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Looking for a zoo? From the world's oldest zoo to the world's northernmost zoo as well as other good zoos, here are five zoos I've enjoyed visiting during my travels. 1-Ranua Zoo, FinlandMeet the Arctic animals at Ranua Zoo in Finland.Hear the wolves howling, lynxes roaring and bears growl when...
Choosing the right kind of trip is the key to an unforgettable holiday for travelling seniors. Here are some top ideas that appeal to seniors who love to travel. Canada and Alaska Visiting Canada and Alaska is a life-long dream for many retirees and a popular way to travel is on an...
best vacation spots
There’s a whole world of experiences and best vacation spots that are especially perfect for boomers and seniors. Australia’s over 55’s are a well-travelled lot. Mature travellers are out there experiencing the world in force. They are cruising Europe’s waterways, gazing at breathtaking views from the Rocky Mountaineer or driving around...
gap adventures
Women are taking off in droves to see the world. When it comes to travel, James Brown’s wail “It’s a man’s, man’s, man’s world” is far from true. Nowadays women are taking off to see the world in droves, with partners, sisters, mothers, best friends or even by themselves. So...
737 flight simulator
Taking off and landing at Hong Kong’s Kai Tak airport is an experience to remember and it's fun to try it on a Boeing 737 flight simulator. Taking offI push the thrust levers to full power and the Boeing 737 jetliner rolls down the runway. As we gain speed,...
trident hotel
The people of Jaipur are as fascinating as the places to visit in Jaipur. Kailash Singh is a Rajput, or son of a king, part of the clans that once ruled the princely states of Rajasthan and big swathes of central, western and northern India putting up ferocious fights...


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