20 Beaches In Missouri

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Despite being a landlocked state, the beaches in Missouri on the shores of its lakes are just waiting to be explored. The beaches are largely sandy and perfect for sunbathing, swimming and spending a day relaxing with family or friends. Many of the lakes in Missouri are oxbow lakes, creating numerous beaches around the same body of water. Missouri has many public beaches that are popular with the locals and some private beaches in Missouri are accessible if you’re staying at certain campgrounds. Here are 20 of the best Missouri beaches that are worth a visit.

Missouri Beaches

20 Beaches In Missouri

1- Fugitive Beach

beaches missouri
Most beaches in Missouri are great for swimming.

Fugitive Beach is in a former quarry that was transformed into a stunning lake and beach destination.

This Missouri beach is especially popular during the summer and is more than a golden strip of sand next to inviting turquoise waters.

It has large inflatable waterslides, space for volleyball and areas where you can use inflatables on the water to relax.

Fugitive Beach is surrounded by 20ft (6.1m) high cliffs from its quarry days.

So, you might spot locals climbing the cliffs and braving the high jumps down into the water.


Take advantage of the picnic benches, BBQ facilities, and cabanas to turn your visit into a full day.

Fugitive Beach is at 16875 Country Road 5285, Rolla, MO 65401.

2- Stockton Lake Beach

Stockton Lake Beach is a popular beach destination in Missouri during the summer.

The beach is close to the marina, where there are many snack bars and stores to rent boats, kayaks or canoes.

The marina has a sailing school and, with a consistent breeze blowing over the waters, it’s great for those who want to learn to sail or to practice their sailing skills.

The lake’s waters are also popular with scuba divers as the waters are very clear.

If being on or in the water isn’t for you, relax on the shores of the lake in the sunshine.

3- Mark Twain Lake Beach

Mark Twain Beach is another highly popular beach destination in Missouri.

The beach is in Mark Twain State Park and is close to a village named Florida, the birthplace of the author and namesake of the park.

The beach is large and has an excellent area to relax and enjoy the summer.

Swimming is welcomed, and there are many tracks and trails for hiking and cycling.

During the summer, the beach is often filled with locals and vacationers participating in various activities for children or making the most of the water.

Mark Twain Lake Beach is at 37352 Shrine Road, Florida, MO.

4- Finger Lakes Beach

beaches in missouri
If you crave the sand between your toes, Missouri’s beaches are set around the state’s lakes.

For one of the best beaches to take part in water sports from, head to Finger Lakes Beach.

The beach is a welcoming stretch of golden sands, perfect for relaxing in the sun and drying off after swimming in the lake.

The most popular activities at Finger Lakes Beach are on the lake itself.

A 4.5-mile (8.05 km) trail runs on the lake for kayakers to explore several lakes.

Fishing, scuba diving and canoeing are available from the beach, with stores offering rental equipment.

Close to the beach are several campgrounds to enable you to extend your stay and make the most of the surrounding area.

The parkland surrounding the beach was used for coal mining, resulting in many man-made hills.

There are more than 70 miles (112.65 km) of ATV off-road trails to enjoy in the hills.

Finger Lakes Beach is at 1505 Peabody Road, Columbia, MO.

5- Truman Lake Beach

truman lake beach missouri
Truman Lake Beach is one of the beaches in Missouri to get away from the city.

Truman Lake Beach is named after Harry S. Truman. The lake and its beach cover 56,000 acres (22,600 ha).

The shoreline and beach area stretches for an incredible 958 miles (1541.75 km), covering sand, forest edges and steep bluffs offering awe-inspiring views over the water.

Swimming is only possible at two of Truman Lake’s beach areas; however, both have changing facilities and restrooms.

There is a private beach area for those staying at the campground and the second beach is open to public use during the day.

Aside from relaxing on the sands or the water, you can venture into the parkland surrounding the lake to hike and look for native wildlife and birds.

Truman Lake Beach is in Warsaw, MO, 665355.

6- Rocky Falls Beach

For a truly spectacular beach day, head to Rocky Falls Beach.

The beach is surrounded by an ancient rock formation with water cascading over it into the lake below.

This formation has created one of Missouri’s most popular and exciting swimming holes.

Even though the beach is gravel, it’s still a great spot to visit.

It’s reachable following a hike through the surrounding woodland and uncovering the hidden beach and breathtaking rock waterfall is worth it.

Be sure to pack a bathing suit if visiting Rocky Falls Beach to take full advantage of the swimming hole and the natural water slide created by the rock formation.

Rocky Falls Beach is at Country Road NN-526, Winona, MO.

7- Lake Boutin Beach

Lake Boutin Beach is on the shores of Lake Boutin and is within the Trail of Tears State Park.

The beach area is popular during the summer months with families, as there is plenty of sand to sunbathe, build sandcastles and swim.

There are lots of picnic tables close to the beach and areas of green open spaces for games such as volleyball and football.

It hosts local triathlons and swimming events each year.

As the beach is in the Trail of Tears park, there is an information centre with exhibits and information on the native Cherokee Indians.

Lake Boutin Beach is at 429 Moccasin Springs Road, Jackson, MO.

8- Long Branch Beach

missouri beaches
Looking for beaches in Missouri? Check out our list of 20.

Long Branch Beach wouldn’t be out of place on the coast, with warm breezes and golden sands.

This beach sits on the shores of Long Branch lake and is surrounded by lush forests, which are the perfect spot for hiking.

It’s excellent for swimming and in the day-use area, there are facilities to change into your bathing suit and picnic tables to make a day of your beach outing.

Long Branch Beach gets very busy during the summer as it is a popular destination for vacationers.

To get the best spots on the beach, head there early.

Long Branch Beach is at 28615 Visitor Center Road, Macon, Missouri.

9- Pomme de Terre Beach

beaches of missouri
Keep an eye out for wildlife when you visit the beaches in Missouri.

Pomme de Terre Beach is the ideal destination for those looking for a beach day away from the crowds.

The beach is small and close to local camping grounds.

It has two swimming areas that are quieter than others in the state and offers boat ramps from the marina for sailing access.

The area surrounding the beach is a national park filled with campsites, hiking trails and other outdoor activities.

While spending a day relaxing, look out for the native wildlife in the national parks.

More than 149 species of birds can often be seen from the beach hunting on the waters or hidden in the trees.

Pomme de Terre Beach is at 23451 Park Entrance Road, Pittsburg, MO.

10- Public Beach 1

Public Beach 1 is the perfect spot to relax in beautiful natural surroundings on the shores of Lake of the Ozarks.

It’s a lovely sandy strip with picnic benches and spaces to BBQ, allowing you to spend all day relaxing by the water.

Public Beach 1 is also a popular destination for families as there is a playground area close to the picnic tables.

Immerse yourself in the relaxing surroundings, or take to the water in a canoe to explore the lake.

Public Beach 1 is at Unnamed Road, Brumley, MO, 65017.

11- Moonshine Beach

On the shores of Table Rock Lake is Moonshine Beach, a popular outdoor swimming destination that is incredibly scenic.

Calm waters and thick forests surround this beach in Missouri.

There are areas for picnics, relaxing, and sports such as volleyball. Swimming, scuba diving, sailing, and fishing on the lake are also possible.

Moonshine Beach is on Highway 165, Branson, Missouri.

12- Grand Glaize Beach

Grand Glaize Beach is another family-friendly beach in Lake of the Ozark’s state park.

The beach is an excellent area to swim, particularly with children as the waters are shallow and calm.

The beach itself is sandy and reminiscent of golden sandy beaches on the coast.

As it’s a public beach, there are many picnic areas, places to grill and restrooms and changing facilities.

As well as the usual swimming and relaxing activities, Gland Glaize Beach has hiking trails leading from the sand and along the banks of the lake.

There are also places to hire boats and canoes to explore the water.

Grand Glaize Beach is at 711 Public Beach Road, Osage Beach, MO, 65065.

13- Creve Coeur Lake Beach

Creve Coeur Lake Beach in Missouri
Creve Coeur Lake Beach is a tranquil place for a picnic.

Creve Coeur Lake Beach is the closest beach in Missouri to St Louis and one of the few beaches in Missouri where swimming is not allowed.

The beach is a pleasant place to relax for a picnic or to enjoy the view on a hike.

It also offers some traditional beach activities such as volleyball and BBQ areas.

Despite the lack of swimming on the lake, it is still possible to canoe, kayak or paddle board. Equipment is available to rent from a local shop.

Creve Coeur Lake Beach is at 13236 Streetcar Drive, Maryland Heights, Saint Louis, MO.

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14- St Joe Beach

There are two swimming beaches at St Joe State Park.

The beaches are popular with families and anglers looking to catch catfish and bass from fishing docks or boats that are available for hire.

Aside from swimming and relaxing on the beach, St Joe is also a popular location for off-road vehicles.

More than 2000 acres (810 ha) of off-road driving trails were created from the area’s mining history.

There are also hiking and cycling trails leading away from the sand.

St Joe Beach is at St Joe State Park, 2800 Pimville Road, Park Hills, MO 63601.

15- Stegall Mountain Natural Area

Stegall Mountain Natural Area offers some of the best swimming holes and natural beaches in Missouri.

The waters around the beaches are frequently visited by anglers looking to catch one of the 25 native species of fish.

The beaches are only accessible following a hike, and you’ll need to bring your own equipment. 

The beaches are gravel but are still worth visiting for the views.

Pack a picnic and some sit mats and head through the woodlands towards the beaches.

Stegall Mountain Natural Area is at Pike Township, MO.

16- Table Rock Lake Beach

best beaches in missouri
Missouri’s beaches are to be found the state’s lakes.

Table Rock Lake Beach is one of the best beaches in Missouri to visit.

The lake spans more than 50,000 acres (20,000 ha) of water and has a vast shoreline of 750 miles (1207.01 km).

This is a man-made reservoir that is one of Missouri’s best fishing locations, as the waters are teaming with Kentucky spotted bass, catfish, and bluegill.

Moonshine Beach is on the shores of Table Rock Lake, however for a more secluded spot, head to the beach that shares the lake’s name.

It’s not as crowded and the waters are quieter, making it the perfect spot for swimming and fishing.

Take advantage of the clear waters of Table Rock Lake by scuba diving, which is popular for its dramatic underwater rock formations.

Table Rock Lake is at 4600 Historic Highway 165, Branson, MO 65616.

17- Wakonda State Park Beach

Within Wakonda State Park are six lakes, however, Wakonda Lake itself is the only one in the park that has a swimming beach.

It’s the largest natural sandy beach in Missouri and is often listed as the best swimming beach in the state.

Wakonda State Park Beach has showering facilities, campgrounds, picnic areas, and numerous hiking trails.

Get there early in the morning to guarantee a spot on the sand and relax for the day, keeping in mind it can get busy towards midday.

Wakonda State Park Beach is at 32836 State Park Road, La Grange, MO 63448.

18- Watkins Mill Beach

Watkins Mill Beach is another excellent swimming beach in Missouri with a large stretch of sand backed by neat picnic areas.

A change house is available as well as washing and bathroom facilities.

The beach is quieter than other Missouri beaches, however, it does offer camping, seasonal nature programs and the opportunity to go boating.

The lake offers accessible fishing and boating from its launch area, with the possibility of catching bass, catfish and sunfish.

Watkins Mill Beach is at Kearney, MO, 64060.

19- Shady Beach

Shady Beach is an excellent location if swimming is on the cards for your beach trip.

The beach area is 0.25 miles (0.4 kilometres) long but is still popular on weekends during the summer.

Shady Beach offers access to the Elk River and is a popular location for water activities.

As well as swimming, floats are available for hire for a trip down the river.

The beach is also close to a campground, log cabins and vacation homes to extend your stay further.

Shady Beach is at 136 Shady Beach Lane, Saint Clair, MO.

20- Lake of the Ozarks Beach

lake of the ozarks
The Lake of the Ozarks has several Missouri beaches.

There are several beaches on the Lake of the Ozarks’ shores, however the one sharing its name is often more tranquil than its counterparts.

There are 85 miles (136.79 km) of shoreline around the Lake of the Ozarks, offering plenty of areas to explore.

The beach is close to the Ozark Caverns, an excellent place to escape the heat on a summer’s day.

You can launch your own boat for a small fee or hire a local boat if you would rather take to the water than sit on the beach.

Lake of the Ozarks Beach is at Lake of the Ozarks Beach State Park, 403 Missouri 134, Kaiser, MO 65047.

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