Cuba Trinidad – what to do on vacation

Cuba Trinidad – what to do on vacation


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Photos: Andy Yee

Trinidad in Cuba is a small town that has been UNESCO heritage listed since 1988. Trinidad looks like it has been stuck in time since the 1850’s. About six hours by bus from Havana, and 12 hours overnight from Santiago de Cuba, Trinidad is an appropriate stopover when travelling between the two places. That is unless you want to try and endure the 16-hour journey from Havana to Santiago in one hit.

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The Unión de Jóvenes Comunistas (UJC) Young Communist League. The motto is Estudio, Trabajo, Fusil and means “Study, Work, Rifle”

Trinidad Cuba

It’s evident that the town relies heavily on tourism as its main source of income.

Straight off the buses at 6am in the morning, the touts for casas (rooms for rent) are as unrelenting as the summer sun here.

trinidad cuba 2
You may hear them coming down the road

When I’m ready to explore, after a cooked breakfast and fresh Cuban coffee, the hotel receptionist gives me a map, and circles 1/5th of it and says “everything is here”.

And that’s pretty much how it is.

Trinidad Cuba is small, beautiful and quaint.

There are grand buildings in the Plaza Mayor, with its picturesque cobbled streets.

The two draw cards to this area are the Santisima Trinidad Cathedral and the Convento de San Francisco church.

The latter also houses an impressive museum.

trinidad cuba
Early morning on the beautiful cobbled streets
trinidad cuba
The Convento de San Francisco

Bell tower in Trinidad Cuba

Walking around town, you get a sense of how colourful the town is with the vibrant pastel-painted houses.

From the bell tower of the Iglesia y Convento de San Francisco, you really do see something unique.

As the sun sets over the mountains, it’s one of the prettiest views in all of Cuba.

trinidad cuba 5
Sunset from the top of the belltower

There are a few vintage cars making their way around town, but as the town is pretty small; the majority of people walk or ride bikes to where they need to be.

Trinidad is very much a small town that depends on tourism to survive, so don’t be surprised with the number of touts that you might have to deal with.

trinidad cuba 3
Pastel colours and vintage cars

Playa Ancon 

A short distance from Trinidad is the pristine white sand of the Playa Ancon. You can hire a bicycle for the day and take the scenic route to Ancon via another beach La Boca.

There are also a few little smaller beaches along this road, but you really do want to check out the view of the Caribbean Sea at Ancon.

There are a few resort hotels along the strip of Ancon – if resort holidays are your thing. But there are a few amenities and restaurants also from some of the enterprising locals.

trinidad cuba 7
Playa Ancon

Discover Cuba

Keen to explore Trinidad? Here’s a great Trinidad Cuba guide packed with everything you need to know.

Cuba is the largest Caribbean island. It has a rich history and some beautiful architecture all around the country. If you’re planning a visit, make sure to leave enough time to fit in as many things to do in Cuba as you can.

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Cuba Trinidad


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