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Trident Jaipur hotel review

The people of Jaipur are as fascinating as the places to visit in Jaipur. Kailash Singh is a Rajput, or son of a king, part of the clans that once ruled the princely states of Rajasthan and big swathes of central, western and northern India putting up ferocious fights...
disneyland amusement park
In every country around the globe amusement parks are big attractions and fun for kids and adults. Here are our top picks on where to get your ride on, be it roller coasters, water parks or retro spots. Do you agree with our list of 10 best amusement parks...
jetstar 04

Travel membership rewards

If your wallet is like mine, it is probably bulging with reward membership cards. I have three airline frequent flyer memberships, nine coffee club cards, six retail store cards (yes, shopping is addictive), two for pet stores, an entertainment card that can be used at an assortment of businesses and...
digital photography tips
What’s the best camera to have? The one with you at the time and for many of us that is our camera phone, usually a smartphone. Here are some digital photography tips on how to use your smartphone to take great photos. 1-Keep your lens clean Keep your lens clean....
l'austral ponant ship
I have a hermit crab for company and a volcano erupting in the background. I have just strolled from one tiny island to the other on the sandbar that links them and is now fast disappearing under the rising tide. Blue skies and brilliant sunshine, it is hard to...
travel wifi

Travel WiFi

Free Wi-Fi for travellers is a concept whose time has come. The idea of a hotel charging for Wi-Fi may soon become as quaint, outdated and unacceptable as a restaurant charging for tap water. Even as free Wi-Fi spreads, pockets of stubborn resistance hold out. Some hotels and airports continue...

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