Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary – Gold Coast

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary – Gold Coast

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Photos courtesy Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

If you’re a wildlife lover, you’ve probably wondered what it’s like to work in a zoo or a wildlife sanctuary. Being around animals every day is a dream for many. I caught up with Kaz Inoue, who has been working at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Gold Coast in Queensland for eight years.   

Currumbin has one of the largest collections of native animals on display anywhere in the world and the organisation promotes education through interaction. There are a number of endangered species programs as well an excellent Wildlife Hospital.  

Currumbin wildlifeCurrumbin wildlifeOne of the key features about Currumbin is it’s a not-for-profit organisation owned by the National Trust of Australia (Qld) that reinvests all of its revenue to fund the upkeep of the property, endangered species programs and wildlife hospital.

The organisation is also a tourism pioneer on the Gold Coast and is well set up to cater to visitors and is a fantastic attraction to visit when holidaying with the family.

What’s a typical day for you?

My typical day as the Reservations Manager starts from saying hi to the lorikeets at 8am and finalise bookings for the following day, process future bookings.  

I liaise with everyone like really everyone, future guests, school teachers, mothers, fathers, agents from all over the world over the phone, email, fax and staff and volunteers in regards to all sorts of bookings.  

Currumbin wildlifeAfter lunch, I go for a walk to hand out the booking sheet for the following day.

Currumbin wildlife

Do you get to enjoy the animals?

Yes when I’m handing out the booking sheets I get to see those cute koalas!  I try to go and have a look at other animals before I start work once a week. That’s when I get to see the kangaroos, emus and other animals.

Currumbin wildlifegold coast zooCurrumbin wildlife

What species of wildlife live at Currumbin?

Predominately we have native species of Australian animals on display with only a handful of exotic species which are used to showcase the effects of introduced species can have on an ecosystem in a number of our 13 shows daily, in a fun and informative way.

Tell us a bit about the hospital

gold coast zooCurrumbin wildlifeOver the last 10 years the wildlife hospital has release more than 45,000 native animals back into the wild after they have been treated at the sanctuary.

With over 8,000 animals now being treated and rehabilitated each year, this vital service is needed more than ever for our local communities as a place where they can bring sick and injured native wildlife for free to be taken care of by our professional team of vets and vet nurses.  

Currumbin bird sanctuaryThe hospital has in the last two years had a foundation (charity) created for it to raise much needed vital funds to keep the doors of the community side of the hospital open.

What’s your favourite animal in Currumbin?

That’s a very hard question!  I love all the animals at work.

Koalas are the closest animals from my office. I have to say they are my favourite. We have different owls and they are also my favourite at the moment.

Currumbin bird sanctuarygold coast zooCurrumbin bird sanctuary

Discover Queensland

For more things to do in Queensland here’s big list. Queensland is famous for its islands, pristine beaches and tropical nature destinations. There’s plenty to see on the Gold Coast and while you’re there do head for a swim, surf or walk on the beach at Surfers Paradise. The Gold Coast is a vibrant tropical city with lots of cool cafes, bars, restaurants and luxury hotels. For a luxurious stay in the Gold Coast you might like to check out Palazzo Versace. 
Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary