8 digital photography tips when using your smartphone


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What’s the best camera to have? The one with you at the time and for many of us that is our camera phone, usually a smartphone. Here are some digital photography tips on how to use your smartphone to take great photos.

smartphone photography 01

1-Keep your lens clean

Keep your lens clean. Most phones live in our pocket and there is plenty of fluff and ‘stuff’ in there. Try to clean your lens with a good cleaning solution every so often to really get rid of any grim.

smartphone photography 02
It’s worth spending a couple of minutes cleaning your lens.

2-Composition counts

Use the usual rules for composition in photography. It’s still a camera and the rules apply.


Remember if you are posting to Instagram the image will be cropped square.

4-Crop don’t zoom

It’s better to crop then zoom. When you zoom you lose information and with the megapixels increasing in phones this is usually good enough or displaying at least on the web.


Look at your editing options. Different phone models also have some brilliant editing capabilities. Apps that are worthy to investigate are Snapseed, Photoshop Express and iPhoto.

6-Don’t over use filters

Don’t use a filter on every image you post. Filters quickly become boring.

7-Depth of field

Remember due to the wide angle of your lens creating a shallow depth of field is very, very difficult. Switch the flash off.

8-Save your images

Don’t forget to save your images. There are various ways you can do this but don’t just leave them on your phone. Back up!

photography tips 03
Photo: Danielle Lancaster


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