Munich At Night

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The capital of Bavaria and the third-largest city in Germany by population, with almost 1.6 million inhabitants, there’s plenty to do in Munich night and day. A further 4.5 million make their homes in the greater metropolitan region. It suffered during World War II with heavy Allied bombing but it has had few setbacks since. Today it is a centre for many things, ranging from science and technology to culture, education and business. It’s also a popular destination all year round, with Oktoberfest being the most popular annual event.

Munich has attracted quite a significant ex-pat population over the years, with more than 30% of the population coming from somewhere else. The standard of living is high in this relatively expensive city, and the quality of life matches any European city. The Alps is just a very short distance to the south, a recreational region for locals and visitors. Here’s what to do in Munich at night. 

Munich At Night

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20 Things To Do In Munich At Night

1- Sample Bavarian Beer & Food

Waitress Serving Bavarian Food
Tasting Bavarian food is one of the delights to experience in Munich at night.

Among other things, Munich is known for its steins of lager beer, especially associated with Oktoberfest, yet it is sold every day without fail.

A great way to get an introduction to the city is to join a tour with others, heading to some of the best places to enjoy food and drink.

Along the way, you will learn about the history of brewing in Bavaria, which even predates the monastic breweries in the 16th century.

The range of Bavarian beers is a great accompaniment to the meats and cheeses for which the region is also famous.

As well as sitting in one of Munich’s famous beer halls, you will also visit the Beer and Ocktober Museum.

Top tour: Munich: An Evening of Bavarian Beer and Food Culture.

2- Party At The Hard Rock Café

“Hard Rock” is a name known across all continents and you can visit Munich’s version, where the usual souvenirs are available for sale and a menu typical of the cafes.

Its meats are famous, especially the steak, ribs and burgers, but vegetarians will also find things to enjoy on the menu.

The beauty of booking in advance is that you will avoid the inevitable queues and walk straight into priority seating.

With so much to see in the city, the last thing you will want is to find yourself queuing to get access to the most popular places.

3- Go Back To The Middle Ages

Old Town Hall At Marienplatz Square In Munich
The Old Town Hall at Marienplatz Square in Munich at night.

If you want to know about life here in the Middle Ages, you can join a tour headed by Wolfram, the night watchman.

He will be dressed in suitable clothing and carrying a lantern, halberd and horn to build the atmosphere of medieval Munich.

Your walk heads to the city wall that originated in the 12th century.

Learn about beheadings and executions that took place in centuries gone by before you continue on to St Peter’s Church, the Tilburg Gate, the Castle and Schwabinger Gate.

Those were gruesome times, with torture a daily feature of prison, and you will be happy that you are in the 21st Century when you hear the stories.

Top tour: Munich: Immersive Middle Ages Tour with Night Watchman.

4- Listen To A Concert In Stunning Surroundings

There are many beautiful buildings in Munich, and they include theatres where famous composers performed their work.

Today, you can listen to the Residenz soloists in one such beautiful Rococo theatre is where Mozart’s Idomeneo was first played.

Napoleon attended a performance of Don Giovanni there in the early 19th century.

Today’s musicians are members of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra and the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra.

You can expect a selection of performs classical music, which will leave you with wonderful memories of the evening.

Top tour: Munich: Gala Concert in the Cuvilliés Theatre.

5- Head Out On A Pub Crawl

Young sexy Oktoberfest girl waitress, wearing a traditional Bavarian dirndl, serving big beer mugs .
Drinking beer and eating Bavarian food is one of the fun things to do in Munich at night.

Meeting new friends is one of the great pleasures of travel and enjoying a pub crawl in a city like Munich is an excellent way to do that, with the advice of a local guide taking you to some of the most popular bars in the city.

A little walking, as well as joining the party bus with a free drink and being able to buy more while aboard, gets the party started.

The final bus stop is a club where you will have priority entry, a free shot once inside and lively music that might get you dancing.

The night can continue as long as you like, although you will be paying for your drinks; which is hardly a problem after the hospitality you have received since the pub crawl began.

Top tour: Munich’s Original Pub Crawl.

6- Experience Munich’s Spooky Side

Most mediaeval cities have a ghostly past, and Munich is no exception. 

You can join a tour to learn more, taking in places in the old town.

You will visit some of the poshest districts, Kreuzviertel and Graggenau, but the start is at the Frauenkirche, where you will meet the devil himself.

There are ghostly stories from the very start and tales of crimes, demons and heretics.

Some of the locations are certainly eerie in the dark.

This tour will not give you nightmares but you might get a shiver or two down your spine.

If you are travelling as a family and the kids have reached their teenage years, you will all enjoy it.

Top tour: Munich: Spooky Tour of Old Town.

7- Be Entertained At A Palace

Old Schleissheim Palace, Germany
Watching a concert at the Old Schleissheim Palace in the suburbs is one of the most delightful activities in Munich at night.

The Schleissheim Palace and its lovely gardens may be on your daytime itinerary, yet enjoying a concert there at night is also very appealing.

A classical concert performed by Residenz soloists and members of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra in this wonderful setting is truly memorable.

The programme of events is published well in advance, so you can book ahead before you reach Munich.

Mozart, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Brahms and Bizet’s compositions are all likely to feature on pleasant summer nights.

Top tour: Munich: Evening Concert at Schleissheim Palace.

8- Solve Riddles To Unlock The City’s Secrets

There are games for all the family in Munich where you can solve riddles at your own pace, leading you to your next destination and riddle.

You will find each location interesting in itself, places like Marienplatz and Frauenkirche, among the supposed haunted places in the city.

All you need is a smartphone and the exploration app of Munich. The game is fun all the way, as well as very informative.

Some locations may not be on the popular itineraries, but they are included because they are interesting and often little known. 

9- Walk Munich With A Local

Night aerial view of Munich from Olympiaturm (Olympic Tower). Munich, Bavaria, Germany.
The view of Munich at night from the Olympic Tower.

If you want a private tour with someone who can answer all your questions about Munich, a tour like this is available, and the local guide will come to your accommodation to begin

You will learn about a neighbourhood of your choice, perhaps where you are staying.

You will get advice on the best local bars and restaurants and the attractions you should visit while in the city.

The transport choice is yours; walking, public transport or taxi, and after the tour, you will be confident of how to spend the coming days and where to consider dining or simply spending your evenings in a bar.

Top tour: Munich: Private Walking Tour with a Local.

10- Cycle Around Munich

Even if you haven’t been on a bike for a while, you might remember cycling everywhere when you were young.

Well, why not give it a go? An early evening heading to the English Garden and then on to a beer garden near the Chinese Tower is a great start.

The route is away from busy roads and heads along the Isar River to “Flaucher”, Munich’s beach.

On a warm evening, you might even fancy a swim, in which case go prepared.

The “Flaucher” has a beer garden as well so you can enjoy a drink before heading back into the city centre for the end of the tour.

Top tour: Munich: Evening Bike Tour with Beer Garden Visits.

11- Discover The City’s Musical Past

Over the years, Munich has been a haven for musicians who worked and lived in the city.

Visit such places as Promenadenplatz or walk to the Odeonstheater at Odeonsplatz, which is associated closely with the city and music.

The National Opera was where there have been many performances; Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss are both composers regularly featured, while you can see where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived at one time.

Other places on the tour include the beautiful Marienplatz and the Hotel Deutsche Eiche, which has a rooftop terrace where you can book dinner in advance and ponder on the things you have seen.

Top tour: Munich: Evening Composers Group Walking Tour.

12- Discover Nymphenburg Palace

Dramatic Scenery Of Post Storm Sunset Of The Nymphenburg Palace
Admiring Nymphenburg Palace is a romantic activity in Munich at night.

There is more to life at night in Munich than a beer garden, and you should consider visiting the Nymphenburg Palace.

It was built in the second half of the 17th century, where King Ludwig II of Bavaria was born.

The Swan King (or the Mad King) ascended the throne at the age of 18, and his 22 reign was marked by his patronage of musicians and his projects which included the building of several stunning castles.

As well as seeing the room where he was born, you can wander around the gardens and take a gondola through the park’s canals.

The Palace is impressively lit with the lights reflecting in the lake.

Top tour: Munich: Evening Concert at the Nymphenburg Palace.

13- Take In The Atmosphere Of The Daily Food Market

Fresh Vegetables For Sale
Fresh vegetables for sale at the Viktualienmarkt in Munich at night.

The Viktualienmarkt is a food market in the city’s heart that opens daily, selling a huge variety of products to eat or take home.

Local favourites include the local wines and cheeses and roast chicken, fruit and beer.

Prices are very reasonable, hence its popularity among locals and tourists.

The setting is atmospheric, with several impressive mediaeval buildings in the immediate neighbourhood.

It is a great place to spend an evening, costing you nothing but the food and drinks you buy.

Top tour: Viktualienmarkt Gourmet Food Tour.

14- Marvel At Neuschwanstein Castle Under Lights

The Neuschwanstein Castle is arguably the most famous in Europe.

Work began on its construction in 1869, and was to be King Ludwig II’s private residence.

He died in 1886, and it was opened to the public soon after his death.

It is stunning under lights, with well over one million visiting annually.

It was the inspiration for Walt Disney, and despite it being a 2.5-hour train ride from the city, you should see it.

The nearby mountains add to the truly memorable setting.

Top tour: From Munich: Neuschwanstein & Linderhof Castle Full-Day Trip.

15- Hit Munich’s Night Spots

Glockenbachviertel is the party neighbourhood of Munich; the nightlife in this busy district includes fun bars and restaurants.

The late Queen singer Freddie Mercury was often seen in Glockenbachviertel in the 80s when he lived in Munich and is regarded as a major influence on the LGBTQ community years after his death.

The best beers to try in the district’s bars are Vertigo, Paradiso Tanbar and Trisoux.

You are guaranteed a great night!

Top tour: Munich Glockenbachviertel: Outdoor City Quiz Tour.

16- Look Down From The Olympic Tower

Olympia Tower
The famous Olympia Tower in Munich at night.

The Olympic Tower was built in 1968, four years before Munich hosted the Summer Olympics.

It is almost 300 metres high, so the views across the city from the viewing platform are amazing.

While by day you will pick out the Allianz Arena where Bayern Munich play and the Alps themselves, by night it is the lights that provide the spectacle

There is no charge to head up there and with food and drink available, you can relax and spend some time on the observation deck before taking refreshments.

17- Spend Time In The English Garden

The English Garden in Munich is so large that some visitors rent a bike to get around it.

It is well-lit at night, so it is extremely safe to explore after dark.

You can combine a visit to the Garden with a visit to the nearby Chinese Tower, and a drink in the beer garden.

It is one of six naked zones in Munich, but naturists are daytime visitors on sunny days, not around after dark.

If you were to be in Munich leading up to Christmas, you will find a great Christmas Market in the Garden.

Top tour: Munich City: Marienplatz and English Garden Walking Tour.

18- Listen To The Bavarian State Opera

Bavarian State Opera, Munich, Germany
Attending a performance of the Bavarian State Opera is a top thing to do in Munich at night.

Munich’s National Theatre is over two centuries old, and over the years, it has had quite a history.

It was destroyed by fires twice in the early days and the building was destroyed by Allied bombing towards the end of the Second World War.

The capacity today is over 2,000, with a stage a huge 2,500 square metres (almost 27,000 square feet).

Some visitors merely take a tour during the day but there are also night tours which include a performance by the Bavarian State Opera, which is highly recommended because of the building’s excellent acoustics.

Top tour: Munich Residenz Concert.

19- Head To The Backstage Club

There are multiple opportunities in Munich to listen to live music. If you love jazz or rock, the Backstage Club is the place for you.

There are three clubs in one here and a theatre and beer garden.

Open-air performances are confined to the summer months, but the Club is open throughout the year.

Acts come from all over the world to perform at the Backstage Club and you should check before heading to Munich what music will be on offer while you are in the city.

At weekends some sessions head through most of the night.

20- Go To The Bavarian Studios

These studios, which offer tours, are one of Europe’s biggest film producers and visitors can see the sets used in many famous films.

They first opened just after the First World War in a suburb of Munich, and at the time, they were in competition with a company in Berlin.

The company was nationalised by the Nazis just before the Second World War, but once the war ended, its importance increased because the other companies in the German film business were all located in the East.

The studios were privatised once again in the 50s.

“Das Boot” is probably its most famous production for English-speaking people while they were also responsible for a Monty Python production half a century ago.

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