20 Things To Do In Nashville At Night

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Nashville is the unrivalled country music capital of the world, with legendary venues such as the Grand Ole Opry and the Wildhorse Saloon dedicated to the music genre that has played an instrumental role in putting Nashville on the proverbial map. Combining Southern hospitality with seemingly unending fun things to do in Nashville at night and during the day, it’s a lively and entertaining city to visit for all ages.

From its successful sports teams that rule the ice and the gridiron to its famous Broadway Street bars and dance halls, there’s more than enough to keep you busy in Nashville every night of the week. Whether you’re a die-hard country music fanatic or an urban explorer looking to discover a city’s hidden landmarks and attractions, Nashville delivers the goods in spades.

Nashville At Night

Top 3 Nashville Night Tours

20 Things To Do In Nashville At Night

nashville at night
Nashville skyline at night.

1- Have Fun At A Full Moon Pickin’ Party

Nashville is famous for its late-night party scene, with dozens of lively bars, clubs and music venues all over downtown Nashville.

Not all venues are family-friendly, making it challenging to enjoy one of Nashville’s biggest tourist attractions when travelling with kids.

Nashville’s Full Moon Pickin’ Parties, hosted in specific neighbourhoods of Nashville, provide partygoers with a family-friendly option that is still energetic, fun, and packed with live music and fantastic food.

Usually charging an entrance fee, these parties bring together entire neighbourhoods to let loose and get to know each other in a laid-back atmosphere underneath the Nashville night sky.

The Full Moon Pickin’ Party is at 2500 Old Hickory Blvd, Warner Park Stables, Nashville, TN 37221. Looking for a party in Nashville? Check out these and bring your friends!

2- Bar Hop In Downtown Nashville

downtown nashville at night
Nashville’s downtown city skyline is a lovely sight as night falls.

Nashville is famed for its nighttime entertainment and bar and club scene throughout the United States, and there’s no better place in Nashville to go bar hopping than the city’s downtown area.

The area between Broadway Street and First and Fifth Avenue in Downtown Nashville is the city’s epicentre of all things bar and live music related, with most of the city’s top-rated venues straddling the busy Nashville thoroughfare.

Broadway Street, in particular, is abuzz with bar hoppers and partygoers after dark, with most bars in Nashville staying open until the early morning hours.

Bar hopping in the downtown area is easily one of the most fun things to do in Nashville, even if you’re on a budget. Check for happy hour specials before you arrive.

A great way to save money on drinks is to book this all-inclusive nighttime pub crawl visiting honky tonks and bars with drinks included in the ticket price. 

Downtown Nashville is between First and Fifth Avenues, and Broadway Boulevard, Nashville, TN 37203.

3- Take A Nashville Trolley Tour

Nashville is a city that is an absolute delight to go sightseeing day or night.

The city’s top-rated Old Town Trolley Tours is one of the best ways to see top landmarks and attractions, especially in Nashville at night, when streets and skyscrapers illuminate the dark sky.

For about two hours, these guided trolley tours whisk past landmarks such as the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park and the Parthenon, stopping along the way so passengers can explore and snap cool pictures.

A nighttime Nashville trolley tour is highly recommended for first-time Nashville visitors who aren’t that familiar with the city’s sights.

The Nighttime Nashville Trolley Tour departs from 423 6th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203. Find out more details here

4- Enjoy The Sunset From The John Seigenthaler Bridge

free things to do in nashville at night Tourists on the John Seigenthaler pedestrian bridge
Walking across the John Seigenthaler pedestrian bridge is one of the top things to do in Nashville at night and during the day.

Visiting the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge is one of the free things to do in Nashville.

Completed in 1907, the John Seigenthaler Bridge spans the entire width of the Cumberland River and is at 960 m (3,150 ft.), making it one of the longest pedestrian-only bridges in the world.

While this architectural marvel is a stunning Nashville landmark worth visiting, the spectacular view of the Nashville skyline from atop the bridge steals the show.

A great time to visit the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge is just before sunset.

The bridge becomes the best seat in the house to enjoy the sunset over the city and to get the first glimpse of the Nashville skyline at night.

John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge is at 3rd Ave S, Nashville, TN 37201, and at S 1st St, Nashville, TN 37213.

5- Listen To Live Country Music At The Stage On Broadway

Nashville is the country music capital of the world and has several venues dedicated to the music genre that has shaped Nashville so tremendously throughout history.

The Stage on Broadway is one of these hot spots for live country music shows, attracting hundreds of people looking for good music and atmosphere in Nashville every night.

Part music venue and part bar, The Stage is an excellent spot to visit even if you’re not a fan of live country music, which blares till 3 am.

The Stage On Broadway is at 412 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203.

6- Enjoy A Performance At The Grand Ole Opry

The home of country music in the heart of the world’s country music capital, the Grand Ole Opry is a bucket-list destination for all country music fanatics.

A large yet intimate venue serving delicious food along with live music performances by up-and-comers and living legends of the country music scene, the Grand Ole Opry deserves its reputation as Nashville’s number one tourist destination.

First established on 28 November 1925 by George D. Hay, the Grand Ole Opry is the longest-running radio broadcast in American history.

Never rehearsed and always something new, catching a live performance at the Grand Ole Opry is a delightful Nashville experience well worth experiencing while you’re in the capital of country music. 

You may also enjoy a guided backstage tour for a peek behind the scenes. 

The Grand Ole Opry is at 2804 Opryland Dr, Nashville, TN 37214.

7- Join A Nashville Ghost Tour

nashville tennessee at night
The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville is one of the places you’ll visit on a ghost tour.

Pairing Nashville’s reputation as a hotbed for supernatural activity with the city’s rich historic landmarks, ghost tours are a favourite Nashville nighttime activity to experience the city’s quirky alter-ego.

Various companies host guided ghost tours run by experts throughout Nashville.

Most tours include visits to the haunted Ryman Auditorium and the Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, said to be the home of Hank Williams Jr.’s ghost.

Nashville’s ghost tours are engaging and run every night of the week. There are several to choose from, including:

8- Join A Night Hike At Radnor Lake

Radnor Lake is Downtown Nashville’s nature wonderland, located inside a sprawling 1,368-acre (554 ha) preserved Class II Natural Area.

Given its stunning beauty, untouched landscapes, and picturesque city skyline vistas, Radnor Lake is an excellent place for an evening jog or a sunset picnic.

Radnor Lake is especially popular for its range of Nashville nighttime guided hiking tours, presented by the well-trained Radnor staff, which include moonlight hikes and wildflower walks.

The lake’s reptile program and demonstrations of prey birds such as hawks and eagles make Lake Radnor a delightful destination and a great place to visit during the day.

Radnor Lake is at 1160 Otter Creek Road, Nashville, TN 37220.

9- Visit A Nashville Rooftop Bar

Nashville’s nightlife and the city’s fair weather make the city an excellent destination for open-air rooftop bars.

Dotted around Downtown Nashville’s famous Broadway Street, many of the city’s best rooftop bars are tucked between live music venues, piano bars and upscale eateries right in the centre of all the action.

One of Nashville’s best rooftop bars is Denim, a new addition to the city’s bar scene that blends Southern hospitality with a Mediterranean-inspired atmosphere that overlooks the city’s skyline.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a truly unique rooftop bar, check out the L27 Rooftop Lounge, one of the city’s tallest rooftop bars, complete with an Asian-inspired menu, a rooftop pool and stunning city views from high above. Or party like a VIP on this bar and club crawl

10- Request A Song At The Big Bang Piano Bar

Nashville is famous for its bars and live music venues, so it’s no surprise that one of the city’s best and most popular types of venues is its piano bars.

The Big Bang Piano Bar is popular among locals because the bar and its regular performers only play the music requested by the bar’s patrons.

Using only two pianos and a ragtag cast of musicians, the musicians play classic hits of yesteryear, modern pop songs and everything in between, even changing up lyrics to incorporate the names of people in the audience.

This unique bar experience makes the Big Bang Piano Bar a mainstay on the Nashville nightlife scene.

The Big Bang Piano Bar is at 209 Printers Alley, Nashville, TN 37201.

11- Tour The City At Night On A Golf Cart

Hosted and operated by Joyride Nashville, a tour operator with various other engaging tours of Nashville on offer, the Nashville golf cart tours whisk passengers through Downtown Nashville on a guided sightseeing journey of the city’s top sights.

Running from 9 am to 2 am, these golf cart tours offer passengers the opportunity to see some 35+ Nashville landmarks and sights while being ferried about on an open-air golf cart at night.

Nashville’s evening golf cart tour departs from 833 9th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203. Book a time here

12- See A Movie At The Belcourt Theatre

Since 1925, the historic not-for-profit Belcourt Theatre has been a treasured Nashville landmark screening the latest Hollywood blockbusters and indie films past midnight.

Established to inspire and teach younger generations about the history of the film industry, the theatre draws over 190,000 annual visitors from all across the United States and beyond.

Partnered with dozens of schools and community organisations in the city, visiting the Belcourt Theatre offers entertaining films while supporting a good cause.

The Belcourt Theatre is at 2102 Belcourt Ave, Nashville, TN 37212.

13- See Stand-up Comedy At Zanies

Zanies has been Nashville’s go-to destination for stand-up comedy for over 30 years, drawing comics from around the country and hosting nightly comedy shows to inject fun and laughter.

Zanies provides an intimate and comfortable venue where the audience can connect with the comic on stage.

For somewhere to grab a bite, consider visiting Zanies, which has a food and drink menu you can order from while watching a show.

If you’re a fan of stand-up and you’re in Nashville, you simply cannot miss out on visiting Zanies.

Zanies is at 2025 8th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204. You may also like the Nashville Jubille Country Music Comedy Show. Find out more here

14- Visit A Nashville Brewery

things to do at night in nashville
Visiting a brewery is one of the fun things to do in Nashville at night.

Inspired by the worldwide craft brewery and micro-brewery craze that kicked off a couple of years ago, Nashville has become a hub for local craft and microbeer brewers who are revolutionising the beer industry.

More than 24 small-scale breweries are already up and running in or near Downtown Nashville, offering an open-door policy.

Visitors are encouraged to sample locally-produced beer varieties.

The Jackalope Brewing Company, Southern Grist Brewing and Black Abbey Brewing are just some of the many Nashville craft breweries that welcome visitors to try out their tasty beers, ranging from traditional to quirky.

If you’d rather not worry about driving or having to call an uber or a cab, join this two-hour brewery and distillery tour by golf cart

15- Catch A Titans Game

places to go in nashville at night
Catching a ball game is one of the fun things to do in Nashville at night.

Nashville is a sports-crazed city with many die-hard sporting fans cheering their team to victory week in and week out.

The much-beloved Tennessee Titans, who play football in the NFL, draw thousands to Nissan Stadium in Downtown Nashville every Sunday between September and February.

Recently on a winning streak that has seen the team reach the playoffs in recent years, the Titans are the talk of the town, and the team’s home games are always a lively affair.

Well worth attending a game or two, even if you’re not a fan of the sport, catching a late-night Titans game in Nashville is one of the best things you can do in this fantastic city.

Nissan Stadium is at 1 Titans Way, Nashville, TN 37213.

16- Board The General Jackson Showboat For A Dinner Cruise

things to do in nashville tennessee at night
Looking for things to do in Nashville at night? This is the Korean veteran’s bridge illuminated in the evening downtown.

Running up and down the Cumberland River, the elegant General Jackson Showboat is one of the largest showboats ever built in the United States.

Hosting regular live performances inside its two-story Victorian Theatre and delicious Southern meals made by the onboard chef, the General Jackson Showboat has been a mainstay attraction in Nashville since the boat first arrived here in 1985.

General Jackson is open year-round, hosting live concerts throughout the day.

The most popular slot is the evening shows, lasting about 2 hours 30 minutes, which include spectacular riverfront views of Nashville at night.

General Jackson Showboat is at 2812 Opryland Dr, Nashville, TN 37214. Don’t miss out. Book your table here.

17- Stroll Down Printer’s Alley

nashville tn at night Nashville word cloud.
Looking for things to do in Nashville at night? Here are our top 20.

Downtown Nashville’s Printer’s Alley used to be lined with publishers and printing presses during the early 20th and 19th centuries, however, as demand waned, they all disappeared.

In came book stores, karaoke bars and pubs, filling up the historic buildings Printer’s Alley was renowned for.

Today, you can find many interesting Nashville landmarks and quirky shops on Printer’s Alley.

It comes alive with neon signs and urban explorers as soon as the sun starts to set.

With over two centuries of history – legendary musicians such as Jimi Hendrix and Hank Williams once upon a time performed in the alley – Printer’s Alley is one of Nashville’s top spots to explore.

18- Go Dancing At The Wildhorse Saloon

With over 66,000 square feet (6,132 m2) of entertainment space spread across three stories, the Wildhorse Saloon stands head and shoulders above the other saloons and bars in Nashville as the city’s biggest live music venue.

Hosting various events, big and small, the Wildhorse Saloon draws some of the biggest names in music from around the world nightly in Nashville.

Complete with a gift shop, restaurant and bar, the Wildhorse Saloon is an all-encompassing venue to relax and let your hair down in a lively atmosphere.

The Wildhorse Saloon is at 120 2nd Ave N, Nashville, TN 37201.

19- See The NHL’s Predators On The Ice

Established in 1998, the NHL’s Nashville Predators quickly rose to become a serious contender for the Stanley Cup every season.

The team has been a major driving force behind the meteoric rise of hockey in the American South.

Playing their home games in the Bridgestone Arena in Downtown Nashville from October till June, the Predators invite die-hard hockey fans and newbies to the sport to come and support them.

Always a lively and energetic affair when the Predators are in the house, catching a late-night hockey game live in Nashville is a fantastic experience that is a fun break from the music-centred attractions Nashville is famed for.

The Bridgestone Arena is at 501 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203.

20- Wine And Dine In Southern Style

things to do in nashville at night
Wining and dining is a pleasurable thing to do in Nashville at night.

Southern charm and hospitality, sumptuous Southern delicacies and cuisine are never hard to find in the city.

Nashville’s Southern-style eateries are found throughout the city and dish up Southern staples, such as grits, cornbread, fried chicken, and hominy stew in copious amounts.

If you’re looking for some excellent Southern comfort food, check out the city’s many eateries and treat yourself to authentic Southern wining and dining experiences. 

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