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l'austral ponant ship
I have a hermit crab for company and a volcano erupting in the background. I have just strolled from one tiny island to the other on the sandbar that links them and is now fast disappearing under the rising tide. Blue skies and brilliant sunshine, it is hard to...
travel wifi

Travel WiFi

Free Wi-Fi for travellers is a concept whose time has come. The idea of a hotel charging for Wi-Fi may soon become as quaint, outdated and unacceptable as a restaurant charging for tap water. Even as free Wi-Fi spreads, pockets of stubborn resistance hold out. Some hotels and airports continue...
air asia international flight review
Air Asia Business Class flight review of D7223 Sydney to Kuala Lumpur and connecting flight to Kolkata IN-DI-A-HHH beckons as usual. Attractive, intriguing, full of history, varied, colourful, entrancing, frustrating at times our relationship is a special one. We (India and I) converse, argue, break up and make up and I...

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