How to fly a quadcopter video

How to fly a quadcopter video

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Drones are becoming increasingly common in our daily lives. For those of us who travel, having a drone can make a huge difference between taking good video footage and amazing video footage as seeing a place from the sky is enormously appealing. Here’s a nuts and bolts review of our first drone flight.

DJI Phantom Quadcopter

how to fly a quadcopter

Why get it? 

If you have a GoPro Hero 3, strapping it beneath one of these will take your filming to stratospheric heights.


It’s really easy. Steps are:

1.Charge the battery. It will probably take around 45 minutes to charge a flat battery.

2.Install the landing gear and GoPro mount with the provided screws.

3.Then install the propellers, paying attention to the directional rotation of each propeller to the rotor. It’s worth purchasing propeller guards for safety.

Once the battery is charged, you’re ready to fly!

Although DJI claims the Phantom is ready to fly out of the box, we had a rocky start. The motors on our unit failed to start. After several emails and phone calls to the distributor, the distributor arranged to replace the unit.

How to start the motor

To start the motors, the two joysticks are pulled downwards to opposite corners.

First flight

Our first test flight was a near disaster. With a new unit that had all four motors working, we took it to a local park.

On lift off, the quad copter gyrated wildly and wouldn’t respond to the controls, hit the ground and flipped upside down. A second try, with more elevation, saw the quad copter flying over our heads out of the park and crashed onto the road.


So back it went to the distributor. This time, the company replaced the unit with a new one, which worked straight out of the box.

dji phantom quadcopter

At last, we have lift off!

Watch a video of our first flight. Our Chief Phantom Pilot was happy with the result.

Do you have any suggestions where we should film with the DJI Phantom and Go Pro 3 next?