yukon Territory.155 paddlers from all over the world - including a 24 year-old Australian - are taking their mark at the 17th annual Yukon River Quest, known as the ‘race to the midnight sun’ on June 24 2015.Competitors from 12...
what are symptoms of ebola
Ebola has gone quiet in the news. This is typical of our global press. When a topic is hot, its hot, then they get tired of it. But this does not mean the disease has been eradicated. We all need to be aware of potential dangers, particularly if contemplating travel to...
gold coast accommodation
When visiting the Gold Coast, you can put aside those bulky guide books. The Gold Coast Traveller App will not only help you find restaurants, book hotels, tickets and tours. It also has the smarts to remind you where you parked your car, find a lost child and find...


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20 Places To Visit in Winter in Japan

Winter in Japan is like a fairytale with snow-covered slopes. Discover the treasures of the country's four islands - Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku....